Product Review: 3DEGOS Dice and My Monthly Dice Envy Subscription Set

Dear Readers, I am usually wary of certain things sold on Etsy. But then I came across these… If you are unable to tell, they are clear dice with flowers in the center, specifically, daisies. They are a gift for someone very special to me that absolutely loves daisies and loves the occasional nerdy gift.Continue reading “Product Review: 3DEGOS Dice and My Monthly Dice Envy Subscription Set”

Product Review: The Splintered Tree Etsy Shop – Custom Dice Box

Dear Readers, I just got in, what I feel, is the coolest gaming accessory. My new custom dice box. First off, notice the amazing laser etching done on the front! No, it’s not the traditional Daily Dungeon Master Blog logo (I wanted something more simplistic), but you can tell to whom who it belongs! Next,Continue reading “Product Review: The Splintered Tree Etsy Shop – Custom Dice Box”

The Dice Review (Final)

Dear Readers, I am so excited to bring you this final product review, you cannot possibly imagine. Dice Envy First off, the Dice Envy set: Aren’t they gorgeous?! They are a metal set (keep in mind, this is the first set they sent me for my dice box subscription!), called the Ancient Relic set. AsContinue reading “The Dice Review (Final)”

Still Waiting…

Dear Readers, As I write this, I am still waiting on both my Dice Envy box, as well as my Clan Invasion Kickstarter boxes. And the wait is killing me. I have delivery confirmation for this Saturday for my Dice Envy and I am excited. That Monday is the day I will be posting myContinue reading “Still Waiting…”

Product Review: Kraken Dice vs. Dice Envy Subscription Crate

Dear Readers, the “dice goblin” inside of me couldn’t help but to check out the two most popular of the online dice companies: Dice Envy and Kraken Dice. Kraken Dice – First off, can I just say “Wow!”? Kraken Dice are absolutely gorgeous. After taking a look at their dice and at my budget,Continue reading “Product Review: Kraken Dice vs. Dice Envy Subscription Crate”