Dear Readers, you wouldn’t believe what happened yesterday. I finally got to play!

As we were taking our characters from Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, I was permitted to build a fifth level character, which ended up being a lovely female high elf bladesinger.

I love her so much.

It was loads of fun. We started off arriving in Phandalin, where we were tasked by the Blackstaff to help them deal with their dragon problem. Apparently, there was a green dragon that had been terrorizing the town.

We got into town and settled in at the inn and tavern, called the Stone Hill Inn. After prepaying a couple of days, we headed off to the job board to find out what work there was to be had in town. We found three jobs:

1) Clear out a safe haven for the town for the dragon attack – an old dwarven ruin called Axeholm

2) Go to the Dragon Barrow and retrieve a dragon slaying sword to help us defeat the Dragon

3) Deal with a bunch of orc wizards out in the forest at some sort of stone circle

The DM, having obviously prepared Axholm (in hindsight, we found out), we headed to the Dragon Barrow to retrieve the sword in helping us defeat the Dragon.

Before confronting the barrow, the party met a centaur who was warning us of the dangers of the barrow. Explaining that we still needed the sword within, the centaur gave us warning as to what we would be facing and ask our help dealing with an orc menace within the woods. We agreed to help the centaur after completing our quest.

After setting off a few traps and avoiding others, the party found several things of note: a horse skeleton that served a member of the party, a necklace of fireballs, and a lute of illusions.

We did find the dragon slaying sword, but the moment we touched it, we were attacked by an invisible stalker as well as to willow-the-wisps.

The battle was hard fought but the party prevailed.

After leaving the Barrow, we found it was night and saw that the woods were lit up like fireflies with more willow-the-wisps. Avoiding them, the party went to the other side of the road and camp for the night.

The next morning, during breakfast, the party heard a roar in the distance and I spied a white dragon streaking its way in our direction.

The party scrambled towards the woods and hid, preparing for the possibility of battle while the dragon approached.

The dragon simply caught and carried off a deer and left having not spotted us.

After talking, once again, with the centaur the party left their horses with the centaur and continued on foot towards the orc menace.

Where will we end up next week? Hopefully, kicking the tail of these orcs that are terrorizing the woods.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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Product Review: Kraken Dice vs. Dice Envy Subscription Crate

Dear Readers, the “dice goblin” inside of me couldn’t help but to check out the two most popular of the online dice companies: Dice Envy and Kraken Dice.

Kraken Dice

First off, can I just say “Wow!”? Kraken Dice are absolutely gorgeous.

After taking a look at their dice and at my budget, I settled on the Infinite dice.

As you can see, they are gorgeous dice and I look forward to rolling them. They come with a full set of dice, including the extra d6’s, an extra d20, and an extra oversized d20. Overall, that’s not a bad deal for about $25.

Kraken Dice also offers a variety of gem, glass, stone, metal, and wooden dice. They even offer giant, also called goliath, d20s. Depending on the materials and set size (7-piece, 14-piece, or single d20, etc…) is the price range (upwards of over $80+ for glass/stone sets, and $500 for a giant metal d20).

They also offer several other products,. To include dice boxes, play mats, and dice bags, to name a few.

Lastly, they offer something I’ve never considered, when it comes to dice: “raw” dice.

These are dice still on the “tree” straight out of the mold, and with the letters unpainted. This leaves you to clip, sand, polish, and paint your own dice.

Frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would order dice like this, but, you know, to each their own…

Dice Envy

Dice Envy is its own brand of awesome. Yes, you can buy dice in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

In fact, of the specialty materials, their bifrost (crystal) and their turquoise sets seemed to be amazing.

The turquoise set
The crystal set

Of course, the downside of these sets are that they are extremely fragile, particularly the d4s, due to their pyramid shapes. Their website recommends extreme cautioned and extremely soft rolling surfaces for these dice.

For me, I would likely just keep them in their box for display.

They are also pretty affordable as well, the average set I found was only about $20.

Even the stone and wood sets are, on average, $10 cheaper than Kraken Dice.

But you see, that’s not the best part…

For the rest of you dice goblins out there, they offer a dice subscription set!

They range in price from $15 per month up to over $100 per month, and everything in between. They have differing tears depending on what types of dice you are going to get and how frequently. Additionally, you get a discount for paying for your subscription on a yearly basis or quarterly basis, saving on shipping as well.

