The Inglorious Ingrates – Episode 0: What Came Before

Hello, Dear Readers! The crew and I have finally decided to begin releasing the Ingrates Video Podcast for the general public! This means, as of today, we will be releasing one video every other week, but for YOU!

We really enjoy the Ingrates game and hope you do as well.

“Vive le Resistance” – Part 6: Landing

Several hours later, two large towns, situated between a large lake, come into view. One bright, surrounded by farmland… the other covered in a pall of smoke, or fog, nestled along the lakes coast. 

But none of these are your destination… together you veer off, towards the Kelna mountains, over farmlands and into the woods. 

A few minutes later, your rings emit a high pitched whistle, and almost on cue you see a torch briefly appear… then disappear… then appear again. 

Together, you head towards the flickering light in the woods, approaching closer and closer, until you can hear the clink of the visor… until you can see the hand closing and opening  the lantern. 

As you slowly descend, you see an old man holding a lantern, muttering to  himself in a ragged cloak. 

Sooo… I talk to him

Ok, yeah he kinda mubles back some gibberish… he seems to be a crazy vagabond. 

A crazy random guuy that just so happens to be here on this night? No way. 

Suddenly, you hear a voice whisper out to you from the forest


You hear again: “Brush”

You hear the unmistakable sound of bow strings go taught, knocked with arrows. 


I draw my sword. 

I ready a spell. 

WAIT… uh… no we have… WEEDS! Weeds 

As you call back weeds, you suddenly see a dozen camouflaged figures rise out of the flora, notched bows and cross bows fixated on your heart. 

One, an imposing, serious half -elf, steps forward and extends his hand. 

“Servetus… nice to mean you on this cool spring evening. Welcome to the resistance”

FINALLY we get to DO things. 

Yeah that was way too much exposition. 

Fine fine fine… well… what do you guys do? 

After an exchange of pleasantries and insults, you wander deep into the forest… single file. The ground is rough, covered in stones, bushes nad roots. Clearly freshly blazed or an animal trail rather than a proper road. One of the scouts explains the roads aren’t safe, Legionary patrols and checkpoints and all. 

Navigating the forest, you slowly higher up the tree covered hills, eventually reaching a particularly steep embankment… littered with bleached bones that stand out even in the darkness. Before you have time to take a second look, a roar howls from a cave at the top of the hill… an adult Owlbear mother speeds straight toward you. 

As you draw weapons and prepare spells your company of scouts scream and shout, ducking into the brush and out of the way…  Servetus screams at you to run for cover…

I climb a tree! 

I cast hold person

Thats a beast… hold person doesn’t work. 

I just go invisible. 

Too late… he pounces upon one of you. 

 Am I really gonna die session 1? 

But…instead of claws or beak tearing into your flesh, ripping you limb from limb… a gentle “hoot” greets you, followed by a big, sloppy tongue. 

Hysterical laughter breaks out among the scouts. Even the stoic Servetus is chuckling… it dawns on each of you this is a prank they have pulled many, many times. 

“Gentlemen… meet Quercus… our trusted guard”

As you dust yourselves off, the giant Owlbear leads the party into her cave, where she curls up in the corner over her eggs, munching on a hunk of deer a scout threw at her. 

Servetus goes to the back of the cave and simply vanishes into the stone. You follow, pass the illusion, and enter the rebel hideout…

Busy, Busy Week!

Dear Readers, it has been a long and busy week.

That said, I got a little bit of painting done on the Elven Spelljammer Ship. Here’s what I got so far:

It’s turning out quite well. My next project is to do the cover for the hold, and all the filagree. The filagree will be a dark hunter green (I think it’s called Angelic Green?), while the studs on the ship will be Gun Metal.

Of note, despite Army Painter’s claims, the leather brown primer does NOT match with the paint color, causing me to have to reprime an area. Not fun.

In any case, that’s all I have for today! Let me know what you think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to hit that like button!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Quick Painting Update: New Project – Elven Spelljammer Ship

Yes, folks, you read that right. I have a new project and it’s pretty awesome, especially considering the fact that Spelljammer is right around the corner in August!

