When Party Cohesion is at Risk

Dear Readers, it goes without saying that a party’s effectiveness relies on effective party leadership. Trying to not give anything away, the following statement was said at last night’s game (the Ingrates): “Dammit! _________’s been gone for not even one whole session and everything is already falling apart!” Or something to that effect. The partyContinue reading “When Party Cohesion is at Risk”

New Favorite Halloween Adventure!

Dear Readers, I have been truly blessed with several things while running this blog. I get some exposure on other blogs, I get to post articles from other blogs, and I sometimes get asked to review a product or, in this case, adventure for folks. Now. I want to put a disclaimer on this today:Continue reading “New Favorite Halloween Adventure!”

A DM’s Perspective: More Ingrates Quick Catch Up

The party found themselves looking at a pirate base, with two ships docked, one inside the cave complex, and one in the cove. Deciding to assault the base, the party sniped the lookouts, and then entered the base. Seeing that most of the pirates were in the tavern inside the cave complex, the party blockedContinue reading “A DM’s Perspective: More Ingrates Quick Catch Up”

Product Review – dndbeyond.com Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

Dear Readers, I just finished reading the first two books (Astral Adventurer’s Guide and Boo’s Astral Menagerie), as well as the first two chapters of the included adventure, Light of Xsryxis. And let me tell you all something: I am more than impressed, yet a little disappointed. Let me go over what I love first.Continue reading “Product Review – dndbeyond.com Spelljammer: Adventures in Space”