It’s been a tough week, folks. Not gonna lie.

That said, I did get some downtime and finished painting one mini and began/finished another. I don’t have any commissions at the moment, so if you would like one done, contact me if you know me, or email me at ldcadventurersleaguedm@gmail.com and we can arrange something.

With no further ado:

He turned out well, I feel.
Glad I did the gold detailing on his shield and cloak. Used a blue wash for the sword as he’s supposed to be a paladin.
Old pewter mini.
Another pewter mini. Still needs a coat of primer.
A particularly infamous assassin from Calimshan… here’s looking at you, Tuesday group!
Work in progress. Aasimar paladin.
All primed up! More than a little intimidated in painting this evil big chungus!
Here he is by the paladin I just finished…between you and me? The balor wins… probably.

What are your thoughts, O Faithful Readers?! What do YOU want me to finish next? Toss me a comment like you’d toss a coin to your Witcher (yes, the show is awesome!) below and let me know!

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