Rime of the Frost Maiden (part 1)

Hello! I know, again, my posting schedule has previously been erratic. I posting schedule will be more consistent at this point, now that the new season has begun and things have settled down. I plan on posting some more pictures of other minis I did, as well as continuing my series on how to DM and how to paint minis. If there are any other subjects you want me to explore, please let me know in the comments below. With no further ado, here’s the story so far…

Our story begins with a party of four adventurers heading through the Spine of the World, all for varying reasons, and all with a secret…

Before anyone could do anything, a horrific avalanche was triggered and was falling towards them at a frightening speed. The party had nowhere to go. Looking up, they saw Snow White muskrat gesturing towards small fissure that they had previously missed due to the covering of ice and snow.

Following the small rodent, party found themselves sliding into a cave where a talking walrus, called Mother Tusk asked them for help in finding some snow otter scouts. She tells the party that, in exchange for their lives which she had just caused to be saved, she asked that the party check up on the otter, Spritzer, and his company of otters.

Our party is brave heroes consisted of: a half drow bard / warlock, a tabaxi rogue, a half-elf ranger, and a dragonborn sorceress. The Ranger, proficient in these sort of jobs, tracked down evidence of the otters passing. Unfortunately, there were also wolf prints following said otters.

Running ahead, the party came across a group of 12 otters being chased by a group of five wolves, one of which was as large as a horse. It was a dire wolf. Seeing the wolves jump down into large holes in the ground after the otters, the party jumped in after sliding down ice slides until they were dumped ceremoniously into a cavern filled with a foot of water and the five wolves snapping and chasing the poor otters.

The party engaged in a hard-fought fight, with several of their member coming close to dying, only to be saved by the sorceress who had access to healing magic.

The party, cold and wet, used oil from their packs to light the wolf carcasses on fire that they made warm up and dry out off their clothing before heading back.

Their way back was difficult due to a blizzard that hit but they prevailed and getting back to Mother Tusk. As a reward for saving her “children,” she had one of the chipmunks she cares for leave the party towards the road that would lead to the town of Brynn Shader. She also gave them some treasure, to include two scrolls of cure wounds.

Heading into town and towards the end, with nightfall, at an early 2:00 p.m. due to the perpetual winter of the area, the party was approached by an old female dwarf who requested assistance in tracking down and killing a serial killer. The party was also approached by a group of dwarves who requested assistance with tracking down a sled that they had to abandon due to a yeti attack. Lastly, the party heard rumors of some sort of lake monster plaguing the town of Bremen. Accepting both quests the party purchased mounts, winter axebeaks, and headed out to find the aforementioned sled.

The Ranger, still as capable of a tracker as any, found the tracks of small humanoids having taken the sled. Not soon after, the party found the sled being pulled by a number of goblins wearing snowshoes heading towards a large wagon that appeared to be pulled by two angry looking polar bears.

What will happen to the party? Will they succeed in recovering the sled from the goblins? Will the party locate the serial killer?

Only time will tell. Join us next week to see what happens!

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