I’m Back, Baby!

So, I’ve gotten a chance to take a break over the holidays and I’m excited to be back!

I am changing up my posting schedule to make it less stressful on me, as, you may have figured, it’s only me now posting content. I’m but one dude.

THAT SAID: I’m not going away, just going to dial back my posts from daily to semi-regularly. I’ve been lax in my Premium Content (sorry guys!), and I want to get some good behind-the-scenes stuff there for those folks, as well as some homebrew content. I also will be continuing posting previous Ingrates videos, as well as current videos for my Premium Subscribers. Remember, folks, it’s only $5 a month to subscribe!

I am also going to tell you that I have some VERY definitive things to say about the current events from Wizards of the Coast. I have a lot to say about it, and, as a preview, I’m not happy. Not happy at all. But I’ll get to that later this week.

My posting schedule will look more like a 4 times a week schedule. One will be a previous Ingrates video, another will be a current video. The other two will consist of a post for all of you great followers, Premium or not, and then one exclusively for the Premium Subscribers.

Also look forward to seeing a giveaway of some kind once every other month or so, both for regular and for Premium Subscribers. I choose these folks at random, so make sure your email address is current!! If I can’t reach you, I can’t get you your prize!

Stuff I plan on talking about in my posts:

Monster of the Week – a look at each of the monsters, and discussing their strengths and weaknesses, and how a player can best look to defeating it, and how a dungeon master can make the encounter more interesting. I’m looking forward to these posts! This may…change…depending on the current issues in the D&D news. More on that later.

How-To DM – these will still be cool DM tips and tricks and other such advice. I’ll be throwing these in there in place of “Monster of the Week” when I get a good idea to write on.

How-To Play – Same as above, but for players; this will also appear when I have a really good idea to write on.

Giant Stompy Robots – These articles will be talking about my favorite table top war game, Battletech. These articles will be about either a mech, Alpha Strike tactics, news related to new launches/Kickstarters, etc…

D&D News – Also alternating with “Monster of the Week.” If there is any significant news in the D&D community, I’ll be doing an article on that, with my own take on the topic. And you can bet that my first article on this will be about the Open Game License (OGL) 1.1 scandal currently rocking the D&D world right now. Boy, howdy, am I peeved about this one. Look forward to that article next week. I plan on doing some serious research on this one, as well as reading the actual leaked document for myself. In preparation for this article, you can read the full document here. I’ll be posting it in its entirety in my article so I can go over it, point by point.

Homebrew Coolness (Premium Subscribers) – going to look at my homebrew world of Venia, and how my campaign is/was built, and how the campaign is progressing (this won’t be game summaries, more of things to give you ideas to make your own adventures/worlds/whatever).

Ingrates (Public) – releasing more episodes of the Ingrates early days! I’m considering releasing multiple videos at once to get you all more caught up, but I’m not sure. I’m still thinking on this one.

Ingrates (Premium Subscribers) – releasing the newest episodes. These tend to be released about a week after the episode was recorded, depending on my editor’s schedule (big shout out to him!!). He’s usually on top of it, so I’m not worried. We are a few episodes behind, so, like above, I might release a few episodes at a time to get us caught up.

I’ll be adjusting my posting schedule page according to this new info. And don’t worry, Premium Subscribers, I’m still releasing the new episodes of the Ingrates podcast on Thursdays.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Thanks again for giving me the break that I needed. I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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