Here’s what I have and how it’s come along:

She still has a ways to go, but she’s coming along very easily. I can’t wait to see her finished!

What do you think, Dear Readers? Got any good ideas for paint schemes? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

D&D Direct Stream

Yesterday we got some amazing news via the first ever D&D Direct Stream. Are you ready? Here we go!


Yes, you read that right, the Spelljammer campaign setting has been confirmed, called , with all of the awesomeness that one can expect from D&D in space. This includes awesome things like killer clowns from space, giant space hamsters, and, of course, tons and tons of Spelljamming ships. The D&D website, after registering a login, gives you access to 10 new monsters found in the Spelljammer setting.If you have access to D&D Beyond, you get access to these creatures automatically! The campaign setting is going to come with 3 books, a DM screen, and a double-sided map, all inside a single slipcover. It’s going to run you about $70 to buy the physical copy. I, personally, will be buying everything on D&D Beyond, and I look forward to what is in store. Checking out the Beadle and Grimm store later and I found that they will have a Silver and Platinum edition of the box set as well. I just might spring for the Silver edition. Maybe.

They have made some significant changes to the setting, however. The Astral Sea is now where worlds are connected, and they’ve done away with Crystal Spheres and the Phlogiston. Not sure how that’s supposed to work out but I look forward to seeing it regardless. It releases in August of this year.

The next big thing announced was that the new D&D movie Honor Among Thieves, is premiering next March 2023. Not much is known about the movie except that they are basing it in the Forgotten Realms and the Sword Coast. They plan on doing a far better job on it than the original movie. That said, I thought that, while the original movie left much to be desired, the followup SyFy Channel special Wrath of the Dragon God was actually pretty good. Just my opinion.

They also made an announcement regarding the release of Baldur’s Gate 3. It looks pretty good, but I don’t think I’ll end up buying it any time soon, especially with the $60 price tag. I like to wait until games are on sale or come down in price on Steam before purchasing. I’m still waiting on the newest installment of the Total War series bundle to go on sale before I buy it. Heck, I waited until the Battletech game bundle went on sale before buying it, years after it was released.

They also announced D&D’s newest anthology book, Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel. There will be 13 new adventures (unrelated) created by (ethnically) black and brown authors who tell stories through their cultures and cultural mythos. I am really excited for this one, if for no reason than to have more materials for D&D Adventurers League.

Next they announced two new boxes coming out, called Campaign Cases, with one having 2-Dimensional tokens with re-stickable stickers to put on tokens sized appropriately for each creature. This is a GREAT option for dungeon masters on a budget wanting something for the board to represent monsters of various kinds, but without the time or budget to buy and paint individual miniatures. The other box is filled with various terrain pieces that you can fit together to make those scenes that much more vibrant, again saving a dungeon master time and money on those boards where you have to draw out terrain, or the expense and hassle of having a flatscreen TV with some sort of virtual tabletop or map to showcase terrain (although that option is, by far, one of the coolest). Each one comes in a handy travel case.

They also announced a new Neverwinter (the MMO game) expansion called Dragonslayer. Frankly I could take or leave that announcement. Neverwinter has gotten so “pay-to-play” that it’s not even worth playing any longer. Again, that’s just my opinion.

A new game podcast/show is coming as well, called Legends of the Multiverse, where a familiar cast of players and DM are telling new stories. Not sure what it’s going to be like, but it sounds fantastic.

They announced a new tactical skirmish miniature game called Onslaught, where two factions are facing the heroic Harpers (my favorite faction!) versus the infamous Zhentarim in a fight for treasure inside of a mythical dungeon and keep. It’s apparently up for preorder.

Lastly, and certainly not least, is the upcoming release of the Dragonlance campaign setting! It will be called Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn, and a new adventure called Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen. I’m not as excited about this as I am about the Spelljammer setting, but this, too, is still an exciting release. That said, they did not give an exact release date other than “Late 2022.” One sad fact of this is that they did not include the original authors/creators of these settings in the rerelease of this setting, nor that of Spelljammer.

