Product Review: The Splintered Tree Etsy Shop – Custom Dice Box

Dear Readers, I just got in, what I feel, is the coolest gaming accessory.

My new custom dice box.

First off, notice the amazing laser etching done on the front! No, it’s not the traditional Daily Dungeon Master Blog logo (I wanted something more simplistic), but you can tell to whom who it belongs!

Next, and it cost a little more, but I got the divider inserts. Again, totally worth it; as you can see I have several sets of dice. Under the dice tower, although you can’t see it, is black velvet. I paid a little extra to get the nicer and more padded material where my dice will roll. I did this due to the heavier nature of my metal dice, hoping they won’t damage the dice box. If you remember, these are the set that I got from Dice Envy, the Ancient Relic set.

Next, notice how the dice tower fits perfectly inside of the box. This is intentional and I love it. Even more so, notice how the dice tower sits perfectly on the edge of the dice box enabling me to roll straight into the box.

Lastly, I love The binding and the staining job for the “pages”. I chose the padauk stain, which turned out gorgeously. Additionally, there is a felt bottom, so you aren’t scratching up a table or other playing surface.

Overall, it was an absolutely awesome experience from start to finish, and the person’s customer service was fabulous through and through, throughout the entire process.

I definitely recommend giving their store a look and purchasing one of their dice boxes!

Here is the link to their store:

Until next time, Dear Readers…

P. S. – I have an awesome referral link for you all to use for that awesome Dice Envy set I bought.

Here it is.

If you do end up buying anything, I do receive a small commission.

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