Painting Update: Crystal Dragonborn Ranger

Dear Readers, I am taking a break from the Spelljammer ship. It’s been really painstaking, and instead of being a calming activity, painting the ship has become a chore and a stressor.

Therefore, I’m working on another project: a friend’s dragonborn ranger.

Here she is, post priming:

I chose a white primer, as opposed to a grey (my usual neutral primer), on the recommendation of a friend that has used speedpaints, particularly the Holy White. He said, without a white primer, it greys out pretty bad. It greyed out a little, but not terribly. See for yourself. I’m not even sure you can really tell:

I painted the face, legs, hands, and wings with that particular speedpaint.

Next, I decided to work on the bow. I wasn’t sure what direction to go in, so I picked Angelic Green for the handle. It worked out well.

Lastly, I worked on the bow itself. I thought about standard brown colors, but rejected it in favor of True Copper. I think it will end up being better overall for the miniature.

After the miniature is completed, I intend on giving the skin portions a once-over with Fairy Dust, an effects paint that gives a “sparkle” effect to the painted areas. I think that this is likely the best course of action to make the gem dragonborn more…gemmy.

I think I am going to go about using standard browns for the armor (rangers and their leather armors), and sticking mainly with more traditional ranger coloring for that and her accoutrements.

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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2 thoughts on “Painting Update: Crystal Dragonborn Ranger

  1. Check out “zenithal priming” technique. I prime black then spray at an down angle the white. The high points are highlighted and the undersides shaded. I’m going to start experimenting with different colors. My next ork I’m thinking of using a yellow instead of a white.


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