Video Game RPG Review: Paper Mario

Dear Readers, I know I am late to the party, so to speak, as this game’s been out for quite a bit, but I just had to do a review. That and it’s one of two games I had access to on my Switch while in quarantine.

Paper Mario, for the uninitiated, is an interesting take on the Mario world, where just about everyone is a 2 Dimensional (2D) paper cut out. The plotline of the various renditions of the game vary, as is the “schtick” that each game introduces to make that particular rendition unique. The series also tends to poke fun at itself, sometimes breaking the fourth wall, to make the occasional joke, relating to their paper state. Lastly, the game is usually set up as an RPG where you get upgraded weapons and health as you progress in the game.

The newest rendition of this series is called Paper Mario: The Origami King. The premise is that an origami being has seized control of the Mushroom Kingdom. The Origami King begins transforming Bowser’s 2D minions into “folded soldiers” which are 3D origami versions (and sometimes oversized paper mache versions) of themselves.

As you may be able to tell, the “schtick” in this rendition is the idea of things being folded, particularly into other origami things.

An example of this revolves around the side-quest of saving toads (the little mushroom people) that have been affected by the Origami King or his minions. These toads can be crumpled up “wads of paper,” origami bugs, rolled up in a hole, etc…

The other unique feature of this game is the combat system which revolves around a literal wheel, specifically, a disk that has concentric rings that are then broken up into sections. The idea is that, using the rings and segments, one must “line up” the enemies on the disk, giving a bonus to damage from your attacks. This is done by rotating the concentric rings and sliding the segments, all with a limited number of moves and within a limited amount of time.

Image courtesy of

Attacks are based on range and weapon type, with long range being jumps with boots or “hurl hammers” or with a regular hammer, like so.

Image courtesy of

Additionally, you learn special attacks based on some story related fights/events (trying for no spoilers here!).

A word on the primary bosses (minor spoiler): they are absolutely hilarious. The primary area bosses are all paper related in their natures. For example, one is a stapler, another a scotch tape dispenser! And their dialogue is something else, funny to read.

All in all, I give this game a solid 10 out of 10. I’ve always been a fan of the Paper Mario franchise series but this one is easily my favorite so far. I highly recommend this game to anybody who is a fan of the Mario universe.

What do you think? Have you played any of the Paper Mario games, and did you like them? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Quick Paining Update: I GOT TO PAINT!!

Dear Readers, this won’t be a “normal” painting update, as I did not take incremental pictures of this guy.

I also know that I promised a different post today, but after getting to paint something after almost 2 weeks, I couldn’t help myself and wanted to share, shunting the other post to tomorrow.

I mean, I took some early pictures, but I did all of the rest last night.

With no further ado, the Atlas AS7-D, Wolf’s Dragoons, Zeta Regiment!

As you can see, the Dragoons’ logo showed up better. Much better. After the lessons I learned doing the Black Knight’s logos, I put a daub of very light colored paint (next time it’ll actually be white instead of the light grey I used this time) in the spot I was putting the logos.

I also messed up the Ζ on the leg, but didn’t notice until after it was done (don’t ask).

All that aside, I’m happy with how it turned out.

What do you think, Dear Readers? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time…

Almost There

Dear Readers, I’m almost done with Quarantine.


This means that soon, oh so soon, I will be able to go back to painting and playing. Even better is that I got a new painting desk (or rather, Mrs. Daily DM got me a new desk!) with a lovely new ink blotter to protect said desk from the ravages of paint, glue, modeling knife work, etc…

Needless to say, your Daily Dungeon Master is excited.

The best part is that it’s the cornerstone of what is to be my new gaming room. I’m getting a new gaming table tomorrow. I’ll might take some pictures. We’ll see. Definitely will take pictures of the new desk.

Oh, and feature of the new desk? No need for my toolbox any longer! It all fits quite nicely inside.

This isn’t to say that I won’t use the toolbox for going to a painting party, but for at-home use, the desk is king.

In any case, I wanted to let you all know that I am on the mend, and I will be out of quarantine beginning tomorrow, I believe.

I’m not quite done with my post about the RPGs I’ve been playing, but it should be up tomorrow.

Thanks again for hanging in there with me, Dear Readers!

Until next time…

Just My Luck…

So, Dear Readers, you may have noticed my lack of posting this week. And that I am posting on a Saturday. Lemme explain.

It started yesterday when I began to have a tickle in the back of my throat and a mild cough.

Now, I am vaccinated. I have the booster. But…

I tested positive for COVID-19 today. I will be locked away in my home, isolated from my family for the next 10 days. Lovely, right?

