Product Review: 3DEGOS Dice and My Monthly Dice Envy Subscription Set

Dear Readers, I am usually wary of certain things sold on Etsy.

But then I came across these…

If you are unable to tell, they are clear dice with flowers in the center, specifically, daisies.

They are a gift for someone very special to me that absolutely loves daisies and loves the occasional nerdy gift.

They turned out absolutely beautiful, as you can tell. They also seem to roll pretty well.

3DEGOS notified me after a few weeks telling me that there was a quality assurance problem with my original order and that they would get another set made and sent out as soon as possible. As compensation, as it was taking so long, they offer to send me another set of dice, completely complimentary.

did a quick browsing of their shop, I found a set called Necromancer Bone. They look pretty cool, so I requested those.

They are absolutely stunning!

But there is a catch…

As you can see, the daisy set is normal sized.

Then there is the Necromancer Bone set…

They. Are. Huge!

I had no idea they would be that big!

Don’t get me wrong, I love them all the same, they are just so huge for a dice set.

All in all, 3DEGOS did a wonderful job, had amazing customer service, and both of the sets are great. I will definitely be buying from them again in the future. Their quality rivals the best of even the biggest names in dice makers, like Kraken Dice and Dice Envy.

Here is a link to their store:

So check out their shop and tell me what you think!

Then there is my set from Dice Envy. And oooh boy did they deliver yet again! The $35 subscription has shown this dice goblin that it’s still worth it!

It is a metal set, with a brushed feel to it, with a purple shimmer, which I really like, and are called The Sorcerous Grasp set.

The set came with the following description:

“The subtle shift that occurs just at the edges of these dice has an air of mystery to it – what’s lurking in the shadows of This brilliant purple set? Could you catch it if you turn it fast enough? From closer up? From further back? Maybe. Why don’t you find out?”

They have an interesting font, as you can see. The zero is fairly interesting to say the least. They say that it’s a custom font that they chose specifically for these dice, called “Mage Hand.”

As they are metal dice, you can imagine their weight, which is considerable, even for metal dice. If I had to give one complaint, which really isn’t a complaint, it’s that it has rather sharp edges and points, which will leave dents in most tables. I would recommend rolling these in a dice tray or on a dice mat or something similar. I really wouldn’t recommend rolling this on your character sheet or on a bear table, as it is very likely that this will leave behind indentations in anything else they roll on.

So consider getting a subscription or buying one of their amazing sets!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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