TGAPP: Nefarious Plots Coming Undone

Hello beloved readers! I will once again be summarizing events relating to the Inglorious Ingrates in the hopes of catching you up on all the latest developments facing our favorite adventurers! So sit back and enjoy my retelling of the magical exploits…

After foiling the ambushers of the Mogumir off-site facility, the Inglorious Ingrates followed a secret passage used by the facility guards without letting their adrenaline drop, and what lay inside shed light on the Baron’s true level of depravity. For as the party made their way deep underground to the dark heart, Dacyria immediately investigated a room with several loud moans and groans coming from it, and upon entry, she witnessed over a dozen individuals magically locked and chained to the ground with a small silvery cylindrical valve inserted into each captive’s chest. The captives were gruesomely tortured by several facility guards, but for each wound inflicted, the captive would instantaneously recover. The group rushed into the room to the stop the tortures, but as the guards began feeling cornered, they began to remove the valves from four prisoners who immediately expired with the removal.

Luckily, the adventurers stopped the guards and their reinforcements from finishing off any more of the captives, but the true toll of who was lost became apparent. Among the dead captives included Dacyria’s brother, Idris’s sister, Winter’s mother, and Arkon’s older brother. Deciding that mourning would happen later, the group began to clear out the rest of the facility and set free the many other captives in the nightmarish torture prison. The Ingrates cleared the rest and free the captives, which included the lost prince of the King of Endyr, Prince Eidar, who had been tortured there for 5 years, and forgotten by way of the crystal later found on a statue outside of the King’s palace.

The Ingrates rounded up the former prisoners, gathered evidence against the Baron in these nefarious plots, and loaded everything onto carriages to head directly to Red Fern to prepare for their next confrontation with the Baron.

Once safely returned to the Targana Estate, the companions along with Duke Targana and Spymaster (who’s name nobody knows, not even the Duke he works for!) devised a surprise strike on the Baron and his forces. The Ingrates would go to the palace to confront the Baron and Na-Baron, while the Duke’s forces simultaneously attacked the crystals at the Baron’s estate and on the statue in front of the royal palace. With their plans set in motion, everyone got into positions which included the party entering the palace in elaborate regalia. Shortly after entering the main ballroom of the palace, Idris waved down the Baron and isolated the both of them while the rest of the party moved to the Na-Baron. It was only a few minutes into the party when the group noticed the Baron and Na-Baron’s faces contort in horror as they realized their carefully laid plans were being foiled, and before the Baron could react, Idris put him under the Sleep spell. However, the Na-Baron panicked and shouted for his hidden legions to attack!

Under carefully crafted magical disguises came several large and menacing ogres, cambians, and succubi who immediately began tearing into noble guests and guards with a clear goal of harming the king and queen. The Inglorious Ingrates fought a pitch battle with the horrendous monstrosities of the Mogumirs while also protecting the King and his guests, and with a stroke of luck, the Ingrates were able to slay a majority of the creatures and force the Na-Baron to surrender. As the fight came to a swift conclusion, the Duke’s forces broke into the grand ballroom, and rounded up the remainder of the Mogumirs and their forces. Seeing defeat was inevitable, the Baron seemed unfazed and almost elated stating that all was for naught, for he revealed that the nefarious forces of the Avatar of War were going to be amassing at the northern border of Denethyar to invade once Endyr is conquered. The Baron further revealed that the Avatar of War had taken over Arkon’s Father and dominated the hobgoblin king to command a combined legion of goliaths and hobgoblins to far outnumber the forces of Endyr. These claims turned out to be true for soon after the fight at the palace reports began to flood in with word of the goliaths and hobgoblins marching toward the Kingdom with siege weapons and armored legions.

Though outnumbered and lacking intelligence on the Avatar of War, the Inglorious Ingrates began preparation of defense with haste, and calling upon allegiances and allies for help in the upcoming battle. Will the Ingrates succeed or will the Kingdom of Endyr fall to the Avatar of War? Find out in the next update of the Inglorious Ingrates on the Daily Dungeon Master!

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