So you won’t get any painting updates. That said, I have Roll20! I will be able to do some pick-up games most likely. I’ll give y’all some game summaries as I can get them out and play them.

This assumes that my fatigue doesn’t knock me out. I already have chronic fatigue from my MS, so this doesn’t really help things.

That all said, I will attempt to get a post or two out, even if it’s about something I read that I can review. Something.

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding.

Well-wishes, good vibes, and prayers welcome.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Battletech: My Obsession Continues

Dear Readers, I think I might have a problem. An addiction if you will. You see, when Catalyst Game Labs decided to re-release the Battletech game with affordable plastic miniatures and put them out on the market, the Battletech community went wild.

You have to understand, the only way to get Miniatures in the past were these cheap paper stand-ups or rather pricey pewter miniatures that you had to assemble. If you remember, the first BattleTech miniature that I painted was one of those metal pewter ones by Ironwind Metals. A good miniature to be sure, but a pain to assemble and paint, what with all the washing, pinning, and glueing. Then CGL comes along.

They show up with a box set of all the rules Plus 8 battlemech miniatures all for the low low price of $60. $60 used to be the cost of around 3 to 4 miniatures of the pewter variety. In fact, you can still buy packs of mechs at that price from Ironwind Metals. I know because I consider buying them.

Then they start coming out with what they callech packs. These are groups of mechs that form some sort of unit or another. Like a command lance or a heavy striker lance. Things like that.

And for those of you who are not schooled in all things Battletech, battlemechs are organized thusly: with the Inner Sphere faction, 4 mechs = a lance, two lances = a company, 3 companies = a regiment. For the Clan faction, a battlemech is a point, 5 points are a star, two stars are a binary (with three being a trinary), and two to three binaries/trinaries = a cluster. For the ComStar faction, a mech is a Level I, 6 mechs are a Level II, and it goes up from there. There are larger organizational structures than this, these are generally not used during gameplay.


That said, I have the equivalent of a larger organizational group equivalent of Mechs for both the Clan and Inner Sphere factions. For the ComStar faction, I only have a single Level I. Poor ComStar.

In any case, here is what I am adding to my collection(s):

Not sure what to do with my Shilone yet. I mean, it is an inner sphere aerospace fighter, so I might be able to incorporate it into my Alpha Strike game.

Next is my ComStar Level II.

Of note, in this particular set, it comes with a Guillotine and a Crab. Yay!

Unlike the rest of my Inner Sphere mechs, which I will be painting up to be Wolf’s Dragoons, this group will most definitely be painted up to be ComStar. My Kickstarter is still on the way (at least that’s what they tell me!), which includes another two Level II’s, so I will have a nice, small ComStar unit.

Now let’s get to the inner sphere mechs:

I really wanted all four of these battlemechs, if for no other reason than for collector value.

A Banshee, Grasshopper, Centurion, and a Hatchetman. All good and solid mechs.

I was really excited about this next lance, the Inner Sphere Urban Lance.

Man, did I want this set! A Victor, a Hunchback, and a Raven. Sure the Enforcer is a good mech, but a RAVEN!! Now I have that sweet, sweet ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) capability. So excited.

Last up for the Inner Sphere is the Heavy Battle Lance. I wanted this box almost more than ANY other box. Why? It has my absolute favorite battlemech inside! The Nightstar!

There he is, on the bottom right. Ahh… So pretty.

Of course it comes with some other solid mechs as well: the Bushwhacker, the Crocket, and the Cataphract.

Now on to my Clan Faction finds:

First up, the Clan Heavy Battle Star:

Of this one, the only mech I was truly excited for was the Ebon Jaguar, as it’s a Clan upgrade of the Bushwhacker. The Turkina was a nice one, too.

Next up, the Clan Striker Star:

I’m not familiar with the majority of these mechs, with the notable exception of the Piranha. The rest look pretty cool, though.

Lastly, we have the Clan Ad Hoc Star:

Not gonna lie, I’m not familiar with the vast majority of these mechs either, with the exception of the Kodiak. A staple of my favorite clan, Clan Ghost Bear, I was excited to pick up this set.

The last three things I got were a Stana Mechty neoprene battle mat, a Wolf’s Dragoons challenge coin and a Clan Ghost Bear challenge coin. The latter two are late birthday gifts for my Dad, along with the Black Knight I previously painted.

The battlemat on the other hand… I goofed. I goofed hard. I realized today that I already had that mat on order with my Kickstarter. Oops. I guess now I have two? Maybe I will find someone to give or sell it to.

So that’s it! That’s all I got today. Of course this only covers a portion of my overall collection, but I’ll end up showcasing those as I finish painting them. My goal is to finish painting my Inner Sphere mechs and my ComStar mechs by end of year. I may get sidetracked and start painting on my Clan mechs. We’ll see how it goes.

