A Not-So-Small Problem

Well, this is a pickle, Dear Readers. With the OGL problem(s), I’m kinda stuck, and my blog is in a sort of limbo. At least, parts of it that I want(ed) to do. Sure, I can apparently write about the SRD monsters. For now. Maybe. Sure, I can still post painting updates. And I’ve gotContinue reading “A Not-So-Small Problem”

The OGL 1.1 Controversy

Okay, I said I would respond to all of this, and the storm surrounding it happened so quickly, that it took me some time to get everything together to say something meaningful. But here it goes. *big inhale* Wizards of the Coast (WotC), had released a document that was leaked back on 9 January. ThisContinue reading “The OGL 1.1 Controversy”

I’m Back, Baby!

So, I’ve gotten a chance to take a break over the holidays and I’m excited to be back! I am changing up my posting schedule to make it less stressful on me, as, you may have figured, it’s only me now posting content. I’m but one dude. THAT SAID: I’m not going away, just goingContinue reading “I’m Back, Baby!”

Online or In-Person?

Dear Readers, I have told you about several of my games: My Tuesday Ingrates, my Sunday Adventurers League (currently running Spelljammer; lots of fun there!), my Monthly in-person game (this Wednesday, actually), my monthly Roll20 game, and lastly, my weekly Discord game. Whew! With all of those games, two are online and the rest areContinue reading “Online or In-Person?”

How to DM: Last-Minute Planning for a Session

Dear Readers, particularly my DM/GM readers, we’ve all been there before. You look at your schedule and there it is, in black and white: your upcoming session. And you haven’t done squat to prepare. Worry not, as I have some things to help you! First, identify how much time you do have to prepare! IsContinue reading “How to DM: Last-Minute Planning for a Session”

When Party Cohesion is at Risk

Dear Readers, it goes without saying that a party’s effectiveness relies on effective party leadership. Trying to not give anything away, the following statement was said at last night’s game (the Ingrates): “Dammit! _________’s been gone for not even one whole session and everything is already falling apart!” Or something to that effect. The partyContinue reading “When Party Cohesion is at Risk”