Follow the link HERE to get a discount off of your own dice subscription!!

The Verdict

I know that this is usually the time when the reviewer goes about telling you which product you should purchase, but I’m not a normal reviewer, am I?

No. No, I am not.

Why not? Because, like any gamer, it depends on how the dice roll for me. I purchased a set of Kraken Dice last week, and I should receive them this week, and my Dice Envy box should arrive around the 1st of the month. After I get each one, I will do an unboxing (which I will showcase here on The Blog, of course) and give a review on how they performed.

What I will say is that, from an economic stand point, Dice Envy is the most logical choice. If you are willing to spend the extra coin, however, you do get a really nice variety going with Kraken Dice, with some very limited edition sets that may never again be sold.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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Staff Update: New Contributor!

Hello again, Dear Readers! I have awesome and wonderful news.

As of this week, we have yet another contributor joining our staff, Riley!

They have several articles out on the horizon and we are looking forward to see their content. Please welcome Riley to our awesome writing team.

Additionally, as it [my Clan Invasion Kickstarter!] is coming any day now (trust me, I can’t be more excited!), look forward to seeing more Battletech articles, both on lore, tactics, and highlights on our favorite Inner Sphere and Clan mechs.

As it stands, Anonymous Bosch and I (along with the occasional others) are working on making videos for our “How-To Play Battletech” series, which will be joining the Inglorious Ingrates on our upcoming YouTube channel, Your Dork Materials.

I am thoroughly excited, and I hope you all are as well.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Happy Anniversary, Dear Readers!

I recently got the notification that, this week, we hit our 1-year Anniversary!

all are absolutely amazing, and I appreciate your readership and support.

Here are some highlight photos from the last year!

So much has happened over the last year that going over these pictures, just to find ones to select to hightlight all of our projects, was just filled with a large amount of nostalgia. I can hardly believe that it’s been a whole year!

In any case, I hope you stick with us here, because the best is yet to come!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Premium Content: The Inglorious Ingrates Episode 11 – Questions, Questions, and More Questions

Welcome back, Dear Subscribers!

This week, the Igrates investigate the Mogumir estate!


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Painting Update: Short One, Because It’s Humid!

As many of you know, when you paint miniatures, it is necessary to have a nice try environment so that the miniatures will dry out and you can move on to the next layer.

The problem here is that it is so hot and humid outside that the AC can’t keep up with my sunroom where my painting desk is.

Sorry to say it, nothing is drying quickly.

That said, I was able to get a few new layers on things and finish painting other things.

Let’s start with the planetar.

As you can see, I got the inside of the wings done. It still needs a little edging around the sides and underneath, but it is coming along. I also put another coat on the planetar itself.

Next, let’s check back in with our goliath barbarian.

Today I put a secondary coat on all of his leather bits and filled in some other spots that needed it. I didn’t play much with the ax handle as I got some paint on it while trying to paint the leather bits. I also painted his underneath so that it’s all consistent.

I do also have a game plan now for his skin tone. I recently got a tan color, if you check out my last unboxing post, that I think will work great on him.

Lastly, since I had all my paints out anyways, I went and reached for an old project that I had prime but hadn’t done much painting on.

He is a tiefling paladin. I’m extremely excited to paint him and see how he turns out. He was based on a character for my oldest son that had been a part of one of our campaigns.

In a close-up pictures, you can see that I am a pet lover as well, as some of my cat’s hair somehow managed to migrate on to the miniature.

Well, that’s all I have for today so stay tuned for next time’s painting update!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

P.S. – the daily DM blog recently picked up a new guest contributor! Look forward to seeing their posts in the near future!

