Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Light At The End of The Tunnel

When last we saw our adventurers, they were in a perilous place between an ooze and several meenlocks collapsing a cavern with unconcious companions. The die had been cast when the aasimar cleric was knocked unconscious by the ooze, and the artificer and ranger were knocked down by the rubble. The darkness slowly creeped in around our heroes, but another die was cast. This time artificer and ranger were able to free themselves from the rubble, and they quickly dispatched the ooze bearing down on their companions. Spell after spell was flung at the monstrosity until the party was finally able to vanquish it, resuscitate their aasimar cleric, and escaped the cave to seek safety from the meenlocks.

Battered and shaken mentally and physically, the companions devised a strategy on how to best clear the meenlocks from the mine, and then regained their strength and confidence with a well deserved rest. Rejuvenated by their almost magical rest, the party awoke to tackle the cave at daybreak armed with the knowledge they acquired on their foes and some ingenious trinkets provided by their artificer to defend themselves. Thus, the fellowship delved back into the familiar dark and dangerous platinum mine that presented either great material opportunity or their ultimate downfall!

The group activated their new light sources the artificer had created in the hopes of blinding/distracting the meenlocks from tearing into the party’s defenses, and the trinkets provided a source of light the party could track if they were to become separated. Soon after traversing through the maze of tunnels in the mine, the party found themselves, led by the dwarf artificer, once again at the place of the first ambush, and seeking to repeat their success, the meenlocks surrounded the artificer. However, the sly dwarf had prepared something special for this exact encounter, for as the meenlocks appeared, he unleashed a ground shaking tremor that ironically caught the meenlocks by surprise and turned their momentum. The dwarf’s friends capitalized on this strike with a flurry of magic and metal, and the creatures were made to flee from this realm!

The adventurers seized the moment of victory for themselves, and they subsequently made their way back to Dope’s Hope to chart their new course of action for the future…

The Yawning Portal Tavern Brawl | Dungeons and dragons books, Dungeons and  dragons, Dungeons and dragons handbook

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