All that aside, I still have commissions and other painting jobs I will be doing for D&D miniatures as well, so those of you who like to see those won’t miss out either.

Thanks for tuning in to my current obsession. Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Posting Schedule

Dear Readers, it’s been a great holiday break, and now that my kiddos are back to school, I can return to our regularly scheduled posting schedule!

It should go something like this:

  1. At least one, if not two, painting updates – my current obsessions lay with my Battletech miniatures, but I’ll try to give you some step-by-steps of more D&D miniatures. I know I have tons in my “box of shame.”
  2. One “A Player’s Perspective” or a “DM’s Perspective” per week, likely on Wednesdays. My writer for “A Player’s Perspective” is going on a long-term sabbatical, so he won’t be playing or able to write.
  3. At least one “Premium Content” post per week. I have ideas.
  4. One “How-To” post per week. Due to my current obsession, I am going to start my series on Battletech, particularly with Alpha Strike, as it’s probably the easiest to learn.
  5. I’m going to try and get one “DM’s Story” posted per week. Anonymous Bosch has a good one that I want him to tell about his Cyberpunk game.

That’s the plan. We’ll see how it turns out. There is also the chance that I might do a “Class Spotlight,” “Monster Highlight,” or a “Battlemech Spotlight” to fill in any gaps.

In any case, I hope you had a wonderful break and hope to see you back here soon!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Premium Content: Inglorious Ingrates Episode 20 – The Consequences of War

The Ingrates really have it rough in this continuation of the followup to the fallout with WAR.


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Christmas/Holiday Adventures

Dear Readers, as you can tell it is coming up to Christmas!

I just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas by sharing with you two adventures that I had purchased off of The DMs Guild (

How The Lich Stole Christmas by Wizard Sleeve Studios, Steve “Jaspor” Orr, and Bill Putrino

Currently on sale for $2.95.

The primer for this adventure is as follows:

You’re a foul one, Mr. Lich
Your flesh smells like decay
For the crimes you have committed
There will be hell to pay
When the heroes come to save Christmas Day
“How The Lich Stole Christmas” is a short 3-4 hour one shot holiday adventure for characters of all levels. The encounters include variations for adventuring parties of each tier of play. The story unfolds through melodic rhymes that are certain to get the players into the spirit of the adventure.
Does your party have it what it takes to save Christmas?”

I have to admit that this is a wonderful one-shot adventure to run around the holidays. In fact, I ran it for the Ingrate last night to everyone’s delight (no, I did not mean to rhyme!).

Without spoiling it for any players out there, the entire adventure revolves around the concept surrounding the title, but is scalable from tier 1 all the way to tier 4. This ended up being really wonderful so that my party felt challenged as they went through the various encounters. There’s even an enjoyable puzzle in the middle of it as well. I highly recommend this one.

Danger In A Midwinter Wonderland: A Christmas One-Shot by Asa Wheatley

Currently $2.99

The primer for this adventure is:

Everyone has heard of the festival of Midwinter, the great Winter’s Father and his dutiful Toy Makers. They are the core of the Midwinter celebrations and there is no better place to visit than the Noel Isles and see the Winter’s Father in person during these celebrations. Each year the Toy Makers decorate the Isles with such splendour that it can only be fully appreciated in person.
But this year something foul is afoot, the Winter’s Father is missing and the Noel Isles are too quiet. Something is definitely wrong but you’re not quite sure what. All you know is that you sense Danger, in this Midwinter Wonderland.

I haven’t run this yet, planning on running it for the TPKs (my monthly game) this coming Wednesday night.

It has great reviews and is rated at four and a half stars. I greatly look forward to running this one.

What do you think Dear Readers? Do you have a favorite holiday adventure to run? Let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

A Player’s Perspective: Kids on Bicycles Episode 2

When we last left the gang, they found themselves underneath the burned out ruins of Dr. Ford’s old home, in a room filled with purple crystals, and a large spinning contraption, all hooked to a table.

Upon further investigation the gang found that the machinery was upwards of 60+ years old, dating back to the 1920’s, looking like a primitive particle accelerator. Additionally, upon the table there appeared to be stains that looked like blood.

His curiousity getting the better of him, Neil pulled the lever on the machine, causing the gyroscopic ball of energy to spin faster and faster, after which a strange robotic creature appeared from the ruins off to the side of the room!

