Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective: What Goes Bump in The Mine

We find our traveling band of adventures beginning their perilous investigation into the platinum mine of Vermeillon after being ambushed and finding information on the creatures plaguing the town: Meenlocks. They searched several dead end shafts and paths, and they also found some very alive portions inhabited by swarms of bats. The party continued further and further into the mine, until at one point they found their situation even more dire than before!

The adventurers were going through a maze of shafts when in one instant they were surrounded on all sides by Meenlocks thirsting for their demise! At first the creatures were not able to grab the party members, but then the beloved changeling ranger was paralyzed and taken away by several meenlocks. The meenlocks also took away the aasimar cleric away before the dwarf artificer and grung warlock/monk were able to break up the ambushers and go searching for their friends.

The magical duo desperately searched for their companions, and were initially successful at finding their cleric who had freed himself from several meenlocks. The group decided to split up to cover more ground in their search of their ranger. Luckily, several seconds passed when the warlock discovers Ari upon an altar with several meenlocks looking to convert the ranger. However, soon the artificer and and cleric joined in on the rescue attempt, but the companions were beset by a large black ooze!

As the party battled the meenlocks, black ooze, and trying to save Ari, the meenlocks earned their name by going near several pillars holding up the room, and they subsequently ignited some magical contraption that caused the pillars to collapse as well as the room! To throw more fuel to the fire, the Talian the cleric was knocked down by the ooze, the artificer and ranger were trapped under rock debris, and the ooze split in two after being struck by lightning. Can our adventures survive this absolutely dire situation to stop the meenlock menace? Find out in next time!

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