Painting Update: Red Slaad

Dear Readers, I know that it’s been…awhile…since I have done a painting update of any kind. Why?

Well, after that Elven Spelljammer Ship and the associated tree dock, I was worn out with painting!

But that is now past and I need to do some more painting and get back in the saddle, so to speak.

So here’s my new project: the red Slaad.

I have a blue one as well as a grey and death Slaad, but we’ll get to those when we get to them.

For now, let’s concentrate on what we have now.

Here’s what we are working with:

Based on the surface area we are looking at, I’m thinking that our newish Speedpaints will work great for the main part of the slaad.

Looking at my collection, I’m thinking Slaughter Red is the way to go.

It should give us a nice middle of the road red, with pinkish highlights and a deep red for the recesses.

Then I am going to be using Matt Black for the claws/nails/spikes, and a standard red for the eyes (with a black line for their snake-like pupils) covered in a glossy varnish to make them look more like eyes.

Then we’ll do some basing, and we’ll be done!

Of course, as you all well know, there will be… complications. It comes with the territory.

So, let’s get some speedpaint on this bad boy!

I’m fairly happy with how he’s turning out so far. I had to go back over it and touch up some areas that I had missed, like sides of fingers inside of thighs, things like that.

The only thing I’ve discovered is that just because it’s a speed paint doesn’t mean it’s speed dries.

I will have to wait till later to go back and do the other colors. But that’s okay. I’ll get some more paint on the other bits tomorrow and report back next week on the results.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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