A fight ensued, with Anton sliding his bat to Kelly-Ann, who grabs it. Jessica throws a rock at it causing a large dent! The gang spread out, preparing to attack, and Anton grabbed Kelly-Ann’s crowbar from her backpack and heroically ran up to the contraption and savagely attacked the bottom and legs, causing sparks to fly! Kelly-Ann took the bat and hit hard at its legs, this time felling it. Unfortunately, in the felling, it fell on top of Anton, pinning him to the ground.

After many tries and much consternation, the gang was able to finally free their companion.

Upon further examination of the room, the gang found a door surrounded by glyphs, much like the ones at the base of the particle accelerator, and that had a single silver keyhole. Peering inside, through the keyhole, they found what appeared to be a sort of office, with a desk and chair.

Goblin attempted to kick the door, only to be thrown back by some sort of electrical energy, causing her hair to stand on end. Not finding any sort of key, the group vowed to return to this room once we had more information, also promising not to say anything to the two boys, Liam and Miller, back on the top, lest they want to explore the dangerous place.

Of note, found and gave to Anton, the user manual for the strange robot. The gang also each took a crystal and the robot’s eye lens as trophies of their encounter with the thing.

The gang then headed back topside and had Miller and Liam lead the gang to their hideout.

There they got to the clearing, but did not enter, as in addition to the clubhouse, the gang saw a rusted out pickup truck and the beleaguered Mr. Lovecraft, whose son had gone missing two months ago, and whose spirit was allegedly haunting the clubhouse.

Anton, being the talkative one, headed up to Mr. Lovecraft, followed by Goblin. Mr. Lovecraft said he was here looking for his son Stuart. He showed Anton and Goblin a book of drawings by Stuart that were…strange. Various animals, and over and over again, an eye with a slit for a pupil. He claimed that Stuart was looking for “Black Liquid” and said Stuart was…different. And weird. Having not found him and having had one too many beers, he walked home, leaving the truck and the keys in the ignition.

The rest of the gang, including Liam but excluding Miller, entered the clearing. Miller, while claiming not to be afraid of the clearing, refused to enter the clearing.

Upon examination of the clubhouse, the gang indeed found writing on the walls, drawings similar to the book Mr. Lovecraft had shown Anton, along with many of the slitted eyes. Of note, written on the wall was “HALP ME,” and “I DONT NO WERE I AM” in red chalk. Eerily, there were also the letters “I C U” written in the same red chalk nearby.

Investigating the area nearby, the gang found some other things of note: a partially burned note saying that Stuart was being suspended for throwing a chair out of a window. Liam explained that he remembered that day, having seen the incident first hand. Stuart claimed “they were watching” him through the window, and threw the chair to make “them” go away. The gang also found a strange scrapbook of sorts, showing hand-drawn (obviously by Stuart, and neither Miller nor Liam recognized it), and some toys. Pictures included a man passed out surrounded by beer bottles, a woman and girl with halos, a boy beaten up by other kids, a boy at night surrounded by eyes with a single slit, and a boy at night with black light coming from a point out in front of the clubhouse.

After talking with Liam further, it was discovered that Stuart had…powers. He could move things without touching them, and one time even killed Liam’s hamster. It was after this questioning that Liam’s eyes glazed over, and he entered the clubhouse followed by Goblin and Anton. Liam grabbed chalk and scribbled onto the wall “HE IS HERE.” A large sound was heard, and Anton and Goblin scrambled outside to find the trees of the clearing (and only surrounding the clearing) were moving and swaying violently, with the sound having been the crack of a tree falling. Anton, Goblin, and Zane went to check on Miller, as the tree fell near his location. The unthinkable had happened: the tree had fallen on Miller, who was now dead. But something strange happened…his face dissolved and a disembodied hand formed and began clawing its way towards the gang!

Zane then warned the gang that something…he didn’t know what, but something big was coming their way!

It turned out to be a snarling, rabid-looking bear!

Everyone rushed to the truck, except Kelly-Ann who had the keys to the truck (to prevent Goblin from just taking the truck; poor decision in hindsight), who was attempting to usher Liam to the truck, Liam still in some sort of daze. Kelly-Ann, while in the clubhouse, saw all of the drawn eyes looking around, then staring right at her!

Goblin, thinking on her feet, hotwired the truck and managed to get it running when a tree fell behind the truck, trapping us in the clearing!

Three hikers came out of the forest, gaping at what they saw, only to be killed by a large, rabid-looking elk! They, too, melted, and began forming disembodied body parts.

A vision was seen, of a boy in a ball, weeping in the darkness. Tentacles reach out for him, the boy screams, and suddenly we found ourselves back in reality.

A large pit of darkness opened in front of the clubhouse, out of which a number of writhing tentacles emerged. The disembodied body parts, sans head, coalesced into some sort of creature roughly the size of a boy, and began to amble towards the gang!

