TGAPP: Cleaning House

The Ingrates slowly gathered themselves on the outskirts of Borest trying to account for every member after they had successfully found and lightly raided the goblin outpost in the dwarven cliff fortress. With the final member assembled, the party members assessed that their raid had pointed out some obvious weaknesses and traps of the goblin forces, so they planned to return and finish the goblin forces and their Nilbog leader. At dawn’s early light, the troupe made their way back to the fortress, and upon their return, the defenders had made measures to ensure the fortress was impenetrable by blocking all known entrances and portholes. However, the band was pleased to see that the desperate goblins had not found the secret entrance the party had used on their previous visit, so they companions once again delved into the depths in the hope of freeing Borest from this plight.

Plans and strategy was devised as the party soon discovered the goblin forces spread throughout the fortress awaiting the return of the Ingrates, but magical scrying had shown the Nilbog surrounded by only a handful of guards. The scrying also revealed a still living dwarf being tortured by the Nilbog. Determining this to be a good of a time as any to take on the Nilbog while his forces appeared spread thin enough, the Ingrates moved into the main temple of Falinora trying to keep an almost silent presence, and one would they would have succeeded in not drawing attention. However, the goblinoids proved to be far more patient and treacherous, for a dozen hulking and raging bugbears accompanied by hobgoblins jumped from the corpse pile to surprise their unwanted visitors. The companions rolled with the brunt and powerful strike from the bugbears and hobgoblins, but a moment later the Nilbog, as if expecting the intruders, flooded into the temple with additional goblins to make matters worse.

In the course of the battle, several party members fell and were wounded in horrendous manners, and at times it seemed this may have been the final fight the group had picked. At one point, the Ingrates whittled down the dastardly goblinoids forces to only a couple veteran hobgoblin fights, but the Nilbog proceeded to call upon his cursed magical connection to take form in a hulking stone dwarven statue. This pinnacle moment proved to be the final stage of this battle, for once the heroes were able to crumble the statue’s defense, the Nilbog’s corporeal form left the statue and moved to take control of another statue. However, the combined divine and arcane magic of Avery and Dacyria disrupted and disintegrated the Nilbog’s form who only let out a maniacal final laugh as it vanished from existence. The Ingrates looked to their exhausted and wounded compatriots for reassurance the fight was over, and they were pleased to find they had once again made it through the throngs of adversity…

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