Posting Schedule

This schedule will go into effect on 10 October, 2020

I’ve been a bit erratic with my posting schedule in the past, so I am going to set a specific schedule for both you, the readers, and myself.

Sunday – Miniature Painting at its best/Family Game (alternating as we play)

Monday – Highlights from Sunday’s Game

Tuesday – Player Character Spotlight or Mini Painting Highlights of the week

Wednesday – Highlights from Tuesday’s Game

Thursday – How To DM; Except 1/month for Highlights for my Monthly Game (usually on Wednesdays)

Friday – My DM Stories or Prequel Posts (as needed)

Saturday – No posts on Saturday (insert wrong day Harry Potter jokes here)

UPDATE – Now we will have a guest article once a week, either as a How-to DM or a DM Story!

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