Let’s Talk Battletech: Miniatures Edition – Black Knight & Atlas

Here we are again, dear readers with an update on my BattleTech miniature painting. As you will undoubtedly see, I have been hard at work painting these miniatures.

With no further ado, let’s get started!

First off, we have the Atlas, the pain in my backside.

Remember how much primer it took to get this guy?
Well, this is what I used, as the base coat, for the Wolf’s Dragoons mechs.

It took… a considerable amount of paint to get this guy looking good with his base coat.

The Black Knight, on the other hand, has been much kinder to me.

As you can see, I was able to get his base coat done as well as start working on the gunmetal I used for his weapons.

Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, that’s all I have for right now. I look forward to seeing you guys next time!

Thanks again, Dear Readers…

Premium Content – The Inglorious Ingrates Episode 17: The Beginning of the End

The Inglorious Ingrates are back at it again! With everything going on, they may be in over their heads. See where they turn out today!

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TGAPP: Since Last Time

Hello Readers! I’m back to give a player’s recounting of the events the Inglorious Ingrates have faced since last time I have posted. Not all has been quiet since the fall of War and his forces near Red Fern, but rather the next chapter has begun to flesh out the interwoven storylines of our heros and where they will go next. This will primarily hitting up high points the party have encountered, so my notes may be a little shorthand as to what really happened.

With the defeat of War consequently causing his forces to become nothing more than a unorganized mob, the Ingrates and the forces of the Kingdom of Endyr were able to vanquish the rest of the followers and declare victory at last! There was much celebration and rewards were handed out like candy to the Ingrates for the pivotal role in bringing War down. However, unnerving reports shortly began to circulate in the capital of Red Fern of the true costs of war had wrought on the people of this kingdom. Tales of rampant famine, civil unrest, and troublesome raiding were taking a toll on the common folk who bore the brunt of the losses in the battle with War, and the Ingrates suspected the remaining horseman of Famine, Pestilence, and Death and their lieutenants were behind these most recent troubles. Seeking to restore a sense of order and security from the King of Endyr, the Ingrates were hired to escort a caravan containing supplies for several towns hemorrhaging for food and miscellaneous supplies, and our party soon set out for the closests town of Ryhb.

It did not take long for the rumored troubles to face the party head long, for only a few hours into the trip to Ryhb a group of raiders attacked the caravan. The party was clearly outmatched by figures resembling Tabaxi, yet a keen eyed revealed them not to be true feline humanoids. Before the party could gather more information, the raiders magically vanished into the darks of the plains surrounding the caravan, and they left the wounded party members with hesitation as to what the rest of their journey had in store for them. With a spring in their steed’s steps, the caravan was finally able to make it to the decent-sized city of Rybh (a medium sized town of about 5000 people who relied on shipping and fishing for income) along the western coast of Endyr. The Ingrates pulled the wagons into the gates of the town, and were expecting a night of full rest to recover their thoughts. Fate had other plans for our heroes for as soon as the gate was shut, the air became charged with a hostile energy as the guards sought to take Dacryia and Avery away to face trial for being of nobility, responsible for the town’s hardships. This turn of events did not bode well for the guards, for they were quickly dispatched by the Ingrates. The situation further evolved when a mob led by a disheveled man called King Randal came to parley with the group, and the party soon discovered the recent events that had led to this town’s new governance. The arcane members of the party used their magical deduction and investigations skills matched with expert negotiation skills to convince King Randal and the people of Rybh their woes were the direct effect of recent magical stones that had rained all over the kingdom after the passing of War, and to fix the problems they would need to gather those stones scattered throughout the nearby region and destroy them. In exchange for this information and the food from the caravan, the Ingrates requisitioned a ship to travel to their next destination which was the town of Borest.

The party sailed the burrowed galleon filled with food supplies to a beach close to the town of Borest, and discovered the town was plagued again by goblins blockading and bullying the folk. The difference this time facing the heroes was that a creature described as a Nilbog was leading the goblin hoards, and quickly made his presence known by assaulting the Ingrates with his hobgoblin and bugbear bullies. The luck of the Ingrates held out as they were able to vanquish the gang of goblinoids, and townsfolk of Borest revealed that the forces typically originated from the uncharted forest north of the village.  Seeking to once again free the people from the strong arm of the Nilbog, the heroes traveled into the forest, and they found an abandoned fortress purposely built into a cliffside. Not seeking to fall into any likely trap laid in preparation by the goblin forces, the Ingrates identified and entered a well hidden entrance at the side of the cliff that appeared to lead towards the fortress. Inside, the companions discovered that this place was a home to the mythical and long forgotten dwarven people, but most surprising of all was that many dwarves had recently been killed in a great struggle for the fortress. A myriad of finely crafted dwarven items and iconography pointed to the evident worship of Falinora by the dwarves, and stranger still was the implications of the goblin forces taking over such a well defended location. The investigation of the area finally led the party to Nilbog who had prepared a deadly welcome, but caution and luck enabled the Ingrates to escape with no bodily harm while inflicting chaos and losses on the goblinoid forces.

