Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Vermeillon Vanishings

When we last saw the Hopeful Dopes, they were on a northern route to the foreboding town of Vermeillon when they found themselves assisting a caravan under an ogre attack. The group quickly dispatched the lumbering monsters, and successfully recruited some more brave souls to help settle around their keep, Dope’s Hope. After administering burial rites to some of the fallen caravan guards, the party continued on to Vermeillon, until they laid their eyes on the eerily quite and deserted town around dusk.

Our adventurers slowly and deliberately made their way into the heart of the town at which point a large dead tree stood in the plaza in front of a sizeable manor. Several members felt this imposing presence as if though they were being watched, but whenever they turned to the source of the staring, there was no-one to be found. The group honored their promise to Lucas and found the necklace he had given to his deceased wife Lorna inside the tree, and the group also placed flowers on her grave. After doing what was asked of them, the group made their way through the abandoned houses to check for lost treasure or traces of what happened to the residents, but soon they found themselves right back at the manor near the plaza.

It was rather dark by the time the group found itself inside the manor, but they wanted to know more information about what could have possibly caused the town to become so abandoned. They quickly discovered that this manor was likely the home/meeting place for the town’s leadership based upon the several fine meeting rooms and documents. Though, as soon as they began to gain a better grasp of what happened, Ari vanished, and the group didn’t know where she could have gone. Luckily, Ari was able to make a sound to let the group know she was downstairs, and the group found itself face-to-face with the likely culprits who had terrorized the town… Meenlocks!

The party found two of these fey creatures trying to tear at Ari, but the party was able to slay these monstrosities before they could do further harm. The appearance of these monsters, and some further investigation by the team revealed these Meenlocks were actually townsfolk who had been turned into the fowl creatures after being subjected to fear. They also discovered that these type of fey beings spontaneously appear where the the border between the Fey and the material plane is weak especially right after a calamity. The timing of these creatures’ appearance happened to coincide with a mine shaft collapse that happened, and it seemed likely the source of fear that drew these creatures to Vermeillon was at that mine. Thus, our adventures prepared themselves as they headed straight into the belly of this monstrous mystery…

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