About the Blog

So, I’ve tried this sort of thing a number of times, without success. This time, I will be following through (I tell myself!).

Hey, and welcome to my blog. I know it says “daily,” but new content will only come 6 days a week (a guy has to get a break), and one being an occasional article from a guest.

The whole reason for this blog is to showcase my various D&D campaigns that I run. There will be overlap as I am running the same campaign twice (Tuesdays and my monthly game), but the players make it interestingly different, so it will be two vastly different campaigns.

My campaigns are as follows:

1) Once a month: my home/family campaign, an episodic showcase of converted old Dungeon Magazine titles. Lots of fun.

2) Once a month, my Monthly game: close friends (or some new and great players that I want to get to know better), as of this writing, just beginning my personally written campaign. Great time had by all.

3) Weekly on Tuesdays, my weekly Local Game Store game. This is the Inglorious Ingrates. We have begun releasing the podcast for the general public every Monday beginning May 9, 2022. There is a preview every Thursday for our Premium Subscribers (only $5 per month!).

4) My weekly Sunday Adventurers League game run at the same Local Game Store. Interesting group. Currently running Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Sweet adventure! This will be changing every September as the new season changes. We finished The Wild Beyond the Witchlight early so we are playing DotMM.

In any case, these are mostly what I will write about. Game summary and thoughts about the direction of the various campaigns. Additionally, I will write about my campaign writing woes, my personal stuff when I have writer’s block, and showcase my poor attempts at painting miniatures.

Note that I sometimes dabble in Battletech and Warhammer 40K, so you may get some miniature photos of those as well. Depends on my mood and if anyone reads this obscure corner of the Internet cares to see it. We’ll see.

Posting Schedule

I generally post every day except Saturday. That’s my day off.

So, all that said, welcome to The Daily Dungeon Master!

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