Eric and the Dread Gazebo

Recently, Dear Readers, it has come to my attention that some of you may not know this classic story. I will now recount it here, it having been retold countless times across the interwebs. This version comes from:

The Story

In the early seventies, Ed Whitchurch ran “his game”, and one of the participants was Eric Sorenson. Eric plays something like a computer. When he games, he methodically considers each possibility before choosing his preferred option. If given time, he will invariably pick the optimal solution. It has been known to take weeks. He is otherwise, in all respects, a superior gamer. Eric was playing a Neutral Paladin in Ed’s game. He was on some lord’s lands when the following exchange occurred:

ED: You see a well groomed garden. In the middle, on a small hill, you see a gazebo. 
ERIC: A gazebo? What color is it? 
ED: [pause] It’s white, Eric. 
ERIC: How far away is it? 
ED: About 50 yards. 
ERIC: How big is it? 
ED: [pause] It’s about 30 ft across, 15 ft high, with a pointed top. 
ERIC: I use my sword to detect good on it. 
ED: It’s not good, Eric. It’s a gazebo. 
ERIC: [pause] I call out to it. 
ED: It won’t answer. It’s a gazebo. 
ERIC: [pause] I sheathe my sword and draw my bow and arrows. Does it respond in any way? 
ED: No, Eric, it’s a gazebo! 
ERIC: I shoot it with my bow. [roll to hit] What happened? 
ED: There is now a gazebo with an arrow sticking out of it. 
ERIC: [pause] Wasn’t it wounded? 
ERIC: [whimper] But that was a +3 arrow! 
ED: It’s a gazebo, Eric, a GAZEBO! If you really want to try to destroy it, you could try to chop it with an axe, I suppose, or you could try to burn it, but I don’t know why anybody would even try. It’s a @#$%!! gazebo! 
ERIC: [long pause. He has no axe or fire spells.] I run away. 
ED: [thoroughly frustrated] It’s too late. You’ve awakened the gazebo. It catches you and eats you. 
ERIC: [reaching for his dice] Maybe I’ll roll up a fire-using mage so I can avenge my Paladin.

At this point, the increasingly amused fellow party members restored a modicum of order by explaining to Eric what a gazebo is. Thus ends the tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo. It could have been worse; at least the gazebo wasn’t on a grassy gnoll. Thus ends the tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo. A little vocabulary is a dangerous thing.

The above is Copyright © 1989 by Richard Aronson. Reprinted with permission. The author grants permission to reprint as long as all copyright notices remain with the text.

“Eric and the Gazebo” was written and copyrighted by me in 1986. It was based on an event at a role-playing game, but the addition of several jokes moves it out of journalism, or at least into Docuhumor. Some of the people at the game retold the event, each with their own spin, but I was the one who told it to Lee Gold, editor of the fanzine “Alarums and Excursions,” who insisted I print it up for her. After reprinting in several amateur publications, it leapt to “The Mensa Bulletin.” I then foolishly allowed a reader to reprint it on the internet (who knew from internet in 1989). For many years his was the only interent reprint which even mentioned that there was a copyright on it (thanks, James Chu). Eventually I became a professional game designer for Sierra On-Line and the late lamented “ImagiNation Network” and after having been accused of stealing my own story at a gaming convention I have spend several hours every year protecting my copyright, especially since I incorporated E&tG into a chapter of my as yet unpublished novel. ” – Richard Aronson, Feb 15, 2000

TGAPP: Red Fern Game of Shadows

When last we left our Inglorious Ingrates, the party had dispersed individually from the Targana estate after their poor planning ended up shutting down the union between the Targanas and Mogumirs, but there was no contingency to meet up back at the Avery farm. Idris went home with Felicity and her mother, Avery and Aramil went back to Aramel’s estate, and Dacyria and Arkon went back to her old mentor’s manor. Dacyria and Arkon entered the manor expecting no one there, but further investigation revealed the manor was unceremoniously inhabited by its previous tenant, Tarlin. The pair of companions determined the mentor was not under the influence of the memory alteration spell, so they invited him to come back to the farm to help them understand what happened in the months since they had been gone.

The next morning all members of the Ingrates returned to the farm, and before a everyone could plan their next move, Tarlin pointed out that Avery’s father was a doppleganger. This revelation shocked the father who used every roguish skill to escape before anyone had time to react, and the party was left dumbstruck by the revelation and expediency, especially Avery. As if their issues couldn’t get any larger, Avery’s mom revealed that their farm crops were not growing, and Tarlin expressed this was felt throughout the lands around Redfurn. Tarlin further explained he had some spiritual contact with Falinora who continued to pop-up everywhere the party went.