Short Post

So a couple of announcements today, Sear Readers!

1) Thanksgiving Week

I will be taking off from Sunday, 21 November, until the following Sunday for Thanksgiving. I’ll be super busy with family coming into town that posting will be difficult, if not impossible. I’ll be returning to post that following Monday, the 29th.

2) Inglorious Ingrates

As I’ve posted before, I’ve hit a brick wall and I’m suffering from very severe writer’s block. My group and I, meaning the Inglorious Ingrates, have agreed that I’m suffering from a little bit of burnout. There are six episodes left that have yet to be released for our Premium Subscribers to preview.

The Thursday premium content will still be released, but different. I’ll be working on my “How-To Paint Minis” videos. We may even record the Kids on Bicycles game, I don’t know. Just know that I won’t leave you hanging. Hopefully by then I will be back up and running the Ingrates.

Speaking of, the Ingrates will be releasing now all but the last week of the month, where we will be playing / continuing the Kids on Bicycles game. What this means is that one week a month, I get a break where I can play. This also gives me some extra time to campaign plan. I’m sure you fellow Dungeon Masters out there understand.

That’s all I have today, Dear Readers. I’m going to go back to writing so I can finish up for tonight, for the Inglorious Ingrates’ last adventure for a time while I rest and recuperate, and hopefully get over my writer’s block.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Let’s talk Battletech: Miniatures – Continued a.k.a The Daily DM Planned Better

Hey Dear Readers, today I’m going to continue on with painting my Battletech minis. I don’t expect this to be a very long post, mostly because I will be priming my two Inner Sphere mechs, and doing a base coat on my Clanner mech.

Also, update on my shipment from Catalyst Game Labs, I got the link for my downloadable content, which I am guessing/hoping means my stuff is being shipped.

In any case, on to the painting:

Here we have my big boy, my 100 ton Atlas. Ain’t he a beaut!

It’s Primer Grey time!

This guy really is big, it took me two large dollops of paint to get about 2/3 of him primed…

And I still have a ways to go! Also, it doesn’t help that he has tons of nooks and crannies.

Two more dollops of paint got me done. I may see something later after it dries, but I’m calling it good for now.

Now for the Black Knight.

I’m still working at priming the base, but for all intents and purposes, he is done. Now he and the Atlas just have to dry.

Last, putting on the base coat for my Mad Cat/Timberwolf.

I was looking for a good color, a dark blue, to match the blue for the Sigma Galaxy. And I found this:

Personally, I think it’ll turn out great, especially after shading is done.

Here we are prior to painting, after being re-primed:

I know the other day that I said that I was going to go with the Rasalhague Galaxy paint scheme, but I ordered Ghost Bear decals and don’t want them to go to waste. I know it won’t be 100% accurate due to the fact that the Sigma Galaxy uses a green hued decal, but I think I’ll just be fine with the regular decals.

Here is their paint scheme:

A nice dark blue with gray highlights.

So here he is with the base coat. Remember though that the blue will be a slight shade darker once I get done with doing shading.

Although it does look very similar to a certain blue of ultramarines, they are different. This one is actually a little lighter. If it wasn’t so dang expensive, or I had actually thought about it, I might have used Macrage Blue. C’est la vie.

In any case, what do you all think? I hope you’re enjoying this little installment of me painting my metal battlemechs. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Let’s Talk Battletech: Miniatures

Dear Readers, you may remember these guys from last week when I repaired or put together for the first time, these guys:

Well, I’ve decided to try my hand at painting these metal ones before I try working on all of my plastic ones.

I’m going to, as usual, start with priming. The Timberwolf is already mostly primed, but due to rough handling on my part, needs redone.

For reference, I am using Army Painter Grey Primer.

