Battletech Miniatures: Fortress-class Dropship

Dear Readers, as it’s a work in progress, and you’ll see why, this is, by necessity, a short post.

Welcome back!

Today we look at my new Fortress-class Dropship and see about putting it together.

First off, the one that I received was a terrible mold, with one half being oblong or two big for the other half. Here’s what I mean:

Two pieces don’t even fit together properly. That said, I am formally a member of the US Armed Forces, and we have a saying improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Don’t get me wrong, I called the kickstarter folks to get a replacement one. I shouldn’t have this level of work to put a model together.

That said, I was going to try making this work in the meantime.

First things first, I had to put epoxy on both sides on the inside of the model and clamp them down into place. That was not easy. Especially since the epoxy needs 72 hours to fully cure. Thankfully, I had a nice tough place to put it to wait for the epoxy to set.

Haven’t gotten that done, the next step was to fill in that massive gap between them, some places about 1/8-1/4 an inch.

I used my liquid putty and a toothpick to apply it.

Here’s what all I am working with:

And here’s the putty job. Not bad if I do say so myself:

As of right now, I have to snip and wash all of the metal pieces before I get to gluing them. Before that, I have to wait for the putty to set, which is going to take the better part of the day.

Additionally, I’m looking at what to prime it in, and I’m looking at Gunmetal as a very strong possibility. The best part is that I found that they have a spray-on primer with this color.

The only downside is the rather, lack of instructions.

These are all the instructions I received:

Black and white photocopy of the picture on the box with arrows.


Oh, well. I’ll make it work.

What do you think, Dear Readers? Got any tips and tricks for me? Let me know in the comments section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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2 thoughts on “Battletech Miniatures: Fortress-class Dropship

    1. I agree. It’s kind of a sore spot for one company that sued FASA (original owners of Battletech), with it being a giant mess. In any case, I think it’s turning out well and I appreciate the comment!


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