Despite her best efforts, Kelly-Ann could not hold on to Liam, and Liam was dragged into the pit of darkness! Next, in her attempt to get into the truck, Jessica was pulled into the darkness as well. Refusing to let Jessica go, Kelly-Ann threw a handful of salt at the creature ambling towards the gang and jumped in after Jessica and Liam.

Not knowing their fates, but assuming them dead, Goblin drove the truck into the treeline, only to get the truck stuck. Anton, Neil, Goblin, and Zane made a run for it, trying to flee from the nightmare they witnessed.

Meanwhile, Liam, Jessica, and soon afterwards Kelly-Ann, found themselves in some sort of rocky void, with tentacles reaching from below and a large tentacle coming out of a source of light at the end of the cavern. Stopping Liam from moving forward, the two girls saw what appeared to be a bulbous cocoon, upon which lay Stuart’s head, his body being consumed.

Heading over, Kelly-Ann examined it while tentacles reached for her. A voice said that it needed only one more victim to return, and Kelly-Ann, in an act of bravery and courage, chose to end the existence of what was no longer Stuart, slicing the cocoon open with her pocket knife. The voice screamed “NO!!!” as the tentacle from the light receded, though the tentacles from the deep cracks still grabbed on to her.

Suddenly, a great horned owl flew down and transformed into the Strange Man, who told Kelly-Ann to grab his hand. After a moment of trepidation, she did, as did Jessica.

The rest of the gang, bruised and beaten, scared out of their wits, stumbled away from the horrific carnage that was the clubhouse glade, until they reached a curious sight: another clearing with the Strange Man crouched over Kelly-Ann and Jessica, with Liam sitting to the side, playing with his Star Wars toys.

Other than being a little dirty, the three looked perfectly fine, and felt fine, like everything that had happened was naught but a bad dream.

The man turned to the gang at large and introduced himself as a Mr. Lyon, and that we had prevented Shaggoth from returning by escaping as he would have taken us and been stronger for it. He went on to say that, while we can see the darkness, it could see us, and that we should look out for ourselves and each other. He bid us farewell, telling us that we should come visit him at the Twilight Lodge sometime. Disappearing, he left behind a single owl feather.

What has become of our heroes? What, if anything, will they tell the authorities? What will they discover in or at the Twilight Lodge?

Join us next time, Dear Readers, for the continuation of our story!!

Painting Update: Female Goliath Barbarian

Dear Readers, I’ve made some good progress on this miniature this week.

Here’s how she looks:

I ended up using Wraith Black for her hair, which didn’t turn out quite as dark as I had hoped. I will likely do a dark wash over the hair to darken it up a little.

I used white for all the fur trim and for her cowl. I plan on making the wolf pelt she is wearing look more like a winter wolf, adding some blue dry brush or a light blue wash.

I went and also touched up a bunch of areas that needed it.

I know I haven’t posted any updates on my Battletech miniatures, but with the work I’ve been doing on this Goliath barbarian, in the hopes that I get it done before this coming Sunday, I really haven’t had time.

Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

A Player’s Perspective: Kids on Bicycles Episode 1

Dear Readers, as previously stated, I am taking a break from the Ingrates for a bit to get a chance to play. Arkon’s player is running a modified Kids on Bicycles campaign, using “Tales From the Loop” rules. The Ingrates will continue soon. Additionally, the last week of the month will be the KoB (Kids on Bicycles) campaign to keep me from burnout and to enable me to keep writing. With no further ado, enjoy!

It’s the Friday before the last week of school, and all of “the gang” are meeting up. Anton, the bookworm, Goblin, the junkyard weirdo, Neil, the computer geek, Kelly Ann, the hick, Zane, the rocker, and Jessica, the popular girl.

Everyone lives in the small New England town of Arkham Falls, Massachusetts.

May be an image of map and text
The town, while fictional, is based on a real town in New Jersey, location-wise

Leaving school, the gang stopped by Smokey Joe’s, the local convenience store, to buy pop before our meetup.

May be a cartoon
No photo description available.
May be a cartoon
May be a cartoon of 1 person
May be an anime-style image
May be an image of toy

Meeting up at Goblin’s family’s junkyard where our hideout is (two side-by-side aluminum Airstreams; decked out with a generator and lights and such), the gang found out that one of Goblin’s brothers (one sibling of 12) was missing. He was found inside the gang’s clubhouse with two other children, his age (9), one of whom was crying.

