Tuesday Shenanigans: Disintegration

So, with me going back into full quarantine to avoid getting the current Biblical-type plague that is flying across the globe, I’ve moved my games to a virtual tabletop, specifically, Roll20. That is both a blessing and a curse.

The Good

It works like a charm, now that I’ve figured it out. I found out how to do dynamic lighting and how to give people darkvision, etc…so yeah, we are good to go. I’ve already run a number of sessions from Roll20 and, with the exception of the video and voice (which we use Discord for), we’ve had zero problems. I have the maps imported, the encounters built, etc…and it’s almost like being at the table with them.

28 of the best DnD Memes

The Bad

It is most assuredly NOT the same as being around a table. Granted, once the logistics were worked out, we were good, but there was a learning curve that playing in person just doesn’t have. Second, not everyone is actually up to playing on a virtual tabletop or actually refuse to even try. I was devastated when that exact thing happened to me this week. It happened in my Tuesday group, gutting it down to three players. Lovely. Three, although usually fine, does not make a group in this particular mixture.


That’s the good and the bad of having to migrate to a virtual tabletop.

The Plan

Well, I have enough Discord D&D friends that I can actually put a virtual table together with my current remaining Tuesday folks. I have to come up with a TOTALLY new campaign, and frankly I have no idea what I am running. I’m considering running a bunch of level-appropriate adventures, probably unrelated, and running the campaign episodically. It’s what I am leaning towards the most.


So, there was no campaign summary today. The “Restoration of Netheril” Tuesday group story will either die ignobly, or be reborn after there is a vaccine for the pandemic virus.

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Tomorrow, yourdorkmaterials will be finishing up his Encounter series, so stay tuned!

Until next time, Dear Readers!

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