Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: Elemental Intrigue & Return to Shadowhold

Our adventuring party found itself once again at the Three Wolf’s Head Inn and Tavern as they made their way to Waterdeep to seek out work and investigate the cultists of Imix they had encountered previously. Their interrogation of a cultist led them to seek out the Troll Skull Inn & Tavern, and they were greeted by a 7 ft half-orc bouncer by the name of Gronk. Gronk only asked that no be troubled be caused, and invited the party to come in to enjoy themselves. Soon after, the group curried favor with the halfing proprietor, Kade who began to regale tales about his time as an adventurer. When inquired about possible cultist activity at his establishment, Kade the bard was shocked at the depravity of the cultists using him to further their agenda, and he immediately offered to help the group seek out further information.

Trollskull Tavern Management (ENG/ITA) - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon  Masters Guild

The gang next investigated a meeting house for the Imix cultists. Several members of the group cast up cultists disguises, and they proceeded to enter the abandoned quarters. Searching the residence only found a false floor which contained an easily disarmed trap and a grimoire containing prayers/doctrine for followers of Imix. Shortly after entering, the group heard several voices outside stating that whoever is in there should come out immediately! The group obeyed the commanding voice to find themselves confronted with several figures in blue robes who had to followers of the primeval element of water, Olhydra. The tiefling warlock, Ecras, thought quick on his feet, and was able to diffuse the situation and convince the cultists of the crushing wave that they were brethren who had infiltrated the Imix cultists’ compound. Ecras was also successful in discovering the Olhydra cultists used the stables at the Yawning Portal tavern as a dead-drop for communicating with one another, so the adventures made for the tavern.

The group walked into the Yawning Portal tavern to find all the fantastical tales told about this place to true with several levels for different atmospheres as well the iconic well that leads to the adventures of Undermountain! With no more additional leads on the cultist activity in Waterdeep, the group sat down at a table and proceeded to order food and drink until an opportunity presented itself! As luck would have it, the group would not find themselves without work for long, for a female moon-elf by the name of Eliyana requested the adventurer’s assistance on a matter at an all too familiar place. The moon-elf requested help in searching and returning her scribes who were conducting research in the dark town of Shadowhold.

7 Waterdeep: Dragon Heist ideas | dungeons and dragons, forgotten realms,  character art

The group explained their past dealings with that dreaded town and accepted to help the elf, but warned her to prepare for the worst as that town was not friendly to those snooping in the ruins. This was still the case for after several days travel to the town, the brave adventures found themselves on guard as they entered, and investigated an eerie disturbance in the town’s outskirts. The disturbance turned out to be several deranged individuals trying to silence a family held as prisoners, so the party quickly disposed the degenerate captors, but they found themselves in the middle of a more complex plot. Soon after entering, the audible screams of other people could be heard from the town center. The group dashed down the alleyway to the town center only to find an even grimmer situation was developing…

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