A Player’s Perspective – Episode 5 & 6

Dear Readers, I know it’s been quite awhile since my last update, but as we play this once a month, I don’t have anything to update you on but that frequently. That said, our GM for Kids on Bicycles game has had some family health issues lately that caused some delays in our playing. To catch up, I’m going to detail out episodes 5 and 6.

When last we left off with the Arkham Arcanes, they had just gotten the Titan’s Blood and their powers began to manifest.

For Kelly-Ann, she gained a further affinity with animals. For goblin, she gained great strength, for Zane, the ability to throw bolts of fire. For Jessica, the power of telekinesis. And lastly, Anton was given an affinity with casting spells under the tutelage of Mr. Lyons.

The last day of school presented itself, with a note left by Mr. Lyons for our band of plucky kids:


I will keep this short: your progress these past two days has been quite extraordinary. Your grasp of the arcane arts surely and greatly accelerated by your consumption of the Titans blood of Eclipse Lake. But now, I hate to say, we will have to continue your studies at a later date as I have to leave for a time. Some circumstances in Germania require Ms. Grey’s and I’s attention. Stay safe and do me a favor – keep a lookout for my niece and nephew. They are coming to Arkham Falls for the summer and will be arriving late tonight overseas from Britannia.

I believe you are having your school’s track and field on morrow. I have instructed them to meet you there. Please be kind… They will be out of sorts and will need friends. They are of a… Unique nature… Albino to be exact, so they should not be hard spot. Their names are Finn and Eliza O’Brien (No relation to Father O’Brien) and are your age. I told them to meet you at the gymnasium. Keep an eye on Eliza especially – she has had some difficulties in life thus far.


Also, I have looked into some of the details you provided me concerning you and your friends’ exploits in “The Woods.” I have discovered that James Madison Ford, owner of the burnt down Ford Manor, had a grandfather who owned another house located on Copps Hill in Old Arkham. Interestingly enough, ‘Ford’ was not their true surnames, but rather their true family name was ‘Corbbit.’ I am intrigued, as this family obviously holds the key to this ‘Nine Gates’ mystery. I suggest visiting the Arkham Globe or the public library for further information. Oh, and Anton, I left a little gift for you… Best of luck to you!

Be ever vigilant,


The surprise left behind was the Arkham Grimoire, with information about all sorts of things related to the town of Arkham Falls.

The group headed for Track and Field day, with much enthusiasm, realizing that, with all of the adults and crowds around, they had little to worry about from “the darkness” that has plagued them thus far. The day went well for the Arcanes, with many of them placing in the top, if not 1st Place for their events, such as running races, doing hurdles, javelin throwing, and other such events. Our group did very well, even as a team, for the relay races.

Afterwards, the group easily found the albino twins hanging out near the gymnasium and introduced themselves. Apparently, the twins had special abilities similar to that of the Arcanes, with Finn, a boxer, having extraordinary fighting ability, and Eliza having effects on time.

Soon afterwards, the Arcanes were approached by Mr. Hodges, a beloved history teacher, with a request to follow him into the school. Wary from their last encounter with teachers (albeit with black eyes), the party geared up with what they could reasonably carry inconspicuously (Kelly-Ann being conspicuous enough to grab a softball bat), and headed inside, where they first were in Mr. Hodges’ office. In there, they found a curious sight: a sigil that they’d only seen in The Lodge. Questioning him about it, he tried brushing it off, but when pressed, said that Mr. Lyons had requested that he keep an eye on us during Mr. Lyon’s absence.

Leading us to a classroom, with the Arcanes still on edge and ready for a fight, the teacher opened the door to a classroom, only to reveal that he was wanting to start a Dungeons and Dragons club, and wanted the group to help found it. Relieved, the Arcanes sighed a sigh of relief, only to have the lights go out, emergency lights come on, and the windows pulse with blackness. Telling us to be wary, went into the hallway, with the Arcanes in tow. Telling us that this was a dimensional rift of some kind, he began telling us how to end it when the janitor, in a crazed haze, attacked him, knocking him unconscious! It was then that several huge creatures came bursting out of a door to one side, blocking the kids from escape from that direction. Dealing with the janitor and the creatures were Finn and Goblin, holding the line. Backing up towards the other exit, towards the cafeteria, Anton began looking through the Grimoire for an answer to how to end this…rift, when he found that there would be a large set of sigils somewhere that needed to be disrupted. Turning the corner towards the cafeteria, Anton spied Ms. Iris, the biology teacher they had a run in with at the theater, coming down the hallway, chanting. Yelling for the group to be on the lookout for a group of sigils that enables this

Jessica was, in the meantime, searching Mr. Hodges’ person, looking for something that would help the Arcanes, when she found a length of stick, which she determined looked like a…wand?

Telling the group what she found, Anton called for her to give it to him, as he had some knowledge and understanding of the arcane arts. While the more heavy hitters of the group battled the two creatures, Anton took the wand and used it against Ms. Iris, unleashing a bolt of lightning that struck her in the chest, knocking her to the ground! Surprised at this, Kelly-Ann and Jessica pressed forward only to find Ms. Iris was not down for the count, as previously thought! Bringing her down, the three went into the cafeteria where tables had been pushed apart. Anton deduced that the sigils were in the middle of that area, and told those present to break the circle of sigils. Deciding to push the cafeteria tables across the sigils, Kelly-Ann and Jessica pushed the tables with all of their might, eventually breaking the sigils, which began to pulsate. Realizing that this was probably not a good thing, Anton yelled for the group to run, which they promptly did. An explosion happened, barely missing the group! When the dust settled, withe the exception of Ms. Iris and the janitor laying on the ground, everything was back to normal. Waking up Mr. Hodges, who expressed pride at the group’s prowess in this situation, told the Arcanes that he would take care of Ms. Iris and the janitor, and urged the kids to leave, giving them each an item, some sort of token, that when placed in their homes, would protect them and their families from “the darkness” and its ability to get access to them at home.

The group went each to their own homes and found places to put the tokens in place, while deciding to meet somewhere for yet another “sleepover.” This time, it was in the ballroom of Anton’s parents’ hotel, where Anton’s dad had been prepping for the summer tourist season.

The group during this time, had gone to the Public Library and, knowing the librarian, Anton asked for any information on the family name Corbbit, and the Webber house on Copps Hill. They were rewarded with several microfiche, some from the mid to late 1800’s, and two from the early 1900’s!

Armed with this information, our group had a couple of options and paths to pursue. Deciding to pursue the path of the old Webber place, the group set out early in the morning to go there.

Standing out in the park in the center of Old Arkham, the group saw an elderly man, whose house was next door. Deciding to be brave, the group sent Anton with another member (Jessica) to knock on his door under the auspices of a summer group project, to ask about the old Webber estate. While this was going on, Kelly-Ann, through the eyes of her dog Rufus, looked into the backyard only to find a strange statue of a pyramid and a hedge maze.

After speaking to the old man, who may or may not have bought the Arcanes’ story, who also told us to stay away from that place, they headed back to the park to deliberate on what to do next.

What will the heroes find at the old Webber House? Do they know anybody else in Old Arkham who can tell them about the Webber House? What will they find in the Webber House, particularly in one of the upstairs bedrooms?

Tune in next week to find out!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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