Dear Readers, I know some of you do, while others do not, live in the Huntsville, Alabama area. This is for my Huntsville readers, or those wanting to travel for the event!

RPGCON is scheduled for this weekend and boy am I excited! I’ll be running a table Friday, and two tables (one after the other) on Sunday.

I’ll be running the Friday and first Sunday slots running parts of an adventure series written by one of the owners of the con, the CEO of Direbear Adventuring Company, Mr. Heath Halbrooks. Great guy and outstanding writer.

The second Sunday slot I will be running my infamous Treasure Hunt adventure conversion (from 1st Edition AD&D to 5e). I love running that adventure, and it usually gets really good feedback.

For those unaware, it’s the same adventure as the one I ran to begin the Ingrates.

In any case, my post for the days of the Con will be some thoughts about the Con and pictures of the various goings-on. Should be an awesome time. There will be food, music, and of course, tons of RPGs being run.

Hope to see you all there!

Here is the link to the Con!

Painting Update: Elven Spelljammer Ship

Hey there!

I’ve been working as hard as ever on the ship, wanting to get it done by August (when the Spelljammer campaign setting comes out)!

Here’s how it looks so far!

As you can see, I’ve been working on the main body of the ship.

Fun! Fact: I got my speed paint Mega Set but not the Mega Set. Let me explain:

My store came out with all of the individual droppers of paint, which is great. That the Mega Paint Set price is more expensive than if I was to buy each paint individually. There’s really no comparison. So I bought all the individual paints that I didn’t get in my Basic Set. That said, they were out of one color, the white. So I’m missing that one. I have it on order.

Taking that into account, the metal bands around the bottom are gunmetal. I’m planning on painting the rivets a different color. Not sure what yet. Then, just as I painted the deck oak brown, I started painting the underside wood the same color. That has been more than a little time consuming. Mostly because I’m not trying to make mistakes around the metal bands.

Lastly, as you can see, I went back over the crystal engine things with a darker brown. This is actually the darker brown from the speed paints. I wanted to see how it looked on top of brown primer. Personally, I think it looks great. This is the current overall effect:

In particular, I love the contrast and think it looks more like a living tree growing out of the deck of the ship.

I dunno. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

The Struggle…It’s Real

Hello, Dear Readers!

I know I would normally have some kind of painting update or otherwise, but my schedule has been absolutely nuts lately. As it is right now, I’m trying to get ready for Adventurers League.

Needless to say, I don’t have a post for you all today. I’ll be back to my regular schedule posting tomorrow. In fact, I should have for you a nice albeit short a player’s perspective from our Kids on Bikes game.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

What a Day!

So I have been painting and painting and painting on my new ship! It’s coming along very nicely. I’m so excited to eventually showcase it to my players once it is complete. I’m equally hoping that, when the campaign progresses to that point, the Spelljammer stuff has officially premiered. I may just have to wing it.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m referring to the Ingrates campaign. It’s going to be an epic trip through Wildspace.

In any case, here are some pictures of the progress I’ve made:

It’s not even close to being done, so don’t worry about all of that brown. It’ll be epic.

Right now I am working on that stupid filagree. I’ve gotten one side done, as you can see, but I have to finish the other. Blech.

After all of that, I have to do the shader, which I have absolutely NO idea of how I am going to do that on something so large. So much more work to do.

And to make matters worse, with the exception of priming, I haven’t even begun to work on the tree/dock. See what I mean?

That, too, will be epic. Once I’m done. The tree is going to be a different brown than the rest and I have zero clue as to how I will be painting it, other than with a big brush. Why didn’t you all warn me that terrain would be so much work?! 😉

I kid, I kid.

In any case, this is my life until it’s done. I only have the summer to finish both.

Also, I know I haven’t posted any “A DMs Perspective” in awhile. I’ve been so busy it slipped my mind. I’ll get back on that hopefully next week, getting you all caught up on what’s going on with the Ingrates. Keep in mind that with a $5 per month subscription, you get full access to our Premium Content, including a sneak peek at what the Ingrates are up to.

