Project I’m Excited About – Battletech: Mercenaries

Dear Readers, it should come as no surprise to you, especially since I’ve talked about it in the past, that I am a huge Battletech fan. Like, second only to D&D, I love Battletech. For those who aren’t aware, Battletech is a tabletop war game of giant stompy robots. As the picture above shows, theContinue reading “Project I’m Excited About – Battletech: Mercenaries”


Dear Readers, as I have said and complained about and have been waiting almost a year for, my Battletech: Clan Invasion Kickstarter has arrived (well, part arrived yesterday, the rest today; it came in two parts)! Today I will be doing the unboxing and show you all what I have gotten. I ordered the MerchantContinue reading “FINALLY!! THE KICKSTARTER HAS ARRIVED!!”