Painting Update: Gundarr the Barbarian (but only sort of…)

Dear Readers, welcome to yet another Painting Update!

Here is the barbarian I’ve been working on. I started with Rigid Leather (from one of the D&D Paint sets by Army Painter; it’s a unique color not found in the standard Army Painter line) on the boots.

Then I went and gave his skin a second coat. The boots will need another coat, but I will let the first dry out for a minute while I do other parts. I’m using Flumph Pink (D&D Paint that’s the equivalent of Army Painter’s Barbarian Flesh) for his skin. It’s a little pale, but it will look good once I have put the wash on him.

I’m going to lighten the “furry” parts of his clothing with a light grey and white so they don’t look as close in color to the rest of his attire.

And there it is! I’m just about done, just needing to get the hair a second or third coat.

Then comes the shading and dry brushing.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my progress!

I should have it done by tomorrow or so.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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