Let me know what you all think in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

The Inglorious Ingrates – Episode 0: What Came Before

Hello, Dear Readers! The crew and I have finally decided to begin releasing the Ingrates Video Podcast for the general public! This means, as of today, we will be releasing one video every other week, but for YOU!

We really enjoy the Ingrates game and hope you do as well.

“Vive le Resistance” – Part 6: Landing

Several hours later, two large towns, situated between a large lake, come into view. One bright, surrounded by farmland… the other covered in a pall of smoke, or fog, nestled along the lakes coast. 

But none of these are your destination… together you veer off, towards the Kelna mountains, over farmlands and into the woods. 

A few minutes later, your rings emit a high pitched whistle, and almost on cue you see a torch briefly appear… then disappear… then appear again. 

Together, you head towards the flickering light in the woods, approaching closer and closer, until you can hear the clink of the visor… until you can see the hand closing and opening  the lantern. 

As you slowly descend, you see an old man holding a lantern, muttering to  himself in a ragged cloak. 

Sooo… I talk to him

Ok, yeah he kinda mubles back some gibberish… he seems to be a crazy vagabond. 

A crazy random guuy that just so happens to be here on this night? No way. 

Suddenly, you hear a voice whisper out to you from the forest


You hear again: “Brush”

You hear the unmistakable sound of bow strings go taught, knocked with arrows. 


I draw my sword. 

I ready a spell. 

WAIT… uh… no we have… WEEDS! Weeds 

As you call back weeds, you suddenly see a dozen camouflaged figures rise out of the flora, notched bows and cross bows fixated on your heart. 

One, an imposing, serious half -elf, steps forward and extends his hand. 

“Servetus… nice to mean you on this cool spring evening. Welcome to the resistance”

FINALLY we get to DO things. 

Yeah that was way too much exposition. 

Fine fine fine… well… what do you guys do? 

After an exchange of pleasantries and insults, you wander deep into the forest… single file. The ground is rough, covered in stones, bushes nad roots. Clearly freshly blazed or an animal trail rather than a proper road. One of the scouts explains the roads aren’t safe, Legionary patrols and checkpoints and all. 

Navigating the forest, you slowly higher up the tree covered hills, eventually reaching a particularly steep embankment… littered with bleached bones that stand out even in the darkness. Before you have time to take a second look, a roar howls from a cave at the top of the hill… an adult Owlbear mother speeds straight toward you. 

As you draw weapons and prepare spells your company of scouts scream and shout, ducking into the brush and out of the way…  Servetus screams at you to run for cover…

I climb a tree! 

I cast hold person

Thats a beast… hold person doesn’t work. 

I just go invisible. 

Too late… he pounces upon one of you. 

 Am I really gonna die session 1? 

But…instead of claws or beak tearing into your flesh, ripping you limb from limb… a gentle “hoot” greets you, followed by a big, sloppy tongue. 

Hysterical laughter breaks out among the scouts. Even the stoic Servetus is chuckling… it dawns on each of you this is a prank they have pulled many, many times. 

“Gentlemen… meet Quercus… our trusted guard”

As you dust yourselves off, the giant Owlbear leads the party into her cave, where she curls up in the corner over her eggs, munching on a hunk of deer a scout threw at her. 

Servetus goes to the back of the cave and simply vanishes into the stone. You follow, pass the illusion, and enter the rebel hideout…

Busy, Busy Week!

Dear Readers, it has been a long and busy week.

That said, I got a little bit of painting done on the Elven Spelljammer Ship. Here’s what I got so far:

It’s turning out quite well. My next project is to do the cover for the hold, and all the filagree. The filagree will be a dark hunter green (I think it’s called Angelic Green?), while the studs on the ship will be Gun Metal.

Of note, despite Army Painter’s claims, the leather brown primer does NOT match with the paint color, causing me to have to reprime an area. Not fun.

In any case, that’s all I have for today! Let me know what you think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to hit that like button!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Quick Painting Update: New Project – Elven Spelljammer Ship

Yes, folks, you read that right. I have a new project and it’s pretty awesome, especially considering the fact that Spelljammer is right around the corner in August!

Here’s what I have and how it’s come along:

She still has a ways to go, but she’s coming along very easily. I can’t wait to see her finished!