Assessing the situation, the gang learned about Dmitri’s (Goblin’s brother) friend Liam said that his deceased friend Stuart Lovecraft (who was not well liked; the rumor is that he died of apparent suicide in Miskatonic Lake but no body was found) was haunting their clubhouse. The other friend of Liam said that Liam was making up the story for attention. According to Liam, he had taken a nap in the clubhouse, had a nightmare where Stuart had grabbed him from behind, and when he woke up, had two handprint bruises that Liam could not have made himself. He also mentioned some writing on the wall but that he didn’t catch what it said.

When asked where their clubhouse was, they proudly announced that it was in “the Woods.”

This was a place best avoided after dark, as it was well-believed by children that it was haunted.

The gang, seeing the hour, decided to head to Park Ranger Briggs Johnson, a close friend of Kelly-Ann, where we acquired one of a pair of maps that Ranger Johnson had found by accident, both located behind a picture, likely left behind by the previous park ranger. This map contained the information we were looking for (known trails in “the Woods”), as well as markings for other places, some with a question mark. Decided that we would not be entering into “the Woods” until the morning, we parted ways, each to our own homes, except Liam, who stayed the night at Goblin’s house with Dmitri.

After asking our parents, most of us got the runaround when discussing the Lovecraft boy, only noting the sadness of the situation.

Goblin’s conspiracy-theorist/doomsday prepper father, on the other hand, told Goblin about Mr. Lovecraft’s wife and daughter had been allegedly murdered some years ago, with the former town doctor, Dr. James Madison Ford believed to be the culprit. When brought to trial, it ended in a hung jury, acquitting Dr. Ford. It was also discovered that Dr. Ford had apparently died in his home during a freak house fire.

Each member of the gang made their own preparations the night before, Anton having made a copy of the map using tracing paper, and Neil using his computer to create a database to cross-reference, and others deciding what to pack for the day to come.

The gang met at Goblin’s, and headed out, at 8 am. As they passed Smokey Joe’s, Anton spied a strange man, someone that, after some thought, seem to have been following him of later. While trying to relay this to Neil, he blacked out, seeing a strange arcane sigil, one he couldn’t keep in his head, crashing to the ground. Kelly-Ann chased after where Anton said the man had been and found only an owl’s feather; a horned owl’s feather – one that was not native to the area…When checking for tracks, the tracks ended at the feather.

The Strange Man following Anton

Heading up the road, and west, staying north of “the Woods,” Liam led the gang south, starting from the North/Northwest corner. After some time on a known trail, Liam stopped his bike, and revealed a hidden trail that we re-covered and continued onwards down.

Twenty minutes later, the gang was led to a large clearing, in the center of which was a hill, and upon that hill was a burned out house! There was no question as to whose home this was: the late Dr. Ford!

After examining the ruins, from where Liam said he and his friends get materials for their own clubhouse in the woods to the other side of the hill, the gang found several things of note: first, that this was an older teen’s hangout, second, that there were many pieces of paper with strange physics formulae on them.

Liam, with his binoculars, began checking the scene for his clubhouse and to “make sure it’s clear.”

While checking out the house, Kelly-Ann’s dog began clawing at something in a wall. After moving a heavy piece of dilapidated furniture, a hole in the wall was discovered, with a metal ladder going down.

The gang headed down this hole only to find a basement of some kind with strange purple crystals and a large ball of purple energy!

What is going on with Liam’s clubhouse? What’s with the Strange Man following Anton? What is the purpose of this bizarre room under Dr. Ford’s burned out home?

Find out next week!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Major Painting Update: So Much Stuff…

Dear Readers, here we are again with another painting update! This one is kind of big one so buckle up!

First we have the completed Black Knight. I did some work on the base, including using Citadel’s technical paint called Astrogranite.

Here is what the Black Knight looks like finished (minus the dull coat finish):

Yeah, it spilled over some, but I’ll fix that before the dull coat.

I also hated that gap inside the base so I decided to fill it with some grass and accented it with some wasteland tufts, both by Army Painter.

Next, I finally found a dark enough blue for my MadCat.

And here’s how it looks:

You can see the contrast between blues.

I also got a new base coat brush.

Lastly, I’m working on a female goliath barbarian for one of my players on Sunday Adventurers League.

For those who are interested in the color palette that I am using for this, here it is:

I’m not sure on the Chaotic Red, but I may mix it in a brown to get a more red tone with one of the leathers. I’m not sure. We’ll see.

Well, that’s all I have today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I was really feeling motivated today to do some painting.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Posting Schedule

Dear Readers, it’s been an interesting last few years, hasn’t it? I mean, with this Biblical-proportion seeming plague going throughout the world and all of us wanting a return to “normal” (whatever that means), things have been crazy.

And thus part of why I began this blog. To have something awesome to do during the plague. And boy howdy has it been awesome.

