HeroQuest: Product Unboxing

Dear Readers, welcome back! I hope you are doing well wherever you are. I got to play HeroQuest last and this week, and I decided that today is my unboxing of the HeroQuest game. It you remember, it’s billed as a game of “High Adventure in a World of Magic.” The gameplay is fairly easyContinue reading “HeroQuest: Product Unboxing”

Product Review: 3DEGOS Dice and My Monthly Dice Envy Subscription Set

Dear Readers, I am usually wary of certain things sold on Etsy. But then I came across these… If you are unable to tell, they are clear dice with flowers in the center, specifically, daisies. They are a gift for someone very special to me that absolutely loves daisies and loves the occasional nerdy gift.Continue reading “Product Review: 3DEGOS Dice and My Monthly Dice Envy Subscription Set”

The Dice Review (Final)

Dear Readers, I am so excited to bring you this final product review, you cannot possibly imagine. Dice Envy First off, the Dice Envy set: Aren’t they gorgeous?! They are a metal set (keep in mind, this is the first set they sent me for my dice box subscription!), called the Ancient Relic set. AsContinue reading “The Dice Review (Final)”