How to Play: 7 Unique Clerics Inspired from History

Ah… the holy cleric… The support caster of support casters at the beck and call every wounded warrior. They are squeamish around blood, in chapel on a friday night, and rolling their eyes at every joke. And for most people, no matter how powerful the class is (and it is VERY powerful) that sounds… boring. Continue reading “How to Play: 7 Unique Clerics Inspired from History”

The D&D Beginner’s Easy 14 Steps for Interesting First Characters

Welcome 🙂  Allow me to speak on behalf of the entire Dungeons and Dragons community when I say we are glad to have you! Dungeons and Dragons is a social game, through and through, and we are always excited when someone is interested in joining in on the fun!  But with your first D&D sessionContinue reading “The D&D Beginner’s Easy 14 Steps for Interesting First Characters”

“Vive le Resistance” – Part 6: Landing

Several hours later, two large towns, situated between a large lake, come into view. One bright, surrounded by farmland… the other covered in a pall of smoke, or fog, nestled along the lakes coast.  But none of these are your destination… together you veer off, towards the Kelna mountains, over farmlands and into the woods. Continue reading ““Vive le Resistance” – Part 6: Landing”

“Vive le Resistance” – Part 5: Flight 

Surreal…sublime.  Those are the only words that can come to mind as you soar through the air. Nothing, not even climbing the tallest peak near your hometown could have prepared you for the experience of magical flight.  But before you can truly marvel at the miracle, sporadic explosions echo in your ears…  the cannon andContinue reading ““Vive le Resistance” – Part 5: Flight “

“Vive le Resistance” – Part 4: Lift Off

You all are sitting in darkness on the ground in an open meadow, thickly surrounded by fir and oak trees, waiting for the signal. It is a cloudless, moonless night, and you can barely make out your companions next to you.   Everything has been studied, memorized, and memorized again. All risks have been minimized: goodContinue reading ““Vive le Resistance” – Part 4: Lift Off”

“Vive le Resistance” – Part 3: Intelligence

Ultimately each of you do not know exactly what you have been selected for… all you know is that you have spent months training far beyond that of ordinary soldiers. But after resting in this small encampment for a few days, you are called into the officer’s tent… only to see huge tables filled withContinue reading ““Vive le Resistance” – Part 3: Intelligence”

“Vive le Resistance” Part 2 – Commando Training

It was months ago when each of you were plucked from your unit and sent to this country estate. Some of you volunteered longing to devote more “for king and country”, some of you were recommended by officers, others were recruited from various magical colleges. Regardless, a group of nearly 1000 assembled far behind enemyContinue reading ““Vive le Resistance” Part 2 – Commando Training”

“Vive le Resistance” Part 1 – A World At War…

“Is everyone ready?” “Yeah let’s get started!” The goblinoid peoples, unified again, have brought the might of their chief deity, Maglubiyet, to bear upon the world. For two years, the nations of the continent have been consumed by the war.  Tensions had escalated throughout the previous decades, and in response military budget’s have swelled… asContinue reading ““Vive le Resistance” Part 1 – A World At War…”

Vive la résistance

“The Delay Action”  (italicized is non-canon, table conversation)  “Nononono…” “Ugh.. come on…”  “NOW?!?!?!” Though they missed opportunities to assassinate him on multiple occasions, the party had never come this close.  The joyless game of cat and mouse had persisted for months. But now, at the worst of times, here he is, right at the doorstepContinue reading “Vive la résistance”

How- DM: Better Shared Storytelling And 5 Tips Letting Dungeons and Dragons Players Lead

“Everything the Dungeon Master needs to weave legendary stories…” That’s the subtitle for the DMG. It clarifies that the pillars of role playing, exploration, and combat are all tools to tell a story. Shared storytelling is the very essence of Dungeons and Dragons, keeping players and DM’s alike interested, invested, and engaged.  But built intoContinue reading “How- DM: Better Shared Storytelling And 5 Tips Letting Dungeons and Dragons Players Lead”