TGAPP: Racing After Rumors in Red Fern

Pardon to everyone, but I was out the session prior to the writing of this post, but I will do my best to summarize events since then.

The Inglorious Ingrates faced the undead king Torgrym after unlocking the central pillar, but the undead ruler was waylaid shortly after meeting the Ingrates. The victors helped themselves to the treasure of Torgrym, and proceeded to head back to Borest. On their return back, they saw the sprigs no longer bothered them, and the town appeared to be free from the malevolent rule of the goblins. Without any leads as to what happened to the goblins, the party made their way back to Redfurn the capital of the Kingdom of Endyr as well as home of several members. After rest and rearming, the companions traveled several days north to Red Fern. Upon their arrival, the Ingrates discovered several oddities had transpired after being enslaved for six months: the orphanage several members had spent time in had burned down, Idris’ siblings had gone missing, and Dacyria was believed to have been killed.

Finding few to no leads on the cause of these developments, the Ingrates traveled to Avery’s home, but even her home had been affected. In the time since her disappearance, someone had come to Avery’s household, and the man claimed to be her biological father who had out been adventuring for all of her life. Though, Avery was not alone in finding lost family, for as the group wandered the streets of Redfurn, Idris was very lucky in noticing his sister, Elama, wandering the streets as an urchin. Elama also appeared to be suffering from some mental illness that made it difficult to recall who Idris was, but Avery offered that Elama could be taken care of at her house. Soon after rescuing the sister, several guards accosted the group to see if they had seen an escaped asylum patient.

After several hours of fruitless searching and wandering, several members required a need to relieve stress, so Sakura, formerly Gye, traveled to her old stomping grounds in the back of an alley where a small fighting group was gathered. Arkon, was the first to step into the ring with an impressively muscled half-orc, who made quick work of Arkon, and the half-orc proceeded to deal with Sakura just as efficiently after finishing Arkon. Afterwards, Avery and Dacyria fell to the half-orc quickly too. Despite seeing his companions fall one-after-the-other, Winter stepped forward to challenge the champion, and with a luckily placed shot, Winter emerged victorious from the street brawl.

The next day, Dacyria invited the Ingrates to help gather information on why her family believed her to be dead. Their investigation led them to visit Dacyria’s old social acquaintance Felicity Marleth, a friend of Dacyria’s from a House Minor who recognized her immediately and began revealing the gossip of the Redfurn. The biggest takeaway from Felicity’s revelations was the union that had magically come about soon after Dacyria’s supposed death and despite the Targana and Mogumir having a long history of hating one another. To cement this new friendship, the Duke Targana was hosting a party in which the Baron Mogumir would also be attending. This opportunity was too good to pass up, so the party prepared to crash the party…

Will they succeed? What can they learn? Find out what happens on our next blog post, and until next time, may the dice rolls ever be in your favor!

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