Noting this development for later, the party’s discussions were again interrupted by a knock from a visitor who was unfamiliar yet not at the same time. The visitor revealed herself to be a lady’s maid of Lord Mansarda de Corb Duke of the Grand Duchy of Zatyia, and she further explained that she was here to fetch Sakura as she was the heir apparent to the Lord who wanted her close to him after Sakura’s mother was killed several months ago. To say Sakura was shocked would be an understatement, and to say the firehouse of information put a lot on the Inglorious Ingrates’ minds before they decided on their next move.

Fortunately, the next move for the Ingrates was already decided for them, for Idris had received a response from the Baron of Mogumir that he would like to discuss a business proposition over lunch in the city the next day. Idris and the group discerned this would be the next best chance of meeting the Baron outside of his estate in the hopes of possibly gathering information on the origins of the gemstone. With the hopes of learning something but little idea of what they specifically wanted to talk about, the party set out to the lunch location in the upper nobility district of Red Fern, and Idris took point under the guise as a maritime merchant name Count Monte de Cristo looking to open up business in Red Fern. The luncheon went relatively smoothly as Idris and the others were able to learn through subtle hints that the Baron was in the market for slave trading, and Idris volunteered that he could help with this matter for the Baron.

Suddenly in the blink of eye, Idris noticed a hooded figure came into the restaurant and point something in the direction of Idris and the Baron. Thinking quickly, Idris jumped in front of the Baron, as a piercing arrow struck and knocked Idris out cold. The figure loudly exclaimed, “Lord Targana sends his regards” as he then proceeded to sprint out the restaurant, but Arkon and company gave a short lived chase that ended unfruitely as they had lost the assailant down an alleyway. Meanwhile, all of the Baron’s guards swarmed the luncheon location and escorted their master back to his estate, and the Ingrates resuscitated Idris who turned out to be the victim of a poisoned crossbow bolt. The group left the site of the attack, but Idris was able to arrange another private meeting with the Baron to further discuss their earlier business proposition. Thus, the Ingrates returned to Avery’s farm to lick their wounds and figure out what they would do next…

Product Unboxing: Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments – Underdark Paint Set

Here we are, Dear Readers, with another product unboxing!

For those that remember, the Undead paint set was the last product unboxing that I did. The underdark paint set is of a similar vein. 10 paints, one being a metallic, and a miniature.

As we saw last time, it’s a pretty standard box of paints.

An outstanding miniature of Drizz’t Do Urden. I look forward to painting him some day.

As you can see, there’s a good assortment of paints in the set. Of note, I’m really looking forward to the purple that came with it, as well as the tan. I have a feeling that the tan will end up being a really nice flesh tone.

This metallic color kind of bothered me. Why? Because I already own another metallic that seems very close in color to this. And I hate it when I buy multiples of the same paint, thereby ending up with colors I don’t need.

See what I mean? The Rough Iron and Duergar Metal are very close in color. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did end up being identical. But that’s the problem, as you will see in the next picture.

Unique, huh? Yeah… I’m beginning to doubt that.

In any case, the paint set ended up being pretty good, all in all. The biggest question, though, was it worth the money to buy it? For me, yes. There are a number of colors that will definitely add to my paint palette, particularly the brown Rigid Leather, and the aforementioned purple and tan.

What do you think, Dear Readers? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Well, It Finally Happened…

Dear Readers, I am so irritated right now.

Throughout this whole pandemic, I had successfully avoided any and all contact with Covid and possible exposure.

Until now.

And although I am vaccinated, and although I am asymptomatic, I am choosing to quarantine for the next 10 days.

What this means for me and y’all is that you guys will be getting more painting updates than DM stories. Thankfully, we are a couple of weeks in the rear for the Ingrates (the Tuesday campaign), so we have podcasts to catch up on!

Speaking of which, Episode 11 is on its way. We are up to Episode 13, recording-wise, so we should be good. I think we’ll only miss the one week.

I will also look at doing some more world building, looking at building a villain. And no, it will not be someone any of my groups will run into.

I am also looking at starting tutorials on writing an outline for a campaign, and then for an adventure.

Thanks again for being so awesome, Dear Readers!

Until next time…

P.S. – if I suddenly go dark, please don’t panic. If I have to get hospitalized with Covid, I want to let you all know that I fully intend on taking my phone and laptop with me to continue as I am able. If I can’t, I’ll try to let you know.

Painting Update: Goliath Barbarian and Planetar

First off, I’m really excited about these two projects. In particular, I’m really excited about the planetar. I think he, in particular, is going to turn out particularly well. Not to say I’m not going to put forth my best effort on the goliath, but the planetar is looking good to me.