What do you think, Dear Readers? Got any good ideas for paint schemes? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

D&D Direct Stream

Yesterday we got some amazing news via the first ever D&D Direct Stream. Are you ready? Here we go!


Yes, you read that right, the Spelljammer campaign setting has been confirmed, called , with all of the awesomeness that one can expect from D&D in space. This includes awesome things like killer clowns from space, giant space hamsters, and, of course, tons and tons of Spelljamming ships. The D&D website, after registering a login, gives you access to 10 new monsters found in the Spelljammer setting.If you have access to D&D Beyond, you get access to these creatures automatically! The campaign setting is going to come with 3 books, a DM screen, and a double-sided map, all inside a single slipcover. It’s going to run you about $70 to buy the physical copy. I, personally, will be buying everything on D&D Beyond, and I look forward to what is in store. Checking out the Beadle and Grimm store later and I found that they will have a Silver and Platinum edition of the box set as well. I just might spring for the Silver edition. Maybe.

They have made some significant changes to the setting, however. The Astral Sea is now where worlds are connected, and they’ve done away with Crystal Spheres and the Phlogiston. Not sure how that’s supposed to work out but I look forward to seeing it regardless. It releases in August of this year.

The next big thing announced was that the new D&D movie Honor Among Thieves, is premiering next March 2023. Not much is known about the movie except that they are basing it in the Forgotten Realms and the Sword Coast. They plan on doing a far better job on it than the original movie. That said, I thought that, while the original movie left much to be desired, the followup SyFy Channel special Wrath of the Dragon God was actually pretty good. Just my opinion.

They also made an announcement regarding the release of Baldur’s Gate 3. It looks pretty good, but I don’t think I’ll end up buying it any time soon, especially with the $60 price tag. I like to wait until games are on sale or come down in price on Steam before purchasing. I’m still waiting on the newest installment of the Total War series bundle to go on sale before I buy it. Heck, I waited until the Battletech game bundle went on sale before buying it, years after it was released.

They also announced D&D’s newest anthology book, Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel. There will be 13 new adventures (unrelated) created by (ethnically) black and brown authors who tell stories through their cultures and cultural mythos. I am really excited for this one, if for no reason than to have more materials for D&D Adventurers League.

Next they announced two new boxes coming out, called Campaign Cases, with one having 2-Dimensional tokens with re-stickable stickers to put on tokens sized appropriately for each creature. This is a GREAT option for dungeon masters on a budget wanting something for the board to represent monsters of various kinds, but without the time or budget to buy and paint individual miniatures. The other box is filled with various terrain pieces that you can fit together to make those scenes that much more vibrant, again saving a dungeon master time and money on those boards where you have to draw out terrain, or the expense and hassle of having a flatscreen TV with some sort of virtual tabletop or map to showcase terrain (although that option is, by far, one of the coolest). Each one comes in a handy travel case.

They also announced a new Neverwinter (the MMO game) expansion called Dragonslayer. Frankly I could take or leave that announcement. Neverwinter has gotten so “pay-to-play” that it’s not even worth playing any longer. Again, that’s just my opinion.

A new game podcast/show is coming as well, called Legends of the Multiverse, where a familiar cast of players and DM are telling new stories. Not sure what it’s going to be like, but it sounds fantastic.

They announced a new tactical skirmish miniature game called Onslaught, where two factions are facing the heroic Harpers (my favorite faction!) versus the infamous Zhentarim in a fight for treasure inside of a mythical dungeon and keep. It’s apparently up for preorder.

Lastly, and certainly not least, is the upcoming release of the Dragonlance campaign setting! It will be called Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn, and a new adventure called Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen. I’m not as excited about this as I am about the Spelljammer setting, but this, too, is still an exciting release. That said, they did not give an exact release date other than “Late 2022.” One sad fact of this is that they did not include the original authors/creators of these settings in the rerelease of this setting, nor that of Spelljammer.

Well, that’s it for the D&D Direct stream! Tell me what you are most excited for in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

“Vive le Resistance” – Part 5: Flight 


Those are the only words that can come to mind as you soar through the air. Nothing, not even climbing the tallest peak near your hometown could have prepared you for the experience of magical flight. 

