It Was Awesome!

Dear Readers, today (without too much context, as I haven’t caught you all up on the Ingrates’ shenanigans) I will show you all what the board looked like prior to the fight. Here it is, in all its glory, with all of the terrain:

That’s just the terrain.

Here is when we added the monsters (with faces cleverly edited out)…

As you can see, it turned out awesomely. And let me tell you, the fight was really touch and go for a minute. I had a lich in there for story reasons, and I had two death knights in there to give them urgency to get across the board. And then, in addition to the mass number of zombies and skeletons, new zombies popped up at the end of every round. It was epic.

The sad thing is, the party really struggled. I really thought they would start using some sort of teleportation to get to the ship. But they didn’t. They tried to stand and fight for a bit. Not sure why they decided to stand and fight against two death knights and a lich, but you can never predict what your players are going to do.

Additionally, and I won’t say which one, we saw one of the characters leave. Of course, we saw a new one join the party, but the story reason behind it was over a year in the making. I mean, this is something that that particular player and I had been planning since character creation.

And it was awesome.

Needless to say, the party was fairly devastated when that character left. But, there’s always the possibility that they return. That will take some work, but that character can return.

That’s all I have for today folks, so tune in next time to get some more updates on the Ingrates!

Until next time, Dear Readers….

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