Painting Update in the Stupid Heat

Dear Readers, you cannot imagine how ridiculously hot it is in the room where I paint. To say that it’s hot. It’s putting it mildly as the relative humidity is also high. It feels like a hundred million degrees in here.

That said, I promise to do some more painting updates for you. I just can’t do much as I have to wait for the paint to dry which is difficult with how humid it is. That said, here we go!

As you can see, I worked on a number of sections on the bottom of the Spelljammer ship. It is coming along quite well. It’s a little bit of a daunting task to continue painting it, but I will persevere nonetheless.

As for the Dragonborn Ranger, it is coming along as well. I accidentally got a smudge of purple paint on one of the wings that I had to do a quick job of trying to cover. Hopefully you can’t tell.

I had to get the purple done so that I can do a light brush of red to go on top of it. As it is a crystal dragonborn, I’m using metallic colors whenever possible. At the very end, I intend on using, as I said before, fairy dust effect paint to cover all the skin bits.

For those of you wondering about my skunk problem, we think it might be trapped, but the trapper hasn’t come out to check the traps yet and nobody is brave enough to go into the house to check. Here’s hoping.

Until next time, Dear Readers….

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