Painting Update: Elven Spelljammer Ship – IT’S DONE!!

Dear Readers, I sent ahead and put in the final touches on the ship and it’s complete!

See for yourself:

If you haven’t noticed, I also painted the base/stand white. I was thinking about it being the color of the sky/clouds.

Still working on the tree…

Here it is so far…

Here’s the progress on the rocks:

As you can see, I still have some work to do on those mushrooms. I have not even started the bubble mushrooms yet. But that’s okay. I have some time. At least I got the ship done. That’s a huge breath of relaxation for me. I was worried about not getting the ship done in time. Here’s one last picture with all of the accoutrements on it in some really good lighting:

Well, that’s all I have for now! Join me next time for another update on the tree.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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