First off, the goliath barbarian.

I decided to go with, go figure, Leather Brown for the leather bits. As you can see, I have the pauldrons, the kilt, and the bracers started.

I decided to go with oak Brown for the handle of the greataxe.

I’m going to let that guy dry for a little while and come back to him later. The weather has been particularly humid, and the paint is going to stay tacky until it gets a chance to air dry.

Now on to the planetar.

This guy was a little bit trickier. As you can tell from the picture on the back of the box, his skin is blue with a hint of green. In order to get that perfect coloring, I went ahead and combined Ice Storm with Snake Scales at a rate of 4:1 (Ice Storm being heavier). I think I found a nice balance, for me at least, that gets me what I want. Taking a look in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, the planetar has a slightly more greenish hue. I decided to go that route.

Again, the humidity is killing me, so I can only paint one side of the wings. I was actually pretty grateful that the wings do not come pre-attached to the miniature, allowing me to paint them separately and without problem. Of course, they will be attached upon completion of painting of the miniature.

What do you think, Dear Readers? Are you excited about these projects as much as I am? Let me know in the comment section below.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

Upcoming Projects

So I have a number of projects coming down the pipeline that I am excited to share with you all!

Battletech: Clan Invasion Unboxing

I’ve said a number of times that, while D&D is most definitely my jam, I have a love of all things tabletop gaming.

My other tabletop love is Battletech.

Catalyst Games, over a year ago now, launched a WILDLY successful Kickstarter to reboot the Battletech brand. Coming out with the Starter Set and Battletech: Game of Armored Combat already, they launched the Kickstarter for Clan Invasion. Without going into the lore, most fans of Battletech were super excited when it released.

Here’s where things get a little weird. The retail stores got their supplies to release the Battletech: Clan Invasion box sets and miniature packs before the Kickstarter Wave 2 was released.

Take a wild guess which wave my things are in…

The good news is, that the Wave 2 products should be coming out within the next two weeks or so. I haven’t seen any updates since july, but the last update said things should be getting shipped out in the US this month. I’m looking forward to that unboxing. I’m going to do the unboxing via still pictures here, as well as for Your Dork Materials in the form of a video.

I will also likely be doing a blog post on the lore of Battletech so you folks can see why I’m so excited about this universe.

Miniature Painting

I have a couple of commissions that I have to work on.

The first one is a paid commission by a friend of mine that sits at one of my tables.

Although the campaign is over, I still like the idea of painting it for him.

It’s a goliath barbarian and I’m thinking he’s going to turn out great.

The next one is a sort of trade. Another friend of mine has one of the new Magic the Gathering D&D cards that I want. Particularly Mordenkainen.

As a trade, he wanted one of my commissions. I am doing a planetar for him.

I’m excited about both of them and can’t wait to share pictures.

What does this mean for Acererak? Yeah, I remember him. And I know that I haven’t worked on him much, if at all. In fact, I realized, too late that I actually broke part of his crown. I’m considering writing the manufacturer and seeing if I can get a new mini and try again. He’s actually turned out to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on him, it’s just that he’s being kind of difficult right now.

Here’s where he is as of now:

Well, Dear Readers, that’s where I am at the moment. These are my upcoming projects that I am working on. You can look forward to seeing them in the near future.

Additionally, our author of A Player’s Perspective is a little behind due to work obligations, and is in the process of getting his posts up.

What do you think, dear readers? Are there any other projects you would like to see me tackle? Let me know in the comments section below!

Until next time…

Premium Content: Inglorious Ingrates Episode 10 – The Hunt

Dear Subscribers,

Sorry for the tardy post! I am told that this episode was being difficult with rendering. Episode 11, right around the corner, should be done on-time.

That said, thanks so much for your patience!

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Depression and MS

Dear Readers,

I am so sorry that I haven’t been as active as I try to hold myself towards.

My depression and my MS are at it again, and energy and motivation are very very difficult for me.

It’s hard to come up with new materials when you are feeling…well, more than a bit down, and part of your body and your brain isn’t cooperating.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, though. You all are and continue to be a huge source of support and encouragement for me. Several of you, Dear Readers, have written to me personally and helped me through the worst of my MS related episodes, and you cannot imagine the amount of gratitude I have for that.

