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Brandon, my regular author for “A Player’s Perspective” is currently away on a business trip until August or so. Therefore, I will be doing “A DM’s Perspective” which is a game summary. That said, I will still be doing “A Player’s Perspective” articles for when we play “Kids on Bicycles.”

After the incident with the the nilbog, the party found a dwarf, a mythical creature, alive and having been captured by the nilbog. Questioning him, the dwarf revealed that their civilization lives completely underground, with the exception of a few observation posts near human settlements due to a treaty between humans and dwarves forged some 1000 years ago when the last incarnation of the Horsemen had walked the lands. Due to how badly Famine and Pestilence harmed their people, they fled from civilized lands to the Underdark. He promised the aid of his people in the fight against Death when he comes, he departed to his homeland.

The party, having been victorious, went back to Borest for a long needed rest. After their rest, they took the remainder of the supply caravan and headed east to Mopyl. Along the way, the party was attacked by a number of humanoids that appeared to be tabaxi. After the party retaliated, they each seemed to touch their chests under their tunics and armor, whereupon they disappeared.

Continuing on to Mopyl, the people there were gathered around the town hall, where a number of tabaxi had been held captive, being accused of the raids on the town’s food supply. Seeing that some of the tabaxi were family and fellows from Winter’s clan, the party vowed to bring the real raiders to justice.

While debating what to do, the party discovered they were being watched by a strange man in robes that flew away invisible, to the north.

That afternoon, Winter was contacted by her old crew, her former lieutenant to be precise, telling her that the raids will continue unless she follows his instructions exactly, coming alone, at night, to a spot specified by him.

Against the counsel of the party, during the late night, Winter left the inn and headed outside of town. Dacyria sent her raven after her, watching as Winter activated a teleportation circle.

Aramil, the party ranger, found tracks leading out of town to the north, which the party began to follow.

Meahwhile, Winter found herself in a cage, surrounded by her former crew, as well as a strange man in dark robes…

What does the future hold for the Ingrates? Where is Winter being held?

Tune in next week to find out (or subscribe to The Blog to get an advance look at the podcast!)!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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