As you can probably notice, there are some splotchy looking gray spots, some are light gray, some are dark gray. The difference is that the last time I primed this, I primed it with a spray paint primer. Today I’m using the Army painter primer to cover up the previous spots. It shouldn’t really matter in the end.

I was next going to work on the Atlas, but there is only one problem: when putting them together, I totally forgot to wash him.

Unfortunately, this same problem comes with the Black Knight as well.

So a washing I will do!

Notice the shine has disappeared?

This is what happens when you don’t take your own advice! Now I have to wait for those to air dry for a day before I can actually touch them for painting.

Oh well.

I’d love to paint the Timberwolf more, but I realized, while making this post that I don’t have a dark enough blue to do the paint configuration that I want for the Ghostbear Dominion/Rasalhague Galaxy paint scheme.


As the entirety of the base color is this very dark blue, I’m stuck. Especially since the highlights are what are silver and gold.

Today has been a lesson in poor planning.

Lesson learned.

Speaking of Battletech Miniatures, I’m supposed to be getting all of my Kickstarter stuff any time now. And it will be considerable. I’m hoping to get it by December at this point. Here is hoping.

Well, Dear Readers I’m sorry I didn’t have a longer post for you today. Poor planning on my part and all that. I’ll have a better update for you at a future time this next week once I have the paint that I need.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Vive la résistance

“The Delay Action” 

(italicized is non-canon, table conversation) 


“Ugh.. come on…” 


Though they missed opportunities to assassinate him on multiple occasions, the party had never come this close. 

The joyless game of cat and mouse had persisted for months. But now, at the worst of times, here he is, right at the doorstep of their new allies. 

In their own environment, the Bugbear tribesmen can handle Hobgoblin cavalry. What they cannot handle is HIM. 

“Having just conducted a wedding for these guys, my character kinda wants to do whatever to make sure they don’t like die right away” 

“Well yeah, I mean they at LEAST need time to… ya know… SEAL THE DEAL”

So the party of five mounts their horses and rides out of the woods: darting around trees, leaping over streams, racing towards their enemy. If they can pull off a successful delay action, the tribesmen can vanish into the forest and slowly make their way to the vales of the Kelna Mountains. 

But they need time.

Bursting from the forest, the party gazes across windswept plains. Though several hundred yards away, he is not hard to spot: his armored cuirass gleaming in the sunlight. But no one is fooled by his noble front.

“F*ck … this… guy” 

The Hobgoblin Republic may know honor, but this ‘paladin’ certainly does not. If ever his heart harbored courtly love or divine grace, a sickness of sadism has consumed him. He is more akin to a butcher, reveling in the blood of innocents and combatants alike. A legacy ruled by atrocity. 

“… F*ck it. I draw my Zweihander and dash forward” 

With a sense of duty, or rage, or fear, or some combination of the three, the party gallops to meet him in the field. 

It ends today. “Vunker the Cold” will not see the sunset. 

Hooves and paws pound into the earth, racing to meet one another headon. As the distance closes, spells fly and arrows soar, but before long the shattering of spears and ringing of steel echoes across the plain. 

Mounts passing, crashing, and wheeling through the chaos. The party throws everything they have at this most hated of foes.

“I cast Hunger of Hadar”

“I use my action surge”

“Right as my mount begins to go down, I’m gonna use my action to sprout wings and take to the skies” 

The skirmish continues for several minutes, but eventually, the party gains the upper hand. A massive “Wall of Fire ” separates Vunker from his unit, and a well placed rogue’s arrow pierces his worg’s heart. throwing him to the ground. 

(Damn… they have some serious area control spells…) 

Vunker is thrown to the ground and stumbles forward, limping and cursing. It is clear that one more hit should end him once and for all. 

“Well… I know its only been like 4 rounds… but I’m a warlock so…  Eldritch blast… does a 24 hit?”

And it is done. 

Vunker, the shameless and vile general of the Hobgoblin legions, now facedown in the dirt, just like so many of his victims before. 

Seeing their commander down, most of the cavalry flee

“Hahaha they’re also like ‘he SUUUUCKED’” 

But one soldier remains.

A Lieutenant rides over, dismounts, and stands over his master. To the party’s surprise, rather than paying respects or attempting to retrieve the body, the soldier rummages around, frantically searching through his master’s corpse for…something. 

It doesn’t matter… he doesn’t find it. 

Instead, he screams. 

