TGAPP: Battle of Borest

We find the majority of the Inglorious Ingrates cradling and licking their wounds after their improvised assault on the goblin barracks in Borest. After it was all said and done, they realized they had killed over 8 goblins and a warg that spoke common, and the corpses were arranged to give the other goblins the impression this was a scene of in-infighting. The group had slunk back to the Grey Lantern Inn all the while keeping an eye out for the goblin response to the situation at the barracks, but the group did not have to wait long. By the evening, the goblins began searching every house to find evidence of dissident factions brewing the village, but luckily the party was not subject to further interrogation. However, this development only further pushed the band of companions to accelerate their town revolt as Idris proceeded to send a short message to the mayor: “AT DAWN!”

As the night came and went, the group arose before dawn and proceeded to arm themselves with the loot gathered from the dead goblins. Seeking to draw attention to themselves, the adventures walked down the main thoroughfares of Borest without making the effort to hide their illegal weapons, and their efforts were rewarded as the sun began to rise. They were welcomed by a small contingent consisting of two well-equipped goblin lieutenants, two goblins on wargs, and six regular goblins who proceeded to question the obviously more well equipped humans standing in the middle of the town. Their questions were answered by an arrow from Gye.

While the party was greatly outnumbered by the goblins, the ramshackle revolters were able to hold their own and inspire the weary villagers to initiate their revolt. A few members of the party were able to spot an organized goblin army responded to the revolt, but the numbers of the villagers slightly overwhelmed the goblin threat. Once the Ingrates finished off the last of the goblin leadership, they joined the main fray and quickly finished off the last of the goblins in town. After it was all said-and-done, less than a handful of villages perished in the revolt, but the goblin occupation was far from lifted.

After a short rest, Arkon called in his favor to the town mayor, so the mayor proceeded to organize a breakthrough force to help the Inglorious Ingrates escape the town perimeter and assault the main goblin encampment. As the villagers occupied the sprig perimeter guards, the party was able to dash pass the perimeter. Guided by Arkon, the group continued onward to the main goblin forces in the hopes of freeing the town and reacquiring their gear…

Will they vanquish the goblins? Will they end the torment of Borest? Find out next week…

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