TGAPP: Delving Into Goblin Cave

The Inglorious Ingrates had just finished breaking through the sprig perimeter, and they had started their way over to the goblin hideout Arkon had located prior. They scouted out several goblins trails until they finally stumbled upon one that led them directly to a burial mound that had two goblin guards posted out front. The Ingrates quickly picked off the two would-be guards with little to no noise, so they stealthily peered into the entrance way of the burial mound. They noted several goblins, two goblin lieutenants, and large menacing bugbear looming over a fire with intermittent squabbles of when they would eat next. To even the odds, the party successfully lured the bugbear out by himself, and they quickly made quick work of him without raising any alarms. After setting up further killboxes, the rest of the goblins were lured outside, and our adventures laid the eight or so goblins to rest even after two bugbears came out to reinforce.

Our companions took a short rest to catch their breath, re-equip their stolen gear, and surveyed the burial mound and crypts that discovered inside. Dacyria and others heard soft hushed voices coming from down the hallway, and many party members detected magical influences throughout the crypts. These influences coalesced particularly around a door that led deeper into the crypts, but Arkon was able to detect a magical ward over the threshold of the door. Seeking to disarm the ward, Arkon tossed a javelin at it, and his efforts were welcomed with a resound boom as the javelin exploded and seemed to have dispelled the ward. On the other side there appeared to be several burial rooms strewn throughout the length of the burial mound, and several of the remains appeared humans with basic armor sets.

After quick cursory looks over the crypt, there was one hallway that led even deeper into the crypt, and a strong necromantic essence was protruded from it as well. Our heroes prepared for battle, delved down into the hallway, and gazed at the sight that stood before them. A tall figure with a dark cloak covering most of their figure proceeded to insert a key into a stone lock which proceeded to open a heavy moss covered stone door, and the figure turned to exclaim, “You’re too late! I’ve figured it out!” Seeking to stop the likely dark plot from unfolding, the Ingrates launched a strike of their own as they cast several incantations and danced a bladed ballad. However, the figure cast several druidic spells, such as summoning several sprigs and releasing thunderous energy, and he was able to fell Arkon, Dacyria, and Winter and severely injured the others. The group grew desperate, and on the other side of open door possibly contained several more dangers to them. However, Idris sought to end the spell-caster’s foul plan, so he tossed his javelin of lighting with an almost herculean effort through the dark druid and into the newly revealed room. The damage from the javelin caused fear to grip the druid, so Gye swiftly moved up and finished him with a resounding snap of the neck.

As the druid’s body fell silent to the ground, a resounding set of marching feet could be heard from the open door, and the source of this sound turned out to be several armored skeletons making their way to our badly drained and wounded adventures. Will the Inglorious Ingrates get out of the crypt alive? Will they be able to undo the dark druid’s plans? Find out our next post about the exploits of the Inglorious Ingrates!

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