Smoke emits from the corpse, swirling about the Lieutenant and consuming the body. The officer pulls his dagger and, in a fury and a frenzy, hacks at the corpse.

Suddenly, a hand shoots forth amidst the smoke and blows. With authority it ignores the violence and grasps its attacker’s neck. The Lieutenant attempts to shout, but the party hears nothing; fingers close and crush his throat. 

Fingers stripped of red flesh… bare, naked bone remains.

The hobgoblin’s eyes go wide with horror as he desperately flails to escape. But with the flick of a wrist, the hand snaps the Lieutenant’s neck. And as the limp body falls into the grass, another rises, emerging from the ruinous corpse of Vunker. 

A being of rot and ruin… a mantle darkness resting upon charred, blasted armor.  Even in broad daylight, through the smoke, into the decay, the party can see red eyes beam through the cloven helm. His icy gaze finds them, looks deep, and fills their innermost places with dread.

Paralyzed with fear, the party witnesses a summoning: motions and shouts… a brief red pentagram…a steed bellowing flames.

“…oh sh#t…” 

And as he rides into the sky, a new truth dawns on the party. 

Vunker the Cold is no longer the disgraced Paladin of the Hobgoblin legions.

He is now a Vunker, an arisen Death Knight.

“… “ 

“… “ 

“… “ 


“… gawd DAMMIT!!!!!” 

Premium Content: The Inglorious Ingrates – Episode 16: Life of the Party

Sorry Dear Subscribers that this took so long. This delay was due to several reasons: 1) Technical difficulties 2) The fact that this episode was recorded in two parts, both relatively long (I’ll get to that later), and lastly 3) Life got in the way

The reason it was recorded in two pieces was due to the fact that, about an hour or so into the first part, which was supposed to be Episode 16, I got the call from my wife that we had a family emergency. I rushed home.

Most of you know the rest of the story that involves me living out of a hotel with my family for over a month and a half.

In any case, with no further ado, here is Episode 16!

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Let’s Talk Battletech: Miniatures

Well, Dear Readers, I finally got some more Battletech stuff. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten my “big” order from the Kickstarter.

Sad mech noises

But, that didn’t stop me from buying some of the pewter Iron Wind Metals battlemechs!

So I am going to share a couple of things with you all today, the repair of my two other Mechs (battle damage, I’m sure), the Atlas and the Mad Cat/Timberwolf, and the easy assembly of the BL-6-KNT Black Knight, a wonderful Inner Sphere mech.

First, the repairs…

I will start with the atlas. One of his arms fell off as well as one of his legs. Additionally the hex base I had for him originally did not work out. It was too small for the Mad Cat so I had to use one of the printed bases. That’s fine.

It was all well and good until a leg came off. I should have pinned it, but oh well.
Gather the pieces…
At least now he’s standing on his own.
Finally assembled!
He looks so handsome on his new base!

Next we have the repair of the Mad Cat. This one made me a little mad. One of his lasers, as you look at him, the right side, was being difficult when I tried to glue it back on. It doesn’t help that the part is super tiny and I have big fat sausages for fingers. I ended up pulling out a set of tweezers to be able to hold it in place while it held. You will see what I mean.

That white spot on the main body is where the laser goes.
Stupid Medium Pulse Laser…
All pretty on its base.

Next is the assembly of the Black Knight. I pulled up a YouTube video detailing how to put it together, but the moment I saw them putting the arms on before the arm mounted cannon I turned it off. Here is my step-by-step:

I am kicking myself because I forgot to wash him. Oh well. I’ll wait for the glue to dry and give him a good scrub down.
Got to clip those…
I sanded around the parts of the arm, the shoulders specifically, to make them a little more smooth after having clipped them off of the mold.
See? You put the cannon on first as it’s a smaller part. Then you go ahead and mount the arm.
Like so.
The miniature is all done now. Next is gluing him to the base.
And he is done! All that is needed is to be primed and painted.

There you have it, Dear Readers.

I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for when I paint the Black Knight!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Burnout/Writer’s Block

As many players read this blog, I know that many of them are DMs. This post is for you folks.

Dear Readers, I am in a bad slump. My MS has been acting up and with that comes my depression and anxiety. I’m sure many of you know how it goes with that!

To add insult to injury, I’ve hit a wall. Bad.

I’ve developed a horrible combination of DM Burnout and writer’s block.

Usually, I can work through bouts of burnout with holiday breaks and such helping out. Not this time. I know where the story is supposed to go, but I’m having a hard time getting there.

