“Vive le Resistance” – Part 3: Intelligence

Ultimately each of you do not know exactly what you have been selected for… all you know is that you have spent months training far beyond that of ordinary soldiers. But after resting in this small encampment for a few days, you are called into the officer’s tent… only to see huge tables filled with maps. Some of the maps are made of simple paper, others are raised with landmarks, others more detailed of major towns.

A few moments later you are loudly are called to attention. You salute as a no-nonsense Dwarven colonel enters. Without wasting a second, and with a booming voice, he instructs all of you… even without the rank he would command the room.

“As of this moment, your training is over.  You will be returning to combat, but as you have surely guessed by now, not to the front. Nothing seems to be budging there, so unable to find a weakness, we have decided to create one.”

“While officially the citizens in occupied lands have capitulated, several resistance groups have sprang up. Half a year ago a few made contact, asking for supplies and aid. This, gentlemen, was an opportunity we knew we could not afford to miss.”  

Jeeeeeezus will this intro ever end?

Lol gotta set the stage… World Wars and medieval warfare don’t naturally mix! 

“We believe that Hobgoblins will withdraw forces from the front if they are unable to maintain control over their new lands, enabling a breakthrough on the front, and hopefully a swift end to the war.”

“And that is your job: from behind enemy lines, we need you to disrupt the Hobgoblin occupation any way possible. Help the local resistance, kill leadership, gain intelligence, disrupt supply lines. Aid your brothers and sisters on the front by consuming as many men and material as possible.”

“So are we landing in Poland or France? Cuz that will DRASTICALLY alter what kind of game this is. And I know we can be murder hobos but I was kind of hoping every session wouldn’t just be another atrocity”  

“Indeed. Not really either, but more France than Poland.” 

The dwarf steps back, a human wizard, a little out of her element, steps forward and tentatively speaks: 

“Hobgoblins patrol the border mercilessly, and overland travel is far too risky.  So, what we have decided is to send you through the air” She opens her pouch to reveal four rings.  “For the past three months, our magical research and development programs have been developing unique magic rings for you and groups like you.  They are imbued with a single use of the spell “Fly”, augmented to enable you to fly for several hours. With it, you can soar over the lines without all the risks that come with overland travel.  Any questions?”.  

Do we get to pick any magic items before hand?

What about money? How are we doing that?

How firm is alignment, especially in war when moral lines are blurred?

Do we learn about the resistance now, or will we learn more about that later? 

After each of you ask a series of clarifying questions, the dwarf concludes: “You are one of several teams.  As this is a different war, this too is a different strategy than we have ever employed before, but it may very well change the course of the war.  

“Good luck, we are all counting on you”.   

Surely, you can’t be serious. 

I am serious… and don’t call me Shirly…

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I am a freelance copywriter (Riley James Copywriting) that specializes in copy (particularly email) for the D&D community.

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