TGAPP: Summary of Events

Hello All! I have had a hard time keeping the posts up-to-date, so I have decided to provide plot development highlights from the past few sessions. I will miss a few details that can be found in the podcast episodes, but this will convey the overall story elements that play a part in the large story. Thank you all for your patience, and I hope you continue to enjoy this!

Following the assassination attempt on the Baron, the group returned to the farm to devise a plan to go into the Baron’s estate, but their meeting was cut short by another staggering goliath barbarian named Nordin. Nordin sought out Arkon so that he could return to his tribe because Arkon’s Arch-Priestess, who Arkon saw die, had returned. The party set out to the mountains north, and are given safe passage to the common meeting grounds for the goliath tribes. At the meeting grounds, the Arch-Priestess swayed the other tribal leaders to let Arkon return to the tribe, and soon after this meeting, the Arch-Priestess told Arkon he was no longer her mate nor protector. Before the group left, they were able to convince a hobgoblin diplomatic delegation to allow them to enter their lands and hunt a treasured wyvern in order to determine the origin of the poison weapon that had nearly killed Idris.

The group was hurried away from the goliath tribal lands as unidentified hostile groups threatened their safety, so the group proceeded to the edge of the hobgoblin territory to meet with a guide that would lead them to wyverns. The hobgoblin guide led them to a wyvern nesting area, where the group was successful in felling a wyvern and extracting poison from its tail, but they were forced to escape as another wyvern quickly sought to make a meal of them. With poison acquired, the party returned to Redfurn where they were met by a blind dragonborn paladin named Diedrich who was mandated by Falinora to protect Avery. Feeling emboldened by the additional strength, Winter infiltrated and Identified the magical properties of the jewel in the Baron’s estate. The group also made contact with the mysterious figure known as the Priest, and the Priest, with his connection with Falinora, was able to use powerful divine magic to heal Idris’s sister from her madness. The sister soon revealed that the Baron and Nah-Baron were torturing those unfortunate souls influenced by the red gem at their estate.

Better equipped with information for negotiations, the party set out to their second meeting with the Baron at his estate. Several parties members came under disguise or another assumed persona, but the Baron welcomed them all in and got straight to business. The Baron proposed that Idris and company would deliver slaves to a location near Statin, a town east of the port of Mopyl, by the end of the ten-day, and upon delivery of the slaves, the Baron would pay Idris handsomely in exchange. Once their business was complete, the Baron invited the whole group to come back to his estate later tonight for a gladiatorial show involving slaves, but as this discussion took place, Sakura used invisibility to enter the Baron’s office and retrieve documents and map related to the hideout near Statin. The group returned later to the estate to uncomfortably witness the Nah-baron decimate other poor slaves in the gladiatorial arena, but Dacyria suffered the most as she witnessed several people who had worked for her die in the showing. At the conclusion of the terrible slaughter, Idris was able to get the Baron to reveal he used a teleportation circle to get the slaves from Statin and into Red Fern.

While valuable information was obtained and the next course of action seemed clear, Dacyria was pushed too far by the bloody display, so she sent a letter of warning to the Targana Estate in the hopes of convincing someone that she was indeed alive. Little did Dacyria know, she was tailed, knocked out, and taken to another location, and the party was able to follow a trail that led them to the Targana Estate. Meanwhile, Dacyria awoke to the hooded figure of the Targana Spymaster question who she really was, and she soon discovered through conversation that the spymaster was not affected by the memory wipe of the blue gem. The spymaster had also worked hard to in the shadows to find Dacyria and any information related to the gems given by House Mogamir. Upon the discovery of their mutual goals, Dacyria was released, and she immediately headed to the blue gemstone. Dacyria proceeded to shatter the gemstone with the assistance of the Ingrates who were able to enter the Targana Estate, and the destruction of the nefarious crystal brought back all the memories of Dacyria to the estate’s residents including Dacyria’s parents.

The sudden flood of memories lost and the actions taken under the gem’s influence threw Duke Targana into a rage for Mogamir blood. This rage formulated itself in a plan for the Ingrates to go to Statine, raid the slave holding facility, and recover evidence that would implicate the Baron was trading slaves. The party was equipped from the family’s armory and given the fastest steeds from the stables, so they immediately made their way to Statine. After a couple days of riding southeast of Redfurn, the companions discovered the hidden facility outside Statine, and they proceeded to stake out the location to learn the guard rotation. However, the Ingrates did not realize they were being watched already, and they were ambushed by Mogamir guards led by a fiendish Cambian. The group triumphed over the ambushers, and prepared to venture further into the facility with no idea at what they would find….

Find out what happens in the slave facility and more in our next regularly scheduled post about the Inglorious Ingrates!

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