Second-Hand DM Story: This Past Tuesday

Sorry for the post confusion today. I had to swap the Premium Content post day with my Friday post due to editing delays. Lots of edits in the next episode. Sorry for the confusion.

As I said this past Wednesday evening, I was out of town Tuesday and Wednesday. So that I did not have to miss out on our continuation of our Kids on Bicycles game, the GM of that game (and also Arkon’s player) ran an old school Red Box adventure.

For the uninitiated, this means that he ran a first edition D&D game, when it first came out (after the Chainmail add-on books, but before hardcover books had been published).

The same player who plays Avery in the Ingrates, decided to play a cleric. Named Falinora. Now the party has the following headcannon:


For ‘those’ not there…

Avery’s Player played a young cleric named Falinora. Disillusioned with her church’s beliefs, she strikes out on her own – searching for an answer to her spiritual conundrum.

She joins a group of adventurers seeking adventure and out to bring an evil Magic User named Bargle to justice.

In the final battle, the malevolent wizard, trapped and wounded, drinks a potion of gaseous form and escapes. The gas pours over Falinora on its way out of the cave. She inadvertently inhales some of this mystical gas and is sent into a catatonic state where she has a vision:

A golden tree appears before her, seven glorious, shinning stars surrounding it. ‘Follow us’ they say, ‘Bring our light into the world!’

Falinora awakens, changed, her soul divinely touched. She has been given her answer, sheknows what she must do.

In Bargle’s hoard of treasure she finds a massive, leather bound book, it’s pages empty. She claims the book and takes it with her back to their home city of Threshold.

With her and her party is the body of another Cleric – Aleena – a new friend they had encountered, but was killed by Bargle in the final battle. With heavy hearts they return Aleena’s body to her church.

As a reward the church bishop gives them a small amount of gold, but to Falinora he is unexplicably driven to bestow another gift…a magical hammer once weilded by the church’s greatest martyr…a man named ‘Angelus’.

Accepting the gift with humility, Falinora next visits the city’s best leather worker. She gives him the leather bound book she had found and pays him to fashion a tree with seven stars into its cover…

Little does she know that these are the first steps in a greater destiny, the formation of a new religion and eventual ascendancy into godhood!!


I’m not sure I will actually accept this cannon, but we’ll see. Maybe. A BIG maybe.

Apparently, they all had a lot of fun, though, which is great.

Hope you enjoyed the story!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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