Well, that’s it for the D&D Direct stream! Tell me what you are most excited for in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

“Vive le Resistance” – Part 5: Flight 


Those are the only words that can come to mind as you soar through the air. Nothing, not even climbing the tallest peak near your hometown could have prepared you for the experience of magical flight. 

But before you can truly marvel at the miracle, sporadic explosions echo in your ears…  the cannon and catapults with their exploding shells… spells twisting the already twisted land. 

You and your party are fast approaching the war… a factory of death.  

A few moments later the front lines are beneath you.  Even at night you can make out the muddy, barren terrain… craters filled with milky-green toxic pools… the stench of burnt and rotting flesh… the palpable feeling of despair. 

(image is property of owner) 

The trench lines, stretching for miles and miles, filled with thousands upon thousands of people… is a giant grave. 

Here the brave fall first, the foolish second. Classic military doctrine and revolutionary tactics alike soak the earth in blood. The land is a hungry beast, swallowing flesh and spirit alike. 

Only death and despair are welcome here. 

Sucks to suuuuuuck! 

Jeez… show some respect…

For the made up fantasy people? 

Yeah but like WW1 isn’t made up. 

Yeah and these are mild descriptions of the Western Front… 

I know, but still, it sucks… to suck. 

Yet you fly safely above the carnage, and in a flash have crossed a patch of earth hundreds of soldiers have died fighting over for months. 

The flickering light of new towns dotted across the horizon appear in the distance… as you and your companions head deep into enemy territory.

From now on, you are on your own. No reinforcements will be following you. 

You ARE the reinforcements. 

Intelligence check. 

… 5. 

… Nat 1. 

… um… guys? 

… 3. 



…Thank GOD. 

With the front behind you, and the darkness hiding any discernible landmarks, several of you begin to veer off course, but thanks to the message spell, you all form back into line and fly through the night. 

As you fly through the night, you ask yourselves: are you the lucky ones, avoiding the muck and mire of trench warfare? 

Or are you heading into an even more dangerous situation… after all, who knows what you will find? 

What is it they say… out of the frying pan… into the fire?

Painting Update: Elven Bladesinger

As promised, I am giving you the final update on my elven bladesinger! Here she is, in all her glory:

Truth be told, there is a little bit more grass than I had originally intended, but other than that I think she looks great.

What do you think, Dear Readers?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Surgery Recovery

Dear Readers, I’m sorry to say that my surgery recovery has been more difficult than I had anticipated. It’s left me tired and hurting daily. As such, for my own health, I’m taking the week off, and will be back next week, beginning on Monday.

I was taking Friday through Sunday off anyways as it’s the weekend of our local convention, which Ι’ll be providing pictures, thoughts, and such about on Monday.

Thanks again for your understanding!


The Daily DM

No Post Today

Dear Readers, I am writing this post the day before it will be released. There is not going to be a post today due to the fact that, on the day this is posted, I’m having surgery.

It’s not going to be that big a deal and I’m going to be fine, but I want to let you know why there won’t be anything being released.

Until next time….

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“Vive le Resistance” – Part 4: Lift Off

You all are sitting in darkness on the ground in an open meadow, thickly surrounded by fir and oak trees, waiting for the signal. It is a cloudless, moonless night, and you can barely make out your companions next to you.  

Everything has been studied, memorized, and memorized again. All risks have been minimized: good weather for good flight, darkness for the least detection, and most of all, total secrecy up to even the highest levels. 

Normally, a dark night would chill the common soldier. But not only are you each bundled in winter gear, but you are covered in pouches and bags. Every inch of your body is holding essential equipment: potions, armor, as well as key supplies for the resistance. 

You and your companions are anxious.  Every one of you knows this could be that last time you set food in allied soil, this past festival perhaps the last holiday with family. All letters have been mailed, prayers and religious tokens made, and final arrangements handled. 

My character is an orphan… so he just twiddles his thumbs. 

Can my character do knife tricks like in the movies. 

My character gotta take a dump lol. 

I planned for my character’s backstory to meet his beloved in the resistance… so can he be writing poetry about it? 

