TGAPP: Cleaning House

The Ingrates slowly gathered themselves on the outskirts of Borest trying to account for every member after they had successfully found and lightly raided the goblin outpost in the dwarven cliff fortress. With the final member assembled, the party members assessed that their raid had pointed out some obvious weaknesses and traps of the goblinContinue reading “TGAPP: Cleaning House”

TGAPP: Nefarious Plots Coming Undone

Hello beloved readers! I will once again be summarizing events relating to the Inglorious Ingrates in the hopes of catching you up on all the latest developments facing our favorite adventurers! So sit back and enjoy my retelling of the magical exploits… After foiling the ambushers of the Mogumir off-site facility, the Inglorious Ingrates followedContinue reading “TGAPP: Nefarious Plots Coming Undone”

TGAPP: Summary of Events

Hello All! I have had a hard time keeping the posts up-to-date, so I have decided to provide plot development highlights from the past few sessions. I will miss a few details that can be found in the podcast episodes, but this will convey the overall story elements that play a part in the largeContinue reading “TGAPP: Summary of Events”

TGAPP: Red Fern Game of Shadows

When last we left our Inglorious Ingrates, the party had dispersed individually from the Targana estate after their poor planning ended up shutting down the union between the Targanas and Mogumirs, but there was no contingency to meet up back at the Avery farm. Idris went home with Felicity and her mother, Avery and AramilContinue reading “TGAPP: Red Fern Game of Shadows”

TGAPP: Catastrophic Celebration

When last we followed the tales of the Inglorious Ingrates, they had received an invitation, via Dacyria’s old social pal Felicity, to a party hosted at Dacyria’s home, and this party was meant to be a celebration of a mysterious truce between House Targana and Mogumir. Seeking to learn more about what was causing theContinue reading “TGAPP: Catastrophic Celebration”

TGAPP: Racing After Rumors in Red Fern

Pardon to everyone, but I was out the session prior to the writing of this post, but I will do my best to summarize events since then. The Inglorious Ingrates faced the undead king Torgrym after unlocking the central pillar, but the undead ruler was waylaid shortly after meeting the Ingrates. The victors helped themselvesContinue reading “TGAPP: Racing After Rumors in Red Fern”

TGAPP: Delving Into Goblin Cave

The Inglorious Ingrates had just finished breaking through the sprig perimeter, and they had started their way over to the goblin hideout Arkon had located prior. They scouted out several goblins trails until they finally stumbled upon one that led them directly to a burial mound that had two goblin guards posted out front. TheContinue reading “TGAPP: Delving Into Goblin Cave”

TGAPP: Battle of Borest

We find the majority of the Inglorious Ingrates cradling and licking their wounds after their improvised assault on the goblin barracks in Borest. After it was all said and done, they realized they had killed over 8 goblins and a warg that spoke common, and the corpses were arranged to give the other goblins theContinue reading “TGAPP: Battle of Borest”

TGAPP: The Plight of Borest

We find our merry band of former slaves sailing freely away from the doomed island on a burial ship containing the pirate king’s deceased son and a large amount of sacrificial treasure. While badly wounded and traumitized by their experience on the island, the group still sought to return to their homes, so they setContinue reading “TGAPP: The Plight of Borest”

Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: New Ally and Manor Search

We last left our stranded band of companions huddled in the desecrated temple of Falinora going over the message from the recently animated statue, but soon the party realized that their former jailor, Halfkris, had escaped his bonds and was missing. At this realization, the group followed an audible scream from outside the temple, andContinue reading “Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: New Ally and Manor Search”

Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Shipwrecked and Scared

The tale of the Hopeful Dopes has taken a momentary pause as another adventure needs to be told featuring some new characters, new encounters, and new twists! Our new story starts with several different strangers going about their regular day when they are each ambushed and taken prisoner by slavers seeking to turn a profitContinue reading “Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Shipwrecked and Scared”

Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Light At The End of The Tunnel

When last we saw our adventurers, they were in a perilous place between an ooze and several meenlocks collapsing a cavern with unconcious companions. The die had been cast when the aasimar cleric was knocked unconscious by the ooze, and the artificer and ranger were knocked down by the rubble. The darkness slowly creeped inContinue reading “Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Light At The End of The Tunnel”

Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: What Goes Bump in The Mine

We find our traveling band of adventures beginning their perilous investigation into the platinum mine of Vermeillon after being ambushed and finding information on the creatures plaguing the town: Meenlocks. They searched several dead end shafts and paths, and they also found some very alive portions inhabited by swarms of bats. The party continued furtherContinue reading “Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: What Goes Bump in The Mine”

Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Vermeillon Vanishings

When we last saw the Hopeful Dopes, they were on a northern route to the foreboding town of Vermeillon when they found themselves assisting a caravan under an ogre attack. The group quickly dispatched the lumbering monsters, and successfully recruited some more brave souls to help settle around their keep, Dope’s Hope. After administering burialContinue reading “Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Vermeillon Vanishings”

Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Licking Wounds & Seeking Vermeillon

We found the Hopeful Dopes caught in a dire situation as their keep, the Dope’s Hope, was ambushed by a hoard of orcs and a werewolf. Several members were fell by this band of muscle and malice, but our weary defenders were able to finally repel them. Several guards, the decorated hobgoblin Grinkel, and theContinue reading “Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Licking Wounds & Seeking Vermeillon”

Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Elemental Intrigue & Return to Shadowhold

Our adventuring party found itself once again at the Three Wolf’s Head Inn and Tavern as they made their way to Waterdeep to seek out work and investigate the cultists of Imix they had encountered previously. Their interrogation of a cultist led them to seek out the Troll Skull Inn & Tavern, and they wereContinue reading “Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Elemental Intrigue & Return to Shadowhold”

Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Forest Defenders and Lost Children

Previously, the Hopeful Dopes found themselves inciting a goblin rebellion against their hobgoblin leader, but the hobgoblin quickly dispatched the rebel scum before being knocked out himself. The group proceeded to take their captive back to Dope’s Hope, and they then questioned him for any intelligence on this mythical goblin king he served. Unfortunately, theContinue reading “Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Forest Defenders and Lost Children”