As we come into the holiday season, with family visiting, it will be hard to give you regular updates.

That said, I can promise the following: 1 painting update, 1 A Player’s Perspective, and 1 Premium Content post a week until after New Years. Yeah, I know, I’m the “Daily” Dungeon Master. That doesn’t mean that I won’t get out an extra Painting Update, or an occasional DM Story. It just means that my posting schedule is going to slow down through the holidays.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and I hope you continue to have a wonderful holiday season, however and from wherever you celebrate it!

~The Daily DM

Let’s Talk Battletech: My (current) Miniature Painting Obsession

Dear Readers, I have developed, as the title suggests, an obsession with painting my new pewter Battletech miniatures. Like, I have almost totally abandoned my Dungeons & Dragons miniatures in favor of painting my Battletech ones.

And I couldn’t be more excited about it.

As my main shipment of Battletech miniatures should be on the way and arriving any day now (yes, I know I have said this before, but I’ve seen the Kickstarter update), I want to get a head start and painting my battlemech armies, both Clanner and Inner Sphere.

As I have said before, my intention is that my Inner Sphere battlemechs will be Wolf’s Dragoons, while my Clanner mechs will be Clan Ghost Bear.

Here is where I’ve gotten:

Black Knight:

Status – Done

Issues – I might have put the decals on the wrong side of the mech. Frankly, I don’t care. It looks good. If I had to really make a complaint, it would be that the decal doesn’t show up very well on top of black, meaning that I may have to put a white dot underneath the decals in the future. That will be how I do my Atlas just to see how it turns out.


For those wondering where I got those wonderful decals, I found them on Etsy. I bought both Clan Ghost Bear and Wolf’s Dragoons. In total, I think they cost me maybe $20. Not bad.

They are simple enough to apply, simply dip them in water slide off the decal from the cardboard backing, and apply it to your Mech. I will warn you, you have to do some serious finagling when it comes to the tinier decals, but as long as you cut them out well enough, they should stick just fine.

According to the coloring scheme website that I found, the decals should have been on the right side of the mech. Lesson learned, and I will be doing the future mechs on the right.

I’m not quite sure how that is supposed to work out with the zeta painted on the left leg as well, but I will figure it out.

That’s what it’s supposed to look like on a Marauder, but I’m not sure about other mechs.

Next, the Atlas.

Status – unfinished

Issues – he is a very big boy. He is going to take a lot of paint. I want to make sure that I have enough of the colors that I need to make sure that he is done.

I plan on having his weapons painted and a good dry brush completed this evening. That should carry me until I can figure out where and how I’m going to apply his decals.


Status – unfinished.

Issues – still working on the atlas first. That said, I’m really hoping that the wash that I end up using will darken up the colors significantly on this mech. The simple fact is that the deep blue that I found is not deep enough. At least for this color scheme that I’ve chosen. To add insult to injury, after looking over it, I found that my initial paint job is poor, and that’s giving myself a lot of credit. I missed a lot of lines and nooks that I really shouldn’t have.

That said, I have found a great resource as to where to put the decals:

That color scheme website shows slightly differently, but I think that’s because placement is depending on the shape and style of the mech. The only issue I’m having right now is the size of the decal compared to the size of the mech. According to the picture, I rather large decal on this particular model will be needed.

Personally, I’m thinking that either the second or the third smallest decal should work just fine.

So what do you think, Dear Readers? Do you like my new obsession? Let me know in the comments section below.

I do have another miniature that I plan on painting during this, a female Goliath Barbarian, that I’m painting for a friend.

I would really like to have it done, ideally, by next Sunday. We shall see.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Premium Content: Inglorious Ingrates – Episode 18 – The Great Battle of Our Time

Listen in to the amazing conclusion of Chapter 1 of the Inglorious Ingrates as they take on WAR in an epic battle!

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TGAPP: Cleaning House

The Ingrates slowly gathered themselves on the outskirts of Borest trying to account for every member after they had successfully found and lightly raided the goblin outpost in the dwarven cliff fortress. With the final member assembled, the party members assessed that their raid had pointed out some obvious weaknesses and traps of the goblin forces, so they planned to return and finish the goblin forces and their Nilbog leader. At dawn’s early light, the troupe made their way back to the fortress, and upon their return, the defenders had made measures to ensure the fortress was impenetrable by blocking all known entrances and portholes. However, the band was pleased to see that the desperate goblins had not found the secret entrance the party had used on their previous visit, so they companions once again delved into the depths in the hope of freeing Borest from this plight.