And so you sit, waiting for the go-ahead signal and this long term special operation to commence. One of you twiddles their thumbs, another prays, another rubs a trinket from a loved one, another simply smokes his pipe in silence.  

One by one, you each notice the faint galloping of hooves. In time a human courier races up on horseback, bounds off his horse, and speeds up to the general.  Giving a salute, he hands him a document.  The general opens, scans, and looks up to his dragon born lieutenant, and nods.  The dragon born lieutenant, flanked by guards and a novice wizard, calmly walks up to your group, and simply says “The time is now”. 

Laden with baggage, the guards help each of you to your feet, and escort you to the middle of on open field. As they dismiss, the dragonborn lieutenant opens a pouch and removes several glowing rings. He personally removes your gloves, fastens the ring to your finger, and refits your glove. He then pulls out a large compass and fastens it to your wrist.  

As he does so, he explains: “You will be going due south of our position, to the region of Hathersage.  After 4 hours of flight, the necklaces will emit a single bell sound.  When that happens, look for a blinking torch; that is your rendezvous point with the local militia.”

“Be ready: they might have been infiltrated by sympathizers to the Hobgoblin cause, and for all we know you could be walking into a trap.  Call sign is “Brush”, to which you will reply “Weeds”.  A member of the resistance will have your exact same flight necklace.”

As he takes a step back, a wizard steps forward: a well dressed elven man with a wand and spell book. As you wonder if he is truly gifted in magic or simply entered the university to avoid the front, he gets on his knees, opens his spell book, and begins his incantations. 

Magic slowly radiates out from the book, focusing more and more intensely upon his wand. After about ten minutes, his wand brimming with arcane energy, he slowly gets to his feet and pulls out a bird’s feather and piece of straw. Touching them to his wand, she then places them in your mouth and instructs you to inhale… deeply. 

Suddenly, your lungs feel filled ten times their normal capacity… as though air were too dense. One after the other, she casts “Altitude Breathing”, and the guards come and place glass goggles and wool masks across your faces. 

“Altitude Breathing” isn’t a spell… water breathing is, but not altitude breathing. 

Give him a break will you? 

When all is finished, the Lieutenant steps forward and orders each of you to raise your ring hand. As you do, he lifts up a stone, which the wizard touches with her wand, causing each of the rings to glow, and each of you to levitate briefly. 

Once you land again, he walks up to each of you, looks you right in the yes, and firmly shakes your hand. 

“Good luck, and with luck we’ll all be home by the winter solstice” 

And with a nod, each of you soar off, and head to war. 

Winter solstice = Christmas. 


Shut up.

Painting Update: Elven Bladesinger and Previously Unfinished Mini

Elven Bladesinger

Product Review and Unboxing: Army Painter Speedpaints (Starter Set)

Dear Readers, they finally came in! I am so very excited, you cannot imagine.

So I picked up a random mini, an elven cleric, and I began painting. The results were… slightly disappointing.

First, let’s talk about what came in the box:

As you can see, you get 10 different colors. I was a little disappointed that white wasn’t one of the colors, as I was looking forward to using that for some my battletech miniatures (my ComStar boys). C’est la vie!

That said, what I got was a nice selection otherwise. I was also surprised at seeing the included brush, which was nice.

Afterwards, I painted up my elven cleric. Here’s how he turned out:

As you can see, I tried a variety of the colors to get a feel for how they would look.

I used the brown for the leathery parts, black for the armor, green for the clothes, yellow for the hair, the Crusader Skin for the, well, skin, and blue for the cloak. The only reason the shield is red is because my 4-year old demanded that it be so. I thought, well, why not.

As a result, I was able to use 7 out of the 10 colors, leaving the purple, bone, and orange untested. I feel that they will turn out fine for their purposes.

As for the results, I realized what these paints are really good for: painting large numbers of miniatures quickly, getting a good shade/highlight as well. The results are not nuanced or detailed, but, again, I think that’s the point.

Anecdotally, a friend of mine was able to paint a good-sized Ork army (Warhammer 40k) in about an hour and was happy with the results.