And this is for the Ingrates.

As the youths would say: Big mood.

Fortuitously, one of my players (the guy that plays Arkon in the Ingrates) recently picked up a copy of the “Kids on Bicycles” RPG. He liked the concept but not the rules, so he’s using another system, Tales From the Loop.

Tales from the Loop RPG Book Cover.jpg

He offered to run it for a few months while I get past my writer’s block and burnout.

I, of course, accepted.

The concept is that we live in the town of Arkham Falls, Massachusetts. We are all kids between the ages of 12-15 (I think about half of us are 13, the others 14). I am playing a “bookworm” (that’s the class) who is the type of guy who’s friends with just about everyone.

We have a computer geek, a hick, a weirdo, a popular kid, and a rocker. It’s looking to be great game. I will likely be writing summaries of our sessions, under “A Player’s Perspective.”

In the meantime, to give our GM time to finish preparing, I am running two more sessions, taking a break for Thanksgiving week, then beginning our story in Arkham Falls.

I am so stoked.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

At Last…

At long last, my house is in order.


But I was able to get my new painting station set up (for the most part; you see a trend?), and got a little bit of painting done.

Unfortunately, this afternoon, I ended up having to drive to my local VA hospital for an appointment that I nearly forgot about (it’s an hour and a half away), where I spent the time getting my eyes checked out, to include getting my pupils dilated.

Then I had to wait.

Why, you may ask?

Because I’m an idiot, that’s why.

I drove myself an hour and a half away, got my eyes dilated and then couldn’t drive home right away. Because my eyes were dilated. So I had to wait and wait, at a Burger King no less, because I was able to drive that far at least, and get my Impossible Whopper and onion rings on.

Until I could drive again.


So here I am, at home, and finally able to at least give you a small painting update on the death tyrant I’ve been painting, as well as a short story on a future project.

He still had a bit to go and as you can see, his base coat is using quite a bit of paint. No surprises there, as he’s not a small miniature.

He’s coming along, but there are still small areas I’m seeing that I am missing. Some intentional, and some not so much.

Like this one:

Below, it is with most of the base coat done. I want him to dry out before I tackle the second coat. I want to also have better light so I can better see anywhere I may have missed.

I can already see some spots I missed by his jaw. I’ll tackle it Wednesday most likely.

So that’s the work I’ve gotten done on him.

On to the next part.

The other day, I was heading out to my game store to pick up the Battletech stuff that I’d ordered. Cool, right?

Well, my 4-year old heard the magic words (the fact that I was leaving the house) and insisted that he wanted to come with. My wife put on the biggest smile and said “Yeah, of course you can go! You can even get a mini!”


“Uhh…” I began.

“We’ll get a dragon mini, mommy!” my toddler exclaimed.

“Uhhh….” I continued. “That’s a $15 mini!”

“Who cares. Take your son with you. Get the mini.”


And thus how I came back home with this:

Truth be told, I have zero plans to paint him any time soon. I am going to need so much paint for him, possibly even spray paint. He’s not small.

But that’s still a project I can do for another day.

In fact, I still owe the Nalfeshnee demon painted to someone who asked to see that one done.

One project at a time, folks.

Well, that’s what I have for you today. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to a more consistent posting schedule.

I’ve also, for my Premium Subscribers out there, been told that the latest and greatest preview of the Ingrates will be done this week! So stay tuned for that. If you aren’t a Premium Subscriber, consider becoming one to get access to our game podcast before we release them!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Almost There…

So the guys are finishing up the house today! All of my furniture should be back in which means I’ll be able to go back to painting and making regular posts again!

As a consolation, here are a bunch of memes:

So thank again for your patience and understanding. I know I’ve said that a lot, but I’ll be back on a more normal posting schedule soon!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

A Rare Post: Miniature Painting Spotlight – Death Tyrant

Hey, Dear Readers! Guess what?!

My house is nearly done, and it’s done enough that I can move back in!

Which means…

I got some painting done!

Not a lot, mind you, but I got some painting done on a new miniature.

As you can see I don’t have a whole lot of accomplished on him, not even the first coat. But I had some extra time so I wanted to get something done.

Here’s the palette that I’ll be working with:

That’s just what I’ve come up with so far. I’m sure that I’ll have more to add later.

Additionally, I wanted to tell you all about something that I acquired while I was out of town. A mystery dice bag.