But before you can truly marvel at the miracle, sporadic explosions echo in your ears…  the cannon and catapults with their exploding shells… spells twisting the already twisted land. 

You and your party are fast approaching the war… a factory of death.  

A few moments later the front lines are beneath you.  Even at night you can make out the muddy, barren terrain… craters filled with milky-green toxic pools… the stench of burnt and rotting flesh… the palpable feeling of despair. 

(image is property of owner) 

The trench lines, stretching for miles and miles, filled with thousands upon thousands of people… is a giant grave. 

Here the brave fall first, the foolish second. Classic military doctrine and revolutionary tactics alike soak the earth in blood. The land is a hungry beast, swallowing flesh and spirit alike. 

Only death and despair are welcome here. 

Sucks to suuuuuuck! 

Jeez… show some respect…

For the made up fantasy people? 

Yeah but like WW1 isn’t made up. 

Yeah and these are mild descriptions of the Western Front… 

I know, but still, it sucks… to suck. 

Yet you fly safely above the carnage, and in a flash have crossed a patch of earth hundreds of soldiers have died fighting over for months. 

The flickering light of new towns dotted across the horizon appear in the distance… as you and your companions head deep into enemy territory.

From now on, you are on your own. No reinforcements will be following you. 

You ARE the reinforcements. 

Intelligence check. 

… 5. 

… Nat 1. 

… um… guys? 

… 3. 



…Thank GOD. 

With the front behind you, and the darkness hiding any discernible landmarks, several of you begin to veer off course, but thanks to the message spell, you all form back into line and fly through the night. 

As you fly through the night, you ask yourselves: are you the lucky ones, avoiding the muck and mire of trench warfare? 

Or are you heading into an even more dangerous situation… after all, who knows what you will find? 

What is it they say… out of the frying pan… into the fire?

Painting Update: Elven Bladesinger

As promised, I am giving you the final update on my elven bladesinger! Here she is, in all her glory:

Truth be told, there is a little bit more grass than I had originally intended, but other than that I think she looks great.

What do you think, Dear Readers?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

The D&D Beginner’s Easy 14 Steps for Interesting First Characters

A handful of questions guaranteed to keep role-playing fun for months on end!

Welcome 🙂 

Allow me to speak on behalf of the entire Dungeons and Dragons community when I say we are glad to have you! Dungeons and Dragons is a social game, through and through, and we are always excited when someone is interested in joining in on the fun! 

But with your first D&D session comes your first D&D character… and that might make you a little bit nervous. Starting something new can be intimidating, especially when that thing involves new rules, acting, and cooperating with people you might not know very well. 

But you have no need to worry 🙂 

Not only are there a wealth of resources to help you learn along the way, but it is surprisingly easy for a D&D beginner’s first character to be both fun and interesting to role-play for months on end! 

If you are more interested in learning about weapons, gear, armor, rules, etc. click the links or try a google search. 

But… if you are looking for a method that is guaranteed to result in a character you will LOVE to role-play through every adventure, then read on! 

Table of Contents 

“Good” vs “Bad” Characters

The 15 Questions

  1. Cool Class? 
  2. Race/Species?
  3. Purpose?
  4. Growth?
  5. Values?
  6. Allegiance?
  7. Family?
  8. Personality?
  9. Appearance?
  10. Gimmicks?
  11. Accent?
  12. Hobbies? 
  13. Magic Item?
  14. Backstory?



“Good” vs “Bad” Characters

Before we create a good, interesting character, we need to know a tiny bit about what kind of game Dungeons and Dragons is. After all, a good chess player is a lot different than a good rugby player or a good mahjong player! 

First and foremost: D&D is not a game where people ‘win’. There is no board, no victory points, and nothing to Jenga. It’s about using your imagination to tell a story and have an adventure with your friends. 

Even though you cannot ‘win’, everyone can still ‘lose’… sorta.  A ‘loss’ is just having a bad/no-fun experience. This can happen in all sorts of ways: people being on their phones, arguing with the DM, playing selfishly rather than compromising, not cast a healing spell when your friend is bleeding out in front of you… (ahem… Kevin…)

But there is one way a single player can ‘lose’: by creating a boring character. 

