Miniature Painting Highlights: What I’m Working On 11/3/2020

Here we are again for another Mini Painting Highlight, and in the U.S., Election Day (as an aside, a big shout out to my Dear Readers in China, France, Pakistan, India, Canada, the U.K., and any other place I’ve missed: Your readership is very welcome!). Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been working on, someContinue reading “Miniature Painting Highlights: What I’m Working On 11/3/2020”

Rime of the Frost Maiden: Caer Konig and Duergar

Having finished the assault on Caer Dineval, the party was rewarded with free room and board by the Town Speaker, Crannoc. The party went a step further by agreeing to police up the bodies, if for no other reason than to take all of the chardalyn amulets. Deciding that the amulets were too much ofContinue reading “Rime of the Frost Maiden: Caer Konig and Duergar”

Miniature Painting Spotlight: 11/1/2020

Here we are again, with another awesome edition of our Miniature Painting Spotlight! First up is an old 1979 (I think? May be from 80’s, but pewter is pretty worn on the bottom!) metal mini. And here he is now! Done and done! I am hoping to use him as one of my Red WizardsContinue reading “Miniature Painting Spotlight: 11/1/2020”

How To DM: Fighting on the Fly

This week’s How-To post is by my good friend yourdorkmaterials… So. You’ve meticulously planned your big boss fight, carefully balanced your CR’s and come up with cool, integral roles tailored beautifully for each player. It’s going to be epic! Aaaaannnd…two players can’t show. Or the wizard goes down early. Or what was supposed to beContinue reading “How To DM: Fighting on the Fly”

Miniature Painting Spotlight: Finally!

So, dear readers, I finally got some painting done. Of course, some of that painting was done today, thus my late post. This isn’t going to be a long post, but it will have some cool things I’ve been working on. First, another dear restoration project. Next is a Wizard of Thay that I amContinue reading “Miniature Painting Spotlight: Finally!”

Miniature Painting Spotlight: 10/25/2020

Hello, dear readers. Today’s miniature painting spotlight is brought to you by “Unfinished Works”. Unfinished works, were all I’ve done is prime some stuff and paint little else. In all seriousness I started painting again, but realized a lot of what I needed to paint needed priming first. Remember when I told you that DungeonsContinue reading “Miniature Painting Spotlight: 10/25/2020”

How to DM: Creating Memorable Villains

What do you think of when you hear names like, Cruella DeVille, Melificent, Jafar, Scar (other than I can only seem to think of things Disney rolled out…)? They are memorable villains! Who can forget how awesome that fight between Prince Philip and Melificent was when she turned into a dragon? Who can forget theContinue reading “How to DM: Creating Memorable Villains”

Sunday Game: Rime of the Frost Maiden; Finding Sephek

The ranger, realizing that the creature in the water was a plesiosaurus, quaffed one of his potions of animal friendship and began speaking with it. It responded with a polite “Hello!” After a short discussion, the party found that this talking plesiosaur was ensorcelled to become sentient by a druid who’s instructions were to terrorizeContinue reading “Sunday Game: Rime of the Frost Maiden; Finding Sephek”

Tuesday Game: The Haunt (Part 1)

So, this week, to celebrate “Spooktober,” I decided to run one of my favorite horror-themed adventures, and set this adventure on their path back to Waterdeep. October is a spook-tacular month in which to run spooky adventures. The brave and dedicated adventurers that investigate the strange and messed up stories are members of a rag-tagContinue reading “Tuesday Game: The Haunt (Part 1)”

Short Announcement

So here’s the deal: I have Multiple Sclerosis. Today has been…challenging and I haven’t been able to finish my posts. Yeah, I know, but I’m symptomatic as all can be, and my pain levels are through the roof. I am sorry that I couldn’t get content out. I should be good by Monday. I appreciateContinue reading “Short Announcement”

DM How To: Campaign Building

Last week we talked about plot hooks. Remember that post. It becomes important. Start with building a home base. Usually it’s best to make this a small to medium village where you can flush out a number of NPCs and build out an area from there. All the characters should have a reason for beingContinue reading “DM How To: Campaign Building”

Tuesday Adventurers: Catch Up

The party realized that they still owed a favor to the Red Wizards, and were obligated to eliminate a mutual enemy: a fortress cabal of Red Wizard Exiles, survivors of the Red Wizard civil war. The party found the crumbling fortress easy enough and decided to attack at night. It was a hard-fought battle, fightingContinue reading “Tuesday Adventurers: Catch Up”

DM How To: Creating Adventure Hooks

So you know how to DM. And you know how to build an adventure. And you know how to build an encounter. The next question, then, is this: how do you get those @#&$+%! players to jump into your awesome adventure filled with equally awesome encounters? You give ’em a hook, a PLOT HOOK!! SoContinue reading “DM How To: Creating Adventure Hooks”

Tuesday Game: Curing the Beholder’s Mind and Mage Smackdown in the Desert

So I didn’t write during a week when we actually played. As a result, this blog post is going to be rather… long. Yes, it is technically an old recap, but nothing that happened tonight would make sense without it. So I will just catch you up. For those interested, this takes place as aContinue reading “Tuesday Game: Curing the Beholder’s Mind and Mage Smackdown in the Desert”

Mini-Painting Spotlight 10/6/2020

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post! Today’s post is going to highlight a few different minis that I’ve done recently. Why is this one deathly-pallor gray? Well, once I get a pot of paint that shows that he is bloody around the mouth, he’s going to be a vampire. One look at his clothes, and IContinue reading “Mini-Painting Spotlight 10/6/2020”

Rime of the Frost Maiden (part 1)

Hello! I know, again, my posting schedule has previously been erratic. I posting schedule will be more consistent at this point, now that the new season has begun and things have settled down. I plan on posting some more pictures of other minis I did, as well as continuing my series on how to DMContinue reading “Rime of the Frost Maiden (part 1)”

More Prequel from Tuesday

The party headed off to Waterdeep in search of a scholar to translate the mysterious Netherese inscription. Arriving in town, the party headed to the Yawning Portal to get a place to stay and a place to have as a home base. They got a large adventurers room to save on coin. Heading into theContinue reading “More Prequel from Tuesday”

Monthly Group: Birthday One-Shot

In honor of the birthday of one of our number, our group changed it up and one of the players DM while the rest played. Having adventure together for quite a while, The adventuring party decided it was time for a break and a vacation. Deciding to head for the coast, we ignored multiple callsContinue reading “Monthly Group: Birthday One-Shot”

How to DM: Encounter Building

This week’s How to DM, we are looking at building encounters. Last week, we talked about Adventure Planning, where we decided what sorts of encounters the party would face while getting to their goal. I break encounters up into four categories: Monsters Role-playing/NPCs Puzzle-solving Traps Sure, there are other kinds, but in my opinion, allContinue reading “How to DM: Encounter Building”

Tuesday Game: Object of Desire

I was exhausted coming home last night from my normal game so I didn’t write this until today. Sue me. So the when I last ended, the party were slaves and were heading for the slave market. Unfortunately, I had decided that I shouldn’t have done that and was considering a Deus Ex Machina. ToContinue reading “Tuesday Game: Object of Desire”