It comes with, of course, a hand sewn dice bag with an internal lining to boot! In addition to that, I have a random set of dice and a random miniature as well as one of the buttons that one of the owners makes, particularly an alignment button.

As you can see I got a beautiful set of green dice, that chaotic good button, and a male human sorcerer!

It’s from Syndicate Games, based in a little town called Kearney in Nebraska. I happen to have been passing through and discovered this gem. This past weekend they were at Anime NebrasKon.

Courtesy of their Facebook Page

If you ever happen to be in the area or passing through, I highly recommend dropping by to see their handmade wares, and maybe catch a game of Warhammer or some D&D. The owners are all amazing and friendly and it’s a great atmosphere in the store.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Thanks for your awesomeness and your patience as I begin to ramp back up my posting.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Still Waiting

Dear Readers, my house is still in shambles, in the process of being repaired.

Thus I am still in a hotel.

Thus I am still unable to paint.

Thus the lack of posts.

I haven’t been running but one table, that hasn’t met yet but in parts for the new Adventures League adventure.

Y’all still get Tuesdays’ “A Player’s Perspective.”

But I am left still in a hotel.

And it sucks.

Of course, there was this past week, where I ran “The Haunt” for a group of old friends.

I’ve recounted that adventure numerous times, so to do so again would be superfluous.

But it was fun, and there will be a “DM Story” associated with it. It was great.

Until I get to go home, though, posts will be sporadic, unfortunately.

In other news, I plan on starting to have my “How-To DM” posts turned into podcasts by Anonymous Bosch, if I can get him available.

We’ve all been more than a little bit busy.

In any case, you all have been amazingly patient and kind, and I’ll be back on the posting schedule soon.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

TGAPP: Taming War

The scent of fire, smoke, and death surrounded the Inglorious Ingrates all around as they sat atop the walls of the Red Furn looking upon the mass of hobgoblins and goliaths summoned by the avatar of war. They had faced down several generals from the invaders in order to reduce the leadership and moral, but there was an intangible connection that somehow pushed the conquerors to continue their onslaught. The next challenge to face the weary companions was a monstrously large and bloodthirsty Vrock diving from the skies onto the wall. The demon bird struck a surprising quick slash against Arkon, but more importantly, the vrock plucked poor Sakura from the wall and dropped her over the side of the 2,000 foot hall wall. All the companions could do was watch in horror as Sakura hurtled to her demise amongst the thousands of dead already at the bottom. However, the spirit of Sakura could be laid to rest, for her cruel fate motivated the party enough to land several fatal strikes against the demon to kill it. Despite the vrock being barely cold, the Ingrates were called off to an area of rest because intelligence had been able to locate the Avatar of War, and the adventurers would need every ounce of the energy to take down the avatar and his lackeys.


No sooner had the Ingrates finished their recuperation, they were magically transported to the top of the extremely high floating terrain, and at the center of this final battleground stood the Bride of War, two Flesh Golems, and the Avatar of War who turned out to be Arkon’s father. While the party had hardened their hearts to take on this imposing threat, they did not expect to see Avery’s doppelganger father grappled by the Avatar, and the menacing villain exclaimed, “Surrender now for him to live, but resist me and he will perish like all the rest!” Avery was able to gleam into her father’s eyes to see he was ready for the ultimate sacrifice if it meant the tyranny of war could be ended, so with gritted teeth and teary-eyes, Avery unleashed an incredibly strong wave of magic energy directed at the villains. With equally fast reactions, the party witnessed the Bride of War seemingly absorbed the spell into a warhammer that was embroidered with the iconology of Falinora. This was only one of many surprises the forces of evil had up their sleeve, for the Ingrates hit with might and magic with sometimes little to no reaction from their foes. The Bride proved to be a formidable spellcaster who was able to channel dark divine energy against the heroes to knock several members unconscious, and War possessed equally daunting raw strength that dwarfed the likes of Arkon.

Flesh Golem

Though at the cast of a die, fate seemed to turn in favor of the Ingrates one moment after the other. The flesh golems accompanying the Bride and Avatar were waylaid to give the party breathing room when dealing with the dastardly due, but by-far the most important turning point in the struggle came from the unlikely actions of the pirate bard, Idris. Seeing the immense power the warhammer gave the Bride, Idris magically enhanced his abilities, struck the weapon out of her grasps, and caught it before it tumbled to the distant earth. Exactly at the same moment as he caught the item, Idris spoke with two entities. The first entity was an angelic form bathed in blinding light and warm energy that promised to help Idris and his companions, but the other was a dark, horned form surrounded by shadows enticing the bard with power to achieve his desires. Though tempted by the selfish power, Idris embraced the angelic form, and the choice materialized in angelic wings surrounding Idris in the midst of the heated battle. The Bride was shocked and horrified by this turn of events, and Idris capitalized on the moment by smashing a resounding and radiant blow against the evil spellcaster’s temple, knocking her out.