Plans and strategy was devised as the party soon discovered the goblin forces spread throughout the fortress awaiting the return of the Ingrates, but magical scrying had shown the Nilbog surrounded by only a handful of guards. The scrying also revealed a still living dwarf being tortured by the Nilbog. Determining this to be a good of a time as any to take on the Nilbog while his forces appeared spread thin enough, the Ingrates moved into the main temple of Falinora trying to keep an almost silent presence, and one would they would have succeeded in not drawing attention. However, the goblinoids proved to be far more patient and treacherous, for a dozen hulking and raging bugbears accompanied by hobgoblins jumped from the corpse pile to surprise their unwanted visitors. The companions rolled with the brunt and powerful strike from the bugbears and hobgoblins, but a moment later the Nilbog, as if expecting the intruders, flooded into the temple with additional goblins to make matters worse.

In the course of the battle, several party members fell and were wounded in horrendous manners, and at times it seemed this may have been the final fight the group had picked. At one point, the Ingrates whittled down the dastardly goblinoids forces to only a couple veteran hobgoblin fights, but the Nilbog proceeded to call upon his cursed magical connection to take form in a hulking stone dwarven statue. This pinnacle moment proved to be the final stage of this battle, for once the heroes were able to crumble the statue’s defense, the Nilbog’s corporeal form left the statue and moved to take control of another statue. However, the combined divine and arcane magic of Avery and Dacyria disrupted and disintegrated the Nilbog’s form who only let out a maniacal final laugh as it vanished from existence. The Ingrates looked to their exhausted and wounded compatriots for reassurance the fight was over, and they were pleased to find they had once again made it through the throngs of adversity…

Product Review: 3DEGOS Dice and My Monthly Dice Envy Subscription Set

Dear Readers, I am usually wary of certain things sold on Etsy.

But then I came across these…

If you are unable to tell, they are clear dice with flowers in the center, specifically, daisies.

They are a gift for someone very special to me that absolutely loves daisies and loves the occasional nerdy gift.

They turned out absolutely beautiful, as you can tell. They also seem to roll pretty well.

3DEGOS notified me after a few weeks telling me that there was a quality assurance problem with my original order and that they would get another set made and sent out as soon as possible. As compensation, as it was taking so long, they offer to send me another set of dice, completely complimentary.

did a quick browsing of their shop, I found a set called Necromancer Bone. They look pretty cool, so I requested those.

They are absolutely stunning!

But there is a catch…

As you can see, the daisy set is normal sized.

Then there is the Necromancer Bone set…

They. Are. Huge!

I had no idea they would be that big!

Don’t get me wrong, I love them all the same, they are just so huge for a dice set.

All in all, 3DEGOS did a wonderful job, had amazing customer service, and both of the sets are great. I will definitely be buying from them again in the future. Their quality rivals the best of even the biggest names in dice makers, like Kraken Dice and Dice Envy.

Here is a link to their store:

So check out their shop and tell me what you think!

Then there is my set from Dice Envy. And oooh boy did they deliver yet again! The $35 subscription has shown this dice goblin that it’s still worth it!

It is a metal set, with a brushed feel to it, with a purple shimmer, which I really like, and are called The Sorcerous Grasp set.

The set came with the following description:

“The subtle shift that occurs just at the edges of these dice has an air of mystery to it – what’s lurking in the shadows of This brilliant purple set? Could you catch it if you turn it fast enough? From closer up? From further back? Maybe. Why don’t you find out?”

They have an interesting font, as you can see. The zero is fairly interesting to say the least. They say that it’s a custom font that they chose specifically for these dice, called “Mage Hand.”

As they are metal dice, you can imagine their weight, which is considerable, even for metal dice. If I had to give one complaint, which really isn’t a complaint, it’s that it has rather sharp edges and points, which will leave dents in most tables. I would recommend rolling these in a dice tray or on a dice mat or something similar. I really wouldn’t recommend rolling this on your character sheet or on a bear table, as it is very likely that this will leave behind indentations in anything else they roll on.

So consider getting a subscription or buying one of their amazing sets!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Let’s Talk Battletech: Miniatures Edition – Black Knight & Atlas

Here we are again, dear readers with an update on my BattleTech miniature painting. As you will undoubtedly see, I have been hard at work painting these miniatures.

With no further ado, let’s get started!

First off, we have the Atlas, the pain in my backside.

Remember how much primer it took to get this guy?
Well, this is what I used, as the base coat, for the Wolf’s Dragoons mechs.

It took… a considerable amount of paint to get this guy looking good with his base coat.

The Black Knight, on the other hand, has been much kinder to me.

As you can see, I was able to get his base coat done as well as start working on the gunmetal I used for his weapons.

Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, that’s all I have for right now. I look forward to seeing you guys next time!

Thanks again, Dear Readers…