Still Waiting…

Dear Readers, As I write this, I am still waiting on both my Dice Envy box, as well as my Clan Invasion Kickstarter boxes. And the wait is killing me. I have delivery confirmation for this Saturday for my Dice Envy and I am excited. That Monday is the day I will be posting myContinue reading “Still Waiting…”

Product Review: Kraken Dice vs. Dice Envy Subscription Crate

Dear Readers, the “dice goblin” inside of me couldn’t help but to check out the two most popular of the online dice companies: Dice Envy and Kraken Dice. Kraken Dice – First off, can I just say “Wow!”? Kraken Dice are absolutely gorgeous. After taking a look at their dice and at my budget,Continue reading “Product Review: Kraken Dice vs. Dice Envy Subscription Crate”