Seeing his bride finished by the warhammer that was their one hope, War enlarged himself to the size of a war-elephant, and he began to blindingly strike out against the battered Ingrates. War almost succeeded in flinging Dacyria off the slide of the floating island, but it was the critical melee strikes of Arkon, Avery, and Idris that was able to finish the nefarious goliath. After the avatar relinquished control over the goliath ruler, Arkon was able to hear the last words of his father desperately apologizing for this mistake, and before anymore could be said, the king was succumbed to the eternal silence of death. The heroes breathed a sigh of relief as the immediate battle came to a close, but in the back of their mind, they knew the other avatars of Famine, Pestilence, and Death roamed the material plane. However, the battle-scarred Inglorious Ingrates shared the unquenchable light of hope that they would live another day to fight off their forces as well….


Dear Readers, my posting schedule is kind of shot at the moment.

As I told you before, I am going through some stuff. The first floor of my house is being demolished due to the infamous hot water heater incident that destroyed all of my flooring.

That demolition and subsequent repair is currently going on, meaning that I and my family are currently displaced to a hotel.

As you can imagine, it’s difficult to do much writing, let alone miniature painting when you don’t have access to your materials.

Therefore, unfortunately, my posts will be somewhat sporadic until the work is complete.

For those of you who are Dear Subscribers, the weekly preview of the Inglorious Ingrates will still be ongoing.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Essential Books to Play D&D For Players

Dear Readers, as many of you may know, I am a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons. I am also, as many of you know, a fan of dndbeyond.com, the online D&D 5e toolset.

And yet, I still love the physical books. I own several.

This got me thinking: if I were advising a new player, what books would I say are absolutely necessary?

Here is my list, in order:

Player’s Handbook

This book is absolutely necessary for anyone wanting to play D&D. It contains information on character classes and abilities, not to mention the rules for generating characters, equipment lists and functionality, and more.

It also contains the rules on skill uses, combat rules, and the list for most of the spells available in the game.

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

It cannot be stressed on how awesome, let alone needed resource this is.

This book is where the better character generation guidelines are found. The ability to do a custom origin cannot be understated.

It contains a veritable trove of additional character subclasses, feats, and spells. It also includes a new(ish) character class called the artificer, bringing the Eberron class to being Adventurers League legal.

Absolutely worth the buy.

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

There are a lot of helpful things in this book! In addition to many additional feats and character subclasses, it contains a good spell-list addition, with some more than helpful spells.

It also adds in a helpful list of character name suggestions, which, while the PHB has some, is lacking.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters

A lot of character race options are found in here. The aasimar, firbolg, goliath, and tabaxi, all very popular player races, are found in here.

So Dear Readers, that’s my list. What do you think? Would you add anything to your essential player list? Let me know in the comment section below.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

No Post Today

Dear Readers, I am so sorry, but I won’t have a substantial post today.

My water heater busted and my family is getting displaced to a hotel for the next 4-6 weeks (at the longest).

So today, my family is packing and preparing for an extended hotel stay.

Additionally, I am taking a short vacation next week and will be out of town Monday through Friday next week (from the 18th through the 22nd). I may have a post Friday, as I am flying home that day and will have little else to do on the plane, which will be a game summary post of me running The Haunt for a group of old friends (I’ll actually be visiting the area where Winter, from the Ingrates, lives) that previous Thursday. It’s sure to be a good time, especially as I am modifying the heck out of the adventure, making it even creepier than ever before! Gotta get that Halloween thing going…

In any case, I appreciate your time and patience as my family and I work through this adjustment period.

Thanks, and until next time, Dear Readers…

Premium Content: The Inglorious Ingrates – Episode 15 – The Prophecy

Dear Subscribers, sorry it’s late. My editor is still sick and recovering. Next week’s should go out on time.

The Ingrates have finally found something they didn’t even know they were looking for, in the Off-site Location. What will they find?

Content Warning: Gruesome depictions of torture and death; parental discretion is advised.

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