D&D Direct Stream – TL;DR Edition

Dear Readers, as many of you may have heard, Wizards of the Coast recently released a D&D Direct stream, to discuss all of the things that are in the works for D&D over the next year.

Here’s the TL;DR…

  1. Minecraft D&D – In partnership with Minecraft, you will soon be able to play D&D but in Minecraft, fighting D&D monsters *in* Minecraft. Pretty cool.
  2. The D&D Movie – Had an early release, but it officially releases this weekend. By all accounts, it’s a good flick. I look forward to seeing it with Mrs. Daily DM this weekend.
  3. playdnd.com – takes you to dndbeyond.com to create a character.
  4. JoCat song about D&D – pretty cute and fun, and let’s be real, it’s JoCat, so it’s a good laugh; check it out
  5. D&D Magic the Gathering Crossover Part III – Guess what, yeah, another crossover, this time with the D&D movie. Woopee.
  6. Drizzt Series End: The Way of the Drow – Sounds good. May be the end of Drizzt Do’Urden!
  7. D&D VTT – Finally, they are getting this truly rolling. Playtesting will be slowly rolled out, with late 2023 being the goal for that starting; my guess will be D&D Beyond Subscribers, and even then, higher tier subscribers
  8. Life-sized “Minis” – A life-sized Mimic and baby owlbear miniature. Wish I had room to get one; especially the mimic.
  9. D&D Documentary – Joe Manganiello directing and hosting a D&D documentary celebrating the 50 Year anniversary of the game
  10. Mysteries of the Multiverse – Lots of stuff here; Venger from the D&D Cartoon making a return, New Red Wizards adventure in 2025, New adventure with Vecna (2024?); the story of the Deck of Many Things, a new supplement (Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants), new info and story on the giant obelisks throughout the FR adventures, and the release of PLANESCAPE!!!

That last one can’t be stressed enough. A lot of people were really looking forward to the release of Planescape as a D&D setting. I think that the only setting more looked forward to is one that they are still working on, which is likely going to be Dark Sun. But we’ll see.

Well, Dear Readers, this was the Too Long; Didn’t Read (or watch, in this case) for the D&D Direct Stream. What did you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

Until Next time, Dear Readers…

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