Almost There

Dear Readers, I’m almost done with Quarantine.


This means that soon, oh so soon, I will be able to go back to painting and playing. Even better is that I got a new painting desk (or rather, Mrs. Daily DM got me a new desk!) with a lovely new ink blotter to protect said desk from the ravages of paint, glue, modeling knife work, etc…

Needless to say, your Daily Dungeon Master is excited.

The best part is that it’s the cornerstone of what is to be my new gaming room. I’m getting a new gaming table tomorrow. I’ll might take some pictures. We’ll see. Definitely will take pictures of the new desk.

Oh, and feature of the new desk? No need for my toolbox any longer! It all fits quite nicely inside.

This isn’t to say that I won’t use the toolbox for going to a painting party, but for at-home use, the desk is king.

In any case, I wanted to let you all know that I am on the mend, and I will be out of quarantine beginning tomorrow, I believe.

I’m not quite done with my post about the RPGs I’ve been playing, but it should be up tomorrow.

Thanks again for hanging in there with me, Dear Readers!

Until next time…

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