Monthly Group: Birthday One-Shot

In honor of the birthday of one of our number, our group changed it up and one of the players DM while the rest played. Having adventure together for quite a while, The adventuring party decided it was time for a break and a vacation. Deciding to head for the coast, we ignored multiple callsContinue reading “Monthly Group: Birthday One-Shot”

Sunday League: What the Devil?

The party continued through the dwarven tomb, easily handling the flying crystalline battle axes. They eventually came to the actual tomb, and were mentally accosted by an Entity known as Abidos, who promised help in exchange for its freedom. The party declined, and figured out the puzzle, with the (believed to be) demon trapped inContinue reading “Sunday League: What the Devil?”

How to DM: Encounter Building

This week’s How to DM, we are looking at building encounters. Last week, we talked about Adventure Planning, where we decided what sorts of encounters the party would face while getting to their goal. I break encounters up into four categories: Monsters Role-playing/NPCs Puzzle-solving Traps Sure, there are other kinds, but in my opinion, allContinue reading “How to DM: Encounter Building”

Tuesday Game: Object of Desire

I was exhausted coming home last night from my normal game so I didn’t write this until today. Sue me. So the when I last ended, the party were slaves and were heading for the slave market. Unfortunately, I had decided that I shouldn’t have done that and was considering a Deus Ex Machina. ToContinue reading “Tuesday Game: Object of Desire”

Sunday Adventures: Into Muiral’s Lair

Sorry for the late post! I scheduled the post and forgot to change the time. That said, enjoy! So the party was light this week due to Labor Day, and consisted only of the goliath bloodhunter/sorcerer, the half-elf monk, the goblin ranger , and the tiefling fighter/wizard, all 9th level. Heading now to the nextContinue reading “Sunday Adventures: Into Muiral’s Lair”

How To: Miniature Painting

So this week I had time to paint only two miniatures. The one we’re going to discuss today is Robin Hood. The last time we discussed painting miniatures, my advice was just a pain miniatures despite how good or not so good You are skills may be. Today we’re going to discuss the tools ofContinue reading “How To: Miniature Painting”

How To: Painting Minis

Before I begin, I want to say that I know, for some of you, the idea of taking the blank canvas of a miniature, and turning it into some sort of amazing piece of gamecraft that you are proud of is a truly daunting task. I get that. I really do. If you are notContinue reading “How To: Painting Minis”

Saturday Home Game

For reference: my Saturday game is my family game. The party, having finish taking care of some bandits trying to steal the Duke’s coin molds capturing the leader, proceeded on to a port city having troubles with an alleged ghost ship. The party, deciding to follow up on this based on the level of rewardContinue reading “Saturday Home Game”

Tuesday Adult D&D Night

This group is probably the furthest along in any of my campaigns, Sundays aside (mostly because they are tooling around with new characters after finishing Avernus, Lost Laboratory of Kwalish, and then Tomb of Horrors). They are playing a campaign based on some magical items that I found in an old 2e sourcebook on theContinue reading “Tuesday Adult D&D Night”