Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: New Ally and Manor Search

We last left our stranded band of companions huddled in the desecrated temple of Falinora going over the message from the recently animated statue, but soon the party realized that their former jailor, Halfkris, had escaped his bonds and was missing. At this realization, the group followed an audible scream from outside the temple, and they discovered that Halfkris peppered by several arrows from an unknown assailant. Seeking little worth in keeping Halfkris around, the party silenced him forever, but they also approached the new individual making mocking comments to the now dead Halfkris. They all gazed upon an exhausted and shivering female tiefling going by the name of Dacyria, and she further revealed she was a duchess who would be willing to pay for her expediate return home while also fighting alongside the companions. She was welcomed into their ranks for it would be only easier to escape with more capable members helping out.

Before dawn, the party made their way down to the former pirate lord’s manor in the hopes of gaining access to the underground catacombs and a possible ship to escape the doomed island. The old man, Keestake, explained the group would need to find a wooden wand in the former queen’s chambers, and bring it to the catacomb entrance to gain access. However, Keestake also warned that both the orcs and goblins were using the manor as a base for their search for the pirate lord’s treasure, so the group would have to deal with them during their search. Wanting to avoid unnecessary attention, the group voted to try the stealth approach as they were led by the half-elf, Idris, through a doorway in the southwest part of the manor. Hugo the loxodon opted to stay behind with Keestake and Melisana until the group cleared the way.

Our party members creeped through the doorway and made their way north along a hallway until they came to a T-intersection. Idris narrowly escaped alerting two orc raiders to the party’s presence, but seeking to silence them know as opposed to later, the party lured the orcs out and finished them in quick order. Following a hand drawn map from Keestake’s memory, the members peered into what they believed was the queen’s chambers, and they found several goblins camping in their with one in particular shoving a wooden wand in the air. The sight of this display ignited a mighty rage in Gye who proceeded to rush in and crushed the goblin holding the wand, so naturally, the rest of the party rushed into to clear the rest of the goblins in quick order. After some time examining the wand, it was determined to be a wand of detect magic, and the group guessed this would be necessary in finding the entrance given the orcs and goblins had not found it already.

The group found themselves becoming more adept at dealing with these threats, so they felt a sense of confidence in their abilities which prompted them to check out the nearby king’s chambers. Their confidence was rewarded as the group quickly searched the chamber room, and the newly added tiefling proved her worth as she was able to find several objects under the king’s bed that appeared to be possess magical properties. After taking a quick rest and planning their next steps, the group began their search for the catacomb entrance…

Will our group find the entrance while battling the orcs and goblins? Will the catacombs contain secrets or traps that might hinder the party? Can the party escape to the island before Falinora brings devastation? Find out next week!

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