DM Story: The Day the Barbarian Lost His Head and Other Fun Stories

This story takes place some 15ish years ago. It is also a collection of stories from the same campaign adventure. Enjoy! I was running City of the Spider Queen for my game group, the one that I’d been running for since back in the 2nd Edition days. Do you all know those games where everythingContinue reading “DM Story: The Day the Barbarian Lost His Head and Other Fun Stories”

The Haunt 2 (Part 2)

DISCLAIMER: LIKE THE PREVIOUS INSTALLMENT WARNED, THIS ADVENTURE IS GRAPHIC AND CONTAINS POSSIBLE TRIGGERS. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!! The party engaged the Oblex, for that is what it was that took the form of an Astral Deva, with it temporarily stealing the memories of the spicy cleric! After a short battle, the Oblex lay defeated andContinue reading “The Haunt 2 (Part 2)”

Sunday Highlights: Assault on Caer Dineval

It just came to my attention that I mis-scheduled this post today, so it’s late. That said, here it is: We last left our intrepid band of heroes in Targos, having just disposed of Sephek and Torga, had headed off to Bryn Shander to sell loot and gear up for their next task: going toContinue reading “Sunday Highlights: Assault on Caer Dineval”