A Player’s Perspective: Kids on Bicycles Episode 7

When last we left the Arcanes, they were at the Webber home, having just busted off the locks to the door, and were now presented with a hallway. The first room on our right (the west; we came in from the north) was a living room, with a good number of Catholic artifacts; crosses, crucifixes, and statues of St. Mary. Moving onward to the dining room, a disembodied voice told us to “Get out!” We promptly ignored that bit of advice and continued throughout the house, now hearing bumps and steps coming from upstairs. In the living room, behind a cabinet, we found a hidden compartment w/ 3 books – two schoolbooks (one in math/physics, and the other on history) and a journal with the initials JMC written on the cover. Looking inside, it was discovered that the journal was written in code. We continued hearing sounds from above. At sometime during this, we also found a silver key that we suspected belonged to the door inside the old Ford place, to the door we couldn’t get inside of. We also found a family picture with several names on the back:

Walter C.
Eustace C.
Constance C.
Charles C.
Desdanona C.
And Kathrine C.

The next room, a coatroom of sorts, held a letter advising “Sister” to leave her home or she’ll get killed, dated 1933. Later on, we found a loose board that held a number of tin soldiers, all labeled with JMC on the bottom.

Having been through every door but one on the first floor, we were left with two exits other than where we came in: the stairs going up to the creepy noises we’d been hearing, and a door that we found out (after Goblin kicked it in) led to stairs going down. Heading down the stairs, Zane stepped on a bad stair and fell down below. Looking around, Anton found an ornate knife with old dried blood on it. Shortly afterwards, Zane found a broken section in the far wall in the basement.

Goblin broke through the section of wall only for the ornate knife come to life in Anton’s hand, and try to attack him and the other Arcanes. With quick action, the party put down the knife, breaking it.

Breaking through the wall, the Arcanes find the emaciated corpse of what we all believe to be Walter Corbbit, tied to a table. A fight ensued when Zane became possessed and Anton tried to get at the papers across the room. Kelly-Ann stopped the possession by stabbing the corpse with her own weapon. Unfortunately for Anton, the papers disintegrated upon handling.

Having been beaten up fairly badly, the Arcanes decided to rest back at the clubhouse. After some consideration, Anton remembered that Mrs. Locke, of the antique store, lives up in Old Arkham. After visiting her, we came across the initials AVC associated with her. A trip back to the library found an interesting link from her and old Man Ford.

Walter Corbbit had one surviving son, Charles. Charles had a son, Francis, and Francis had two children: James Madison Corbbit, and Abigale Virginia Corbbit. Which means Mrs. Locke used to be Ms. Corbbit!

Deciding to follow this lead, the party realized that we would need help and went to find Mr. Hodges. After searching, we found his car…being driven by Ms. Iris, one of the possessed teachers! She drove away out of town, presumably with Mr. Hodges in the trunk…

What lay in store for the Arcanes? What will become of Mr. Hodges? Where is Mr. Lyons when you need him?

Find out later this month!

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