Your “player character” is the person you imagine and inhabit to play that game. This player character can be a lot like you or very different from you, but regardless it is your character, not you, that is a star in the story. 

And if your character is one dimensional or undeveloped, eventually you will get tired of this character. You’ll find yourself desperately hoping they somehow die so you can roll a new one. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a creative genius to create a good character. Usually no one has taken the time to explain to a first-time player how to create an interesting character. 

D&D is a special game, and it takes some special insight to know what makes a character in D&D fun to role-play! 

With all that in mind, here are the 4 goals for D&D beginner’s making their first character: 

  1. Easy to make
  2. Relatable and fun to role-play
  3. Interesting and Unique
  4. Simple and straightforward (You don’t want a character too complex… it’s your first game after all!)

That might sound daunting, but trust me, it’s actually pretty simple! 

What follows are 14 easy questions for you to choose from to help you create an interesting first character. 

You don’t need to answer them all! 

Just answer your favorite ones and fit them all together until you are happy… easy peasy!

The 14 Questions

NOTE: I have placed these questions in the order I feel is most helpful, but feel free to answer first whichever comes easiest! And even if you only use half of these questions, your character will stand out as interesting not only to you, but to everyone at the table!

  1. What kind of player-character sounds Cool?

If you haven’t done this already, the first thing you as a player need to decide is what kind of things you want your character to do. Do you want to be a sneaky Rogue, knightly Fighter, or maybe a spell-slinging Wizard? We don’t need to know every rule and mechanic, we just need to know the basics of the class so it can inform the type of character we create. 

All of these are examples of D&D CLASSES. There are thirteen official classes in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. Jocat made a brief and helpful video series on the different classes (and their subclasses), or you could reference this simple infographic: 

If you are REALLY new to the game, I strongly suggest playing the Fighter or Barbarian; they are the easiest first characters for beginners. But if you are willing to put in the extra effort to learn about what makes them unique, the rules, and how spells work, then go ahead and pick whatever you like! 

NOTE: I debated putting this step LAST! Often I will pick a class that sounds cool, then build a character, and then completely change the class to fit the character! So don’t commit to this too hard; all the classes in D&D are fun to play, so it is much more important to find a character you really connect with than a cool class. 

  1. What race/species are you? 

This could be a whole other blog post, but long story short: there are lots of races in Dungeons and Dragons each with their own unique traits. But here is the secret: just as the class does not make a good character, same goes for the race! You can make an interesting character that is fun to role-play  no matter what race you choose! 

Your Dungeon Master will allow any of the first 9 races on this exhaustive list, so I would choose from those. But if you want to dip into something more unique, ask your DM what other exotic races from the list are in their world! 

My three suggestions: 1) Don’t overthink… do what your gut tells you! 2) If your gut is uncertain, just be a human! 3) Just like your class, fit the race to the character, not the other way around! 

  1. What’s the character’s purpose? 

Just like in the real world, the people of D&D want to contribute to their society. Your character is no different, and probably wants to help build a better world. 

Think of some problems in the world: injustice, peace on earth, hunger, environmentalism… choose one “cause” that will resonate with your character… something for them to make their life’s work. 

Once you land on something, let your Dungeon Master know, and they can help you integrate your player-character’s life mission into the adventure and world. It’s always easier to role-play when the world is designed a little more around your character! 

  1. How does your player-character need to change/grow? 

This is the most important question you have to answer! 

If your character is a part of a story, then they need some inner conflict to resolve along the journey. What do they most desire in life? What is the biggest problem that they struggle with? This is the heart of role-playing, and what will make them interesting after months, even years, of playing.

They may have a purpose to help the world, but this inner drive is the motivation behind that purpose. (Example: In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker wants to defeat the empire, but it is actually more important to him that he avenge his father that was killed by Darth Vader.)

And don’t worry: just because you pick how your character needs to grow does not mean you know the end of the story! Just like everyone else, you will be along for the ride, and get to see how your character becomes the hero they were always meant to be! 

