TGAPP: Red Fern Game of Shadows

When last we left our Inglorious Ingrates, the party had dispersed individually from the Targana estate after their poor planning ended up shutting down the union between the Targanas and Mogumirs, but there was no contingency to meet up back at the Avery farm. Idris went home with Felicity and her mother, Avery and Aramil went back to Aramel’s estate, and Dacyria and Arkon went back to her old mentor’s manor. Dacyria and Arkon entered the manor expecting no one there, but further investigation revealed the manor was unceremoniously inhabited by its previous tenant, Tarlin. The pair of companions determined the mentor was not under the influence of the memory alteration spell, so they invited him to come back to the farm to help them understand what happened in the months since they had been gone.

The next morning all members of the Ingrates returned to the farm, and before a everyone could plan their next move, Tarlin pointed out that Avery’s father was a doppleganger. This revelation shocked the father who used every roguish skill to escape before anyone had time to react, and the party was left dumbstruck by the revelation and expediency, especially Avery. As if their issues couldn’t get any larger, Avery’s mom revealed that their farm crops were not growing, and Tarlin expressed this was felt throughout the lands around Redfurn. Tarlin further explained he had some spiritual contact with Falinora who continued to pop-up everywhere the party went.

Noting this development for later, the party’s discussions were again interrupted by a knock from a visitor who was unfamiliar yet not at the same time. The visitor revealed herself to be a lady’s maid of Lord Mansarda de Corb Duke of the Grand Duchy of Zatyia, and she further explained that she was here to fetch Sakura as she was the heir apparent to the Lord who wanted her close to him after Sakura’s mother was killed several months ago. To say Sakura was shocked would be an understatement, and to say the firehouse of information put a lot on the Inglorious Ingrates’ minds before they decided on their next move.

Fortunately, the next move for the Ingrates was already decided for them, for Idris had received a response from the Baron of Mogumir that he would like to discuss a business proposition over lunch in the city the next day. Idris and the group discerned this would be the next best chance of meeting the Baron outside of his estate in the hopes of possibly gathering information on the origins of the gemstone. With the hopes of learning something but little idea of what they specifically wanted to talk about, the party set out to the lunch location in the upper nobility district of Red Fern, and Idris took point under the guise as a maritime merchant name Count Monte de Cristo looking to open up business in Red Fern. The luncheon went relatively smoothly as Idris and the others were able to learn through subtle hints that the Baron was in the market for slave trading, and Idris volunteered that he could help with this matter for the Baron.

Suddenly in the blink of eye, Idris noticed a hooded figure came into the restaurant and point something in the direction of Idris and the Baron. Thinking quickly, Idris jumped in front of the Baron, as a piercing arrow struck and knocked Idris out cold. The figure loudly exclaimed, “Lord Targana sends his regards” as he then proceeded to sprint out the restaurant, but Arkon and company gave a short lived chase that ended unfruitely as they had lost the assailant down an alleyway. Meanwhile, all of the Baron’s guards swarmed the luncheon location and escorted their master back to his estate, and the Ingrates resuscitated Idris who turned out to be the victim of a poisoned crossbow bolt. The group left the site of the attack, but Idris was able to arrange another private meeting with the Baron to further discuss their earlier business proposition. Thus, the Ingrates returned to Avery’s farm to lick their wounds and figure out what they would do next…

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