Dear Readers, I know it has been more than a bit since my last post. Life has been hitting me sideways. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

Long story short, a former foster kid of ours (my wife and I used to be professional foster parents) recently contacted us asking for help. The problem? She lives in Germany now and is in the German foster system. And as I know the parents pretty well, they are asking for help. And we are trying to do so, limited as it can be, both for our former foster kiddo, and the parents to some degree.

It’s a mess.

That said, I haven’t been idle. I’m still trying to maintain my sanity with my self-care, specifically with the games I play and the miniatures I paint. Even with the latter, I’ve had zero time to actually sit down and paint since…well, since the Red Slaad. I have got a little bit of painting on a commission that I am working on, but it really isn’t much, truth be told. I’ll try to get some updates there.

In a word: I’m trying.

Thanks for your understanding. I’ll be back soon. Promise.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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I'm just a DM telling the stories of my tables.

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