  1. What are your character’s values? 

Everyone has a shadow side. The pure hearted still harbor dark thoughts, and even the most evil people have shining spots of their hearts. 

No matter what your character does or who they are, give them AT LEAST one virtue (hope, courage, etc.) and one vice (lust, jealously, etc.) that they regularly display and is a part of their personality. Nothing is as boring as a character that is 100% good or 100% evil, and nothing is as interesting as someone struggling with both.

Once you know the state of their soul, and how you want them to grow, I would choose their alignment: a simple classification to help guide your role-playing when you aren’t sure what to do. 

  1. Where does your PC owe allegiance? 

While some people are true hermits, most people have their roots in society in some way. Allegiances can be lowly (local tavern, guilds, underworld thieves) or lofty (nation-states, religions, academies). Consider where your PC feels most at home and what groups might share their values. 

And if your Dungeon Master is running your campaign in a homebrewed world, ask them about their world! What are the governments like? What factions did they create? Alternatively, you can tell them about your character, and they can suggest some organizations your character might be interested in! 

Five major factions of the Forgotten Realms: Harpers, Zephyrim, Lords Alliance, Emerald Enclave, Order of the Gauntlet

  1. What is/was their family like? 

What are their parents like? Do they have siblings? Did extended family live in the village or nearby? Do they miss home, or are they adventuring to escape something unhealthy? 

Lots of characters in D&D are orphans, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if your character has a big loving family, you can be sure that family will come up in the campaign.  EVERYBODY remembers family drama and is interested to meet your  family, even in imaginary table-top settings!

  1. What is your character like? 

Personality is a huge part of what makes your character interesting, but it is also another thing people tend to try to decide too early, or base off their class rather than their character. 

But now, you have enough info on your character to think about their personality. What is it like to be around them? What emotions do they feel or cause others to feel? How do their values, struggles, and allegiances cause them to behave? 

You are absolutely free to play a character that is exactly like you. Often it can make role playing easier. But don’t hesitate to create someone fantastical! Dungeons and Dragons is a magical wonderland, so usually you can disregard the feeling of “oh man… am I going too far?” 

  1. What does your player-character look like? 

It’s likely that the characters in your party will be wearing some semblance of medieval attire. And since people cannot see your character, you need some distinguishing thing about them your fellow players can quickly remember. So be sure there is a single piece of clothing, something unique that helps them stand out. 

Image is Property of Owner

Maybe they have a red sash, or a unique hat, or a bright robe? Or maybe it is how they look, not what they wear! Maybe they have a long flowing beard, or braided hair, or a unique skin tone, or horns, tusks, or a tail! Whatever you choose, pick something that can quickly come to mind. 

  1. Do they have any gimmicks?

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Maybe it’s something physical, like biting your nails, twiddling your thumbs, or scratching your head. Or it can be a personal catchphrase or favorite idiom. And there is a huge spectrum of good and bad manners… where does your character fall? These are things you can role-play to help your character stand out. 

Small, interesting details like these can make your first character really come alive. If you can’t think of one, look at what you have so far, pick an emotion your character will probably feel a lot throughout the campaign, and assign a gimmick that will go with it. 

  1. How does your character talk? 

For many people, especially beginners, this is the most intimidating part of both role-playing and D&D. And it’s true that people will get a good laugh as you try to figure out exactly how your character talks and sounds. 

That said, I really want to encourage you to give it a try! Giving your character a unique voice helps the whole table collectively have a more vivid imagination. Even though they see you in your street clothes, they will hear your voice and see your character rather than you! It’s a part of the mysterious magic that makes D&D amazing. 

  1. What are their hobbies? 
Image is Property of Owner

Most people in real life are not blood thirsty murder-hobos or workaholics! We go to work, eat and sleep, and ALSO enjoy a host of other things with our downtime. 

So give your character a life outside of questing and adventuring. What interests do they talk about when they are not fighting? What pleasures to pursue when they are in town in between adventures? 

  1. Do they have a prized possession? 

Being in a fantasy adventure, this goes without saying. Frodo has Sting, Arthur has Excalibur, Harry Potter got the Elder Wand. What special artifact or trinket does your character have? 