I got mine painted in about 30-45 minutes. If I needed a quick paint job on a mini, I would go with this paint for sure.

Overall, I think the paints work well, but they lack the nuance of detail work (as expected). Of course I can get the paint job done and do more detailed work afterwards, which is likely what I will be doing.

I highly recommend these paints!

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Painting Update: Lizardfolk Ranger

Oh boy, Dear Readers, do I have a surprise for you! I have completed it, and he’s beautiful. A masterpiece. I am SO proud of the job I’ve done on this miniature.

Keep in mind that I’ve done minimal dry brushing, due to the nature of the mini.

Also, I made a boo-boo. You’ll see soon enough…

Did you catch the mistake? No? Look at the color of the markings… Yeeeeaaaah…

It was supposed to be green.


Well, at least this is a test miniature and not the actual commission!

Hope you enjoyed this painting update!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

“Vive le Resistance” – Part 3: Intelligence

Ultimately each of you do not know exactly what you have been selected for… all you know is that you have spent months training far beyond that of ordinary soldiers. But after resting in this small encampment for a few days, you are called into the officer’s tent… only to see huge tables filled with maps. Some of the maps are made of simple paper, others are raised with landmarks, others more detailed of major towns.

A few moments later you are loudly are called to attention. You salute as a no-nonsense Dwarven colonel enters. Without wasting a second, and with a booming voice, he instructs all of you… even without the rank he would command the room.

“As of this moment, your training is over.  You will be returning to combat, but as you have surely guessed by now, not to the front. Nothing seems to be budging there, so unable to find a weakness, we have decided to create one.”

“While officially the citizens in occupied lands have capitulated, several resistance groups have sprang up. Half a year ago a few made contact, asking for supplies and aid. This, gentlemen, was an opportunity we knew we could not afford to miss.”  

Jeeeeeezus will this intro ever end?

Lol gotta set the stage… World Wars and medieval warfare don’t naturally mix! 

“We believe that Hobgoblins will withdraw forces from the front if they are unable to maintain control over their new lands, enabling a breakthrough on the front, and hopefully a swift end to the war.”

“And that is your job: from behind enemy lines, we need you to disrupt the Hobgoblin occupation any way possible. Help the local resistance, kill leadership, gain intelligence, disrupt supply lines. Aid your brothers and sisters on the front by consuming as many men and material as possible.”

“So are we landing in Poland or France? Cuz that will DRASTICALLY alter what kind of game this is. And I know we can be murder hobos but I was kind of hoping every session wouldn’t just be another atrocity”  

“Indeed. Not really either, but more France than Poland.” 

The dwarf steps back, a human wizard, a little out of her element, steps forward and tentatively speaks: 

“Hobgoblins patrol the border mercilessly, and overland travel is far too risky.  So, what we have decided is to send you through the air” She opens her pouch to reveal four rings.  “For the past three months, our magical research and development programs have been developing unique magic rings for you and groups like you.  They are imbued with a single use of the spell “Fly”, augmented to enable you to fly for several hours. With it, you can soar over the lines without all the risks that come with overland travel.  Any questions?”.  

Do we get to pick any magic items before hand?

What about money? How are we doing that?

How firm is alignment, especially in war when moral lines are blurred?

Do we learn about the resistance now, or will we learn more about that later? 

After each of you ask a series of clarifying questions, the dwarf concludes: “You are one of several teams.  As this is a different war, this too is a different strategy than we have ever employed before, but it may very well change the course of the war.  

“Good luck, we are all counting on you”.   

Surely, you can’t be serious. 

I am serious… and don’t call me Shirly…

Painting Update: Lizardfolk Ranger

Hey Dear Readers, I’m having a rough day, just to be honest. My MS symptoms are all over the place.

Therefore, I only have a short painting update for you today. I did some polishing work and finished some parts.

But there was a problem. I broke off a part of the cloak.

I hate resin minis.

Now, after trying to sand and smoothe out and paint, it looks like a weird wrinkle. Tell me where you think it is in the comment section below it you can tell!

Until next time, Dear Readers…