A Not-So-Small Problem

Well, this is a pickle, Dear Readers. With the OGL problem(s), I’m kinda stuck, and my blog is in a sort of limbo. At least, parts of it that I want(ed) to do.

Sure, I can apparently write about the SRD monsters. For now. Maybe.

Sure, I can still post painting updates. And I’ve got some good ones coming (one project I forgot to take progress photos, but he turned out well, so I’ll post a picture of him later when I can get a good picture).

Sure, I can still post the YouTube link(s) to the Ingrates’ game sessions. I believe.

But the problem is that, now with OGL 1.0a in question, I’m not sure what I can safely do.

And thus my absence.

I am also in a dilemma/quandry/in limbo with my Adventurers League group(s). My group is holding tight playing what WotC has already come out with (finishing up with Spelljammer, moving on to Eberron, and then to Dragonlance), with the idea that if this OGL mess isn’t fixed/straightened out, we are going rogue and no longer going to affiliate ourselves with the D&D brand, although we will still be playing D&D, just not buying anything new from them, and then running homebrew campaigns from that point onward.

And it’s a good plan, and an awesome campaign idea that we are currently working out details on. As it’s not going to be published and used for a non-affiliated D&D group (just all of the tables running the campaign concurrently, yet sharing the same world! The groups can actually meet each other, band together, and even swap tables as wanted/needed, with the understanding that the max group size is 7; it’s going to be awesome if we have to go with it), we can do whatever we want to. They can mess with the creator community, but the players will still hold D&D, even if the stewards of the IP for D&D suck.

Sure, WotC/Hasbro might actually pull their heads out of their backsides, but we shall see, so the saying goes.

So, until I can get some clarification on what’s going on, which, according to their (WotC’s) current proposed OGL, anything made under OGL 1.0a should be safe, which The Blog is. Hopefully.

But don’t worry, as things develop, I’ll let you know more. I’m going to make an appointment with an IP lawyer, or at least consult with other creators that have, and find out what I can safely do.

I know that my generic gaming advice is safe, as it can apply to just about any TTRPG, so I know that’s okay. It’s the rest I’m worried about.

Oh, well. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I appreciate you hanging with me and taking this walk together!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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