Image is Property of Owner


Granted, your 1st level character probably should not have the foretold weapon of unimaginable power… but giving a weapon cool name or unique description is never a bad idea! 

  1. What’s your player-character’s backstory?  

Yes…do this one last! 

So many D&D players start with an interesting backstory and then build their character. 

But often they get a character with a cool backstory they are committed to, but it actually restricts their creativity, resulting in something that is boring to role-play. 

Look at the character you have so far that you know you want to play, come up with a short summary of their life that explains why they are the way they are and how they started adventuring. Honestly, a single 5-8 sentence paragraph is enough. 

Mix and match, add and subtract from your answers and the backstory until you discover a character that you LOVE. 

Also, you might create this character and realize they are strikingly similar to a character from your favorite stories, fiction or nonfiction… and that is ok! There is a good reason you resonate with that character. Put your unique spin on it, and then explore that character in a way only D&D can! 


There you have it: 14 simple questions you can ask yourself to easily build an interesting D&D character!

If you follow these steps, I guarantee your first D&D character will be fun and interesting to play. 

Not only that, but I promise your character will even become a favorite of the other players at the table! 

Because if their clothes match their personality… and their values match their allegiances… and purpose match their personal issues… every part of them speaks towards another part. 

This results in a well-rounded character that stands out from the crowd and just feels right!

And yet, like I said before, there is no “winning” in D&D! Whatever questions you choose to answer, no matter what your player character needs to be someone you enjoy role playing! No matter what, make sure you have fun, and once again, welcome to Dungeons and Dragons! 

BONUS! Example Character

That’s right, I’m not done yet! Just to prove I take my own advice, here is an example player’s character (not an NPC!) that I fully intend to play someday soon! 

  1. Cool idea: I wanted a character to constantly enchant people, and I wanted to play a stereotype and support class… so horny bard! 
  2. Race: I want to REALLY stand out in a crowd, and a race that breaks the stereotype, so Drow maiden (a type of elf) 
  3. Purpose: To fill the earth with laughter and singing and dancing. 
  4. Growth: The reason she loves joy so much is she is running from trauma (a little histrionic). She needs to heal and learn to grieve. 
  5. Values: 
    1. Virtues: Joy, Acceptance. 
    2. Vices: Vain, Shallow. 
    3. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  6. Allegiance: the Seelie Court… sorta. Whoever she is in love with at the moment gains all her devotion.
  7. Family: Adopted, in the feywild… as difficult to be in relationship with as she is, so left. 
  8. Personality: Bright smile and electric laugh, flirt (a little like Grushenka from Brothers K). 
  9. Clothing: Beautiful, long purple dress, stunning sunglasses, white hair, light grey/purple skin. 
  10. Gimmick: constantly resting her head in her hands as she listens… speaks in extremes
  11. Accent: Maybe a little like Cruella Devill
  12. Hobbies?  Her one place of reflection is writing poetry… but she intimidates herself with it. 
  13. Magic items: Magical sunglasses (sunlight sensitivity!) 
  14. Backstory  Born into a noble Drow house in the Underdark, her vengeful, jealous sister sold her into slavery. Suffered in bondage for years, but escaped from slavery. Was found nearly dead by a fey creature in the woods. Was taken into the feywild and for decades and decades forgot her sorrow by constant pleasures. Now, strangely unsatisfied with fey, is interested in returning to the material plane to experience what other mortals experience. 

Hope that helps, and let me know that character you came up with… always fascinating to see how creative people can be! 

Surgery Recovery

Dear Readers, I’m sorry to say that my surgery recovery has been more difficult than I had anticipated. It’s left me tired and hurting daily. As such, for my own health, I’m taking the week off, and will be back next week, beginning on Monday.

I was taking Friday through Sunday off anyways as it’s the weekend of our local convention, which Ι’ll be providing pictures, thoughts, and such about on Monday.

Thanks again for your understanding!


The Daily DM

No Post Today

Dear Readers, I am writing this post the day before it will be released. There is not going to be a post today due to the fact that, on the day this is posted, I’m having surgery.

It’s not going to be that big a deal and I’m going to be fine, but I want to let you know why there won’t be anything being released.

Until next time….

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