But, Dear Readers, it’s hitting me hard this time. Really hard.

And everything ends up suffering as a result.

I tell myself that “this, too, shall pass…” but in the moment, it feels like a lifetime.

I mean, look at this, my painting desk:

It is absolutely atrocious. And I stare at it almost everyday. I can’t seem to bring myself to clean it. I know it needs done. I know I would probably feel better once it was done. But the motivation just isn’t there.

And for those who may be concerned, yes I am getting help for this, but it seems like it’s going so very slowly. Yes, I know it’s a process, but it’s just really rough.

So, I’m sorry for the lack of content today. I’m sorry that my content has been lacking, as I feel like it has. And I’m sorry if I let anybody down.

But I’m going to keep going. I committed myself to doing this and sticking with it. No matter what.

Thank you to each of my subscribers, and thank you to all of my premium subscribers you guys make it worth it. Even if you’re one of my readers who doesn’t or hasn’t subscribed, I think you too.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

To My Premium Subscribers and Anyone Thinking About It

I have recently been advised of a problem with some of you premium subscribers having problems seeing the content, the site prompting you to subscribe again.

I have been working with WordPress to resolve the issue.

This is what they suggest:

Log out of WordPress. Clear your browser cache. Log back in.

I have been assured that this is usually the culprit and should fix the problem.

If you are still having issues, please contact me using the Contact Us link above and I’ll get it resolved.

Thanks so much for your patience!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

How-To Play: Player Responsibilities

I’ve done a lot of articles on DMing, of course, and as I know that I have a lot of players that are Readers as well. As such, I’ve thought about this post for some time, and wanted to right it to address some things that many DMs have said that they wish their players knew were actually the player’s jobs in playing tabletop games.

1) Take Notes

At any given time the dungeon master is keeping track of no less then 10 things. And that’s just for immediate things: plots, maps, monster stats, rules, status ailments and buffs, player attention, player engagement, monster and NPC motivations, are just a few.

On top of all of this, they are coming up with and writing down the names of any NPCs the players are likely to encounter, and adjusting encounters on the fly to fit the players’ actions. It’s a lot of work.

So, players, take notes. Good notes! What was that tavern you stayed at last week? Who was that NPC that talked to us about the Baron? What color was the glowing crystal in the Targana estate? What town did the “Witch” from Borest flee to? You should have anything important that your character would want to remember in your notes. This goes also for helping the DM to come up with the summary from the last game.

2) Be Prepared

Pay attention to what’s going on in the game. Yes the DM is keeping track of a lot, so when the DM calls out things like initiative, make sure you know your place and initiative and be prepared to know what your character is doing so that the game does not get bogged down with your looking up a spell or trying to read through what an action does. If you have questions about that, wait your turn and ask when your turn comes up.

Even better? Have pre-made cards for each of your spells or abilities for you to reference while in-game, so time isn’t spent slogging through rule books to look it up (and not to put too much a fine point on this, but is great for this as it does just that).

Speeding up combat, which is arguably one of the slowest parts of most tabletop games, here is a pro tip: roll your damage die with your attack roll. That way you can ignore the damage dye if you don’t need it and you have it already when you do.

3) Pay Attention

This goes along with number two, but it is really important that you pay attention. It is very easy to miss crucial details as to what’s going on if you are having side conversations.

It’s one thing if you’re looking up or reading through an ability that you’re planning on using while waiting on your turn, but when you are in the middle of a role-play encounter or some other action is going on or conversation with an NPC, you don’t want to miss out on what’s happening. If your character isn’t there, be respectful and wait until that action is done, so your DM can discuss with you what you are doing during that particular action.

4) Be Respectful of Other Players and Your DM

In general, I can honestly say I never had too many problems with this in my life. That said, I know a lot of people who do. People that walk all over their DM and walk all over the other players.

Each of the players and the DM come to play a game. It’s supposed to be a collaborative storytelling game. Tensions sometimes run high and emotions do, too. Just remember that everyone there is there to play a game and that everyone is trying to have fun.

As such, make sure everybody is given the dignity and respect due to being fellow players and human beings.


What do you think? Have I missed out on anything? Do you think that there are any other player responsibilities that I haven’t touched on? Leave them in the comment section below.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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Waterdeep: Dragon Heist – Chase to the Vault

This is a summary of the second to last session for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist on my Sunday Group. It’s been a wonderful game to follow up after Icewindale.

Tensions were high as the party chased after the Little orphan that they had already met who ran off with the Stone of Golorr.

Following the kids into the sewer, the party hears the shriek of the kids and go rushing to their aid, seeing the Stone laying underneath a chair and the kids in a corner yelling that the stone is alive

After dealing with the mimic (the chair), the party handed gold to the urchins and headed out, Stone in hand, intending on going back to the Trollskull.

What they were met with was actually a squad of 10 city guard and two Sergeants of The Watch.

Arrested for a variety of crimes, ranging from the mundane, like disturbing the peace, to more serious, like brandishing weapons without cause, assault, and murder (all of which had witnesses), the party gave up and let themselves be led into jail.

Before they were taken, a newer companion, a rogue, pocketed the Stone and kept it safe.

Split into two groups, the party were placed into their cells, across from each other to await their trial by the magistrate who was on their way.

A few hours later, who should appear, but the Watch Sergeant that came into the Zhentarim warehouse where they had dealt with the Xanathar kenku. He told them that the magistrate was corrupt and that he was going to find them guilty and sentence them to death. He opened their cells and told them to run, asking if there was anything else they needed stashed away in case they were caught. The party suspected something was amiss and refused to leave. He ran upstairs, calling alarm while cutting his brow with a dagger, tossing the dagger down the stairs, and then tossing a strangled body with it.

Then all the Nine Hells broke loose. The guard came and beat the party believing the Watch Sergeant. They found and confiscated the Stone, believing the Sergeant that it was evidence. Then the new rogue cast misty step, out of the cell, pick pocketed the Stone from the Watch Sergeant, and ran like the entirety of the Abyss was following him, trying to get as many of the guards to chase as he could.

The distraction succeeded, and the party was able to get ahold of the dagger left on the floor, use it to pick the lock of one cell, and then free their other companions, so they could retrieve their gear and help their rogue companion.

In the end, the Watch Sergeant found the rogue, was grappled while trying to run off with the Stone, and caught by the guards and Watch members that were out looking for him. The Sergeant, looking, now, equally suspicious, was taken into custody, and re-arrested the party upon coming across them.

They were taken in front of the magistrate, and a cleric was summoned to verify the stories of the party using the spells zone of truth on them, and speak with dead on the deceased guards. It also helped that the Blackstaff came and helped vouch for them. They were let off with a 100 gold piece fine.

It was then that the Watch Sergeant was found to be missing. These all had the hallmarks of a doppelganger.

Deciding that they needed to figure out what exactly was going on with the Stone, the party had one of their rogues attune to it. Inside was a dark and evil intelligence, who was more than willing to give up its secrets.

1) The party even found the keys needed to open the vault: a beholder eyestalk, a painting of a dwarven miner, and a shapechanger.

2) They found evidence that many of the nobility in Waterdeep were secretly devil-worshipers!

3) Doing some more digging, they found that the reason the Stone was being looked for by the doppelganger was that its employer wanted it: Lord Cassalanter.

4) Someone wanted the Stone to break a pact with a devil, but most wanted it for the money.

They decided to lure out the doppelganger by sending a message to it via a paper bird, a magic item found early in the adventure, to meet them at the warehouse where they faced the kenku Xanathar Guild agents to trade the Stone for 600 platinum pieces.

He came, but not alone he brought several cultists of Asmodeus, as well as a quadruplet of spined devils. Only after the party initiated combat did they find out that they also brought along a pair of imps!

Combat began and was fierce, but still rages on…

What will happen? The party defeat this group and be able to venture into the Vault? What will they find there?

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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Sorry For Ghosting

Hey, Dear Readers,

So sorry it’s been a few days since I’ve been around. It’s been a very busy last few days.

Today, for example, I have run two games and am in the middle of my weekly Discord game.

Thursday and Friday were busy with lots of errand running.

You know how it goes: adulting.

That said, I’ll have a great game summary for you tomorrow, and will have the Episode 9 preview up for our Premium Subscribers.

Lastly, I’ve got a great commission I will be starting, and I know you’ll enjoy it.

Two words: goliath barbarian.

Until next time, Dear Readers…