TGAPP: Catastrophic Celebration

When last we followed the tales of the Inglorious Ingrates, they had received an invitation, via Dacyria’s old social pal Felicity, to a party hosted at Dacyria’s home, and this party was meant to be a celebration of a mysterious truce between House Targana and Mogumir. Seeking to learn more about what was causing the collective amnesia and unexplained burning of loved one’s property, the group accepted they would attend this function. The group had about a week, so they all sought different objectives. Several members sought to learn new and helpful skills and spells, others sought to seek out information or people, and some took to calming the nerves through hunting or shopping. A couple of days before the party, the group met a young male wood elf named Aramel who sought a group that could take him on a real adventure as long as they made use of his stealth and reconnaissance skills. As this tended to be a weak spot for the Ingrates, they gladly accepted the wood elf in their ranks.

On the day of the party, the group all dressed up in their finest attire, and made way to the party with little to no plans agreed upon beforehand. Prior to heading over to the main celebration, the group met up with Felicity to ride together as her guest, but several sharp members noticed something strange happened to the young noble lady. At some point in their ride over, Felicity had her eyes roll into the back of her head momentarily, and the next moment she seemed fine as ever. With little else to follow up on this odd behavior, our companions rode the carriage through the gates of the Targana estate, and they were welcomed by a beautiful manor decorated for the occasion. Inside was even more spectacular as a large assortment of food was spread out on a table, and the guests appeared to be dressed in fanciful gowns and robes. Though the most spectacular thing in the ballroom was a dazzling blue gemstone floating in the middle of everything, and it gave off obvious magical influences yet no one in the group could discern its nature. The group shortly went to work at finding information on the gemstone and the Baron. Idris was successful in meeting Felicity’s mother, and the mother was able to connect Idris with meeting the Baron Mogumir under the guise Idris was a maritime merchant. However, something peculiar was evident to the party as they walked around the ballroom. After they had first entered, Felicity claimed to not know who Dacyria was despite calling her name when they first rode over together. As timed passed, all the members of the Ingrates, except Dacyria and Arkon, also had forgotten about Dacyria and her entire existence!

The group tried to salvage the plan, but before any major discoveries could be made in the case of the magical gemstone, Aramel had succeeding at making a scene to where he made the guards believed he had been poisoned, and this information spread like wildfire. Next thing everyone knew, the party goers were in a panic and trying to escape, but the guards pointed the weapons at them and stated everyone needed to be questioned. Seeing no obvious culprit in the pseudo-poisoning scheme, the guards let everyone go, and the party was called to a close before any major announcements could be made. The party split and went their separate ways for the night with few leads to follow up on. Yet fate had different plans for the party.

The celebration was held inside the city walls which closed after dark, and thus, everyone was blocked from returning to Avery’s home. This situation pushed Arkon and Dacyria to visit Dacyria’s old mentor home after discovering days prior that it appeared to have been abandoned after the mentor mysteriously left. However, upon their entrance into the home, the pair soon discovered that this place was not abandoned, but in fact, the mentor laid their before the two sleeping in a pile of rags. They prodded the old man until they jolted him awake, and he glared at them with a dirty, unshaven look of someone who had seen better days. To their surprise, he instantly recognized Dacyria, and which invited Dacyria to reconnect with her mentor and figure out what the Inglorious Ingrates would do next…

What will happen next? What happened to the mentor to make him live a life of squaller? What was causing the collective amnesia at the party? Find